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As December approaches we’re gearing up for our amazing CYKL Winter Base Training Program beginning the FIRST weekend in January! Howard, another of one of our past participants, gave us a great testimonial this week! Check it out below and learn a little more about why the WBTP is for everyone!

“Regardless of your fitness level, CYKL’s Winter Base Training Program is a great program that gives you an opportunity to continuously improve on your physical strength over the 12-week period.  So, keep stuffing yourself throughout this holiday season because you will burn it off gradually (provide that you put in the hard work).  I love the program because in additional to the physical component, the program provides guidance on other areas such as the importance of nutrition, the effective use of aerobic and anaerobic zones, among many more.  I always participate in the Sporting Life 10K and I never have time to train, but I never worry because I am prepped up from the Winter Base Training.  You definitely have my support on the greatness of the program, well, I guess you already have my money too since I already signed up, so CYKL, well done on all fronts. ” – Howard

But I’m not a cyclist so why would I need this?

This program is for EVERYONE, whether you are new to indoor cycling or an avid cyclist, runner or triathlete – it’s all about building endurance and increasing fitness no matter what your fitness level.

Got questions? Email CYKL at


28 Nov 2016

Winter Base Training Program

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Every January CYKL runs a 12 week winter base training program on Saturdays at 7am OR Sundays at 12pm!

This program has been a FAVOURITE for all kinds of riders at CYKL! Every weekend is a 90 min to 2 hour ride, focused on building your aerobic endurance (4/10) which is the foundation for all the training you do here. As the weeks progress, the rides get tougher and more demanding, training your muscular endurance (6-7/10) and anaerobic endurance (7+).

Lots of CYKL riders do the program don’t ride a bike outside. Many use the program to “re-set” after the holiday season, since the long rides are BIG calorie and fat burners! Others have goals like completing the Ride to Conquer Cancer, Ride for Heart, running a 10km or half marathon, or like Dominic (an awesome past participant of the Winter Base Training Program) to feel ready for his triathlon season!

Dom kindly gave us a testimonial for CYKL’s WBTP, here’s what he had to say!

“I’ve participated in CYKL’s Winter Base Training for 3 years in a row. I found the program very beneficial as a way to increase my conditioning and endurance ahead of triathlon season. By focusing on our lactate threshold and heart rate zones, everyone was able to monitor their improvements weekly. Coming out of the 12 weeks, I felt ready to hit the road!”

Winter Base Training Program is ON SALE NOW!!



As the days get longer and warmer, many of the Winter Base Training riders are getting excited to hit the road. CYKL is excited to have Nick and Karen from Velofix Toronto, speak at our Winter Base Training Program at the end of the month. Velofix will give us some tips for keeping our bikes running smoothly throughout the season!

We’re also excited to have Velofix as one of our sponsors for our CYKL – Junek Velodrome Road Club and Women’s race team!

Who is Velofix?

Velofix is a premium mobile bicycle repair service. We come to your home, work or event to service your bike. We work on all types of bikes and will arrive at your location with a fully stocked Mercedes Sprinter van equipped with all the tools and parts needed to tune your ride!

We provide tune-ups, bike builds, travel case rentals/bike packing and everything in between. We can also consult with you for custom builds and parts selection. We can also provide access to carbon frame or wheel repairs and custom painting. Book your appointment online by visiting our website at or calling / emailing the current GTA truck at 416-453-1604, or


9 Mar 2015

Velofix and CYKL

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Whether it be to train for a bike ride, a marathon, a triathlon, or you just want to get fitter; there are lots of reasons for doing CYKL’s Winter Base Training Program in January! I think the best reason to do WBTP is to think back to the summer and all those rolling hills, steep climbs and great country roads we did together. WBTP is all about training now for those hilly roads of the 2015 summer!

Some other benefits are…

Increase your aerobic capacity, improve your endurance and muscular endurance and power, to learn more about proper cycling form and technique, to see Jen or Kim for 2.5 hrs on the weekend which will help blow away the winter blues!! Also riding over 2 hours in one session helps your body burn 1000′s of calories and burn fat, which is maybe one of the best reasons to do WBTP!

Price goes up Dec 1st

21 Nov 2014

Winter Base Training – Benefits!

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Our Winter Base Training Programs are always filled with amazing riders and people with different goals for the program. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting some really awesome testimonials from past riders to give you an idea of what it’s like and what you can expect. Here’s one from John who did the WBTP in 2014.

“As someone who enjoys road cycling, I actively sought out a suitable spin studio in Toronto to train during the winter months, and signed up for some CYKL classes in 2010. The variety of classes on offer and the excellent standard of instruction has seen me now make it a key part of my Winter activity. I have found the workouts hugely beneficial in being able to quickly transition to longer cycles when getting outside in the Summer months. In 2013, I combined the studio’s Winter Based Training program with the excellent weekly 75 minute and 60 minute endurance rides in preparation for the Ride To Conquer Cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

12 Nov 2014

WBTP Testimonial!

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CYKL’s Winter Base Training Program is 70% SOLD OUT!!! Only a few spots remain in both the Saturday 4pm and Sunday 12pm programs! This 13 week program starts January 4th and will run to the end of March.

Who is this program for??  This program is for everyone! From cyclists hitting the road or the trails this 2014 season, those riding in charity rides like the RTCC or gran fondos like the Centurion. Multi-sport athletes like triathletes, duathletes, adventure racers and runners looking to cross-train for their events. As well as indoor riders looking to get an edge on their training, and to learn more about cycling training and aerobic endurance training.

This is CYKL’s MOST popular program, if you’re interested SIGN UP SOON. It will sell out!

Click here to sign up today

CYKL team


10 Dec 2013

WBTP 2014 – 70% SOLD OUT

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The Winter Base Training is off and riding! Week 2 was the Lactate Threshold Field Test! What the heck does this mean?

Well, our riders had to come to this session well rested, hydrated, and fueled, as well this LT test requires a heart rate monitor. The session begins with a long warm up and then we get our riders to push up to LT for 8 mins and repeat. We take the average of both sessions and calculate their training zones, which they will use for the next 10 weeks.

The LT field test and heart rate training zones are a great tool to use while you’re training throughout the winter. It keeps your effort true while you train, especially throughout long endurance rides, where many riders start the ride pushing too hard.

Next week is filled with more form & technique tips, single leg drills and a long ride in the saddle based on HR Zones. Fun times!


22 Jan 2012

WBTP – Week 2

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We can hardly contain our excitement about our 2012 Winter Base Training Program. The 12 week periodization program begins on January 14th and runs every Saturday at 1:30pm. The program begins with a Lactate Threshold Field Test to find your training zones, and is the perfect program for all athletes looking to train through the off season months.We encourage those doing the 2012 Ride to Conquer Cancer or other multi-day rides to do this training program.

Periodization training means we strip back our normal aerobic workout, and over the course of 12 weeks slowly build it back up. Doing a training program like this has huge benefits when you hit the road in the spring. Not only is it a fat burning program (and if you watch your winter diet you’ll be a lean machine when the buds blossom), but it’s a great way to gear up those legs and your aerobic capacity for the spring season. If done properly, you’ll be going strong throughout the season, you won’t feel fatigued or burnt out by the summer months.

We also have a series of guest speakers lined up to chat with you about nutrition, stretching, and wellness.

Take a look at last year’s program on our blog!

If you have any questions email us!!

If you’re interested in signing up do it SOON! Last year’s program SOLD OUT.

Winter Base Training Program – $299 (until Dec 24th, regular price $350)

Ride to Conquer Cancer riders get 15% off the regular price.

The CYKL Team

18 Dec 2011

Winter Base Training 2012

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Update about our Winter Base Training Program from the lovely Lana!  Our Vitess Rider and CYKL enthusiast!

CYKL: It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve last chatted, how has the Winter Base Training Program going for you?

LD: I’m still really enjoying the program. I really think you should be commended for putting together such a great program! It is tough to spend so much time on an indoor bike and to see us all coming back week after week really says something. Although with all of this lovely weather, I’m itching to be back out on the road! Read the rest of this entry »

21 Mar 2011

Lana & WBPT

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Nothing says Saturday good times, like our WBTP! Here’s this week’s progress report from Lana, Vitess rider & CYKL fanatic!!

CYKL: Week 5 had a 2 hour ride and some deadly core exercises taught by Andrea Guspie, Ironman and now Ultraman athlete, which portion of the day hurt more?

LD: I loved both the 2 hour ride and the core exercises from Andrea.  I liked the variations Andrea showed us and I’m always looking for new core exercises.  I do find a 2 hour ride indoors much different from outdoors – thank heavens for the tunes and the video this week was a treat.

Read the rest of this entry »

8 Feb 2011

Plank + 2 hour ride = Week 5 WBTP

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