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As the summer season finally arrives, CYKL is excited to introduce a new style of class to the studio – CYKL PLUS! CYKL PLUS classes are high intensity interval cycling classes, for either 30 mins or 45 mins, with an additional “off the bike”  functional strengthening and stretching portion of 15-20min.

The idea for this style of class came from doing our Winter Base Training Program and adding on strengthening exercises at the end of each ride. The strengthening exercises were a hit! Riders felt the difference from adding planks and push ups, plus other exercises into their fitness regime on a weekly basis. Kim decided to launch CYKL PLUS this summer and test it out!

Why CYKL PLUS? Research has shown that you can gain significant benefits from a condensed high intensity cardio workouts (30-45min); (increased aerobic capacity, increased muscular power, strength and fat burning) This is something we at CYKL already know and practice in most of our classes daily! We decided to combine our already butt kicking CYKL class with a 15 min strengthening and stretching regime to increase the benefits of our workouts.

Our strengthening portion will be completed with the instructor  and will focus on core and upper body strength (back, chest, shoulders and arms), as well as legs using and improving the strength in muscles we use cycling – quads, glutes, hamstrings, adductors. These exercises will be done in a circuit using resistance bands, medicine balls, or  your own body weight.

Our stretching portion will be completed by Kara, who will focus on relaxing and stretching problem areas for cyclists (and anyone who sits at a desk all day) like hips, glutes, back, and chest.

Strengthening and stretching are two things we all should be doing more of for a more balanced and healthy body.  The CYKL Plus classes will make a great addition to an already rocking schedule of classes, check it out!


28 May 2015


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Don’t forget to check schedule for all our Theme Rides this month! Next up is Kara’s Michael Jackson Ride on Thurs March 19th at 7pm! Classics, mash-ups and remixes! It’s going to be so FUN!

11 Mar 2015

Theme Rides!

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For all those morning people, who like to hit snooze, we have just added the 9:30am class to the CYKL schedule on Mondays and Fridays for you!

See you then!


19 Jan 2015

9:30am CYKL45 Just added!

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As we swing into the chilly season, CYKL’s schedule is expanding with some top notch coaches!


Ashleigh “crazy bananas” Goodbody!

Ash is teaching Sundays at 11am (*new timeslot!) and will be taking over Fridays at 6:45am! Her classes are as hardcore as she is!

Steve “the dance music machine” Ashley

Were you out late last night?? Maybe you like to sleep-in on the weekend? Steve will be teaching the CYKL Hangover class on Saturday at 4pm, so you can sweat out the night before and then get ready to go out and do it all again.

Jessica “the powerhouse” Bowman

Teaching on Thursdays at 7pm (*new timeslot), Jess will have you pushing your max, and then some!


26 Oct 2012

New Classes & New Coaches!

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Our schedule has changed a little!!!

If you feel like hitting snooze, but still want a great work out in the morning then join Katya at 8am, instead of 6:45am on Wednesdays!

Also, Andrea is now teaching 6:45am on Fridays for all you early birds! Better than espresso, she’ll have you sweating before the sun rise!!

And Julian takes over 9:30am on Tuesdays, while Jen rocks her TOP 40 Ride on Wednesdays at 6:45pm!

Holy moly! Lots of CYKL classes to get your sweat on!


8 Feb 2011

Schedule Changes & Adjustments!

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Andrea Guspie is a certified tri coach, 2 x ironman finisher, and a big ball of ENERGY!

We’re more then happy to have to her kickoff her new class at CYKL today!! Check out her CYKL60 HOUR of POWER class on Sundays at noon, and be prepared to take your ride to the next level!


12 Dec 2010

New Class at CYKL!

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