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We’re hosting another instructor training and rider improvement course on September 17th & 18th! If you’ve been to CYKL, then you know we pride ourselves on teaching REAL indoor cycling classes based on REAL athletic performance and training principles (no 1980′s spinning here!). This course, created by Kim Donnelly, will take you through the ins-and-outs of our teaching style. She’ll speak about aerobic conditioning and training, perceived exertion (that 0-10 chart), anaerobic training, energy systems, along with proper cycling form and function to prevent injuries and keep riders safe!

We truly believe that the best way to teach an indoor cycling class, is to have inspiring teachers who understand teaching and training principles, along with kick ass profiles and music (of course!).

THIS COULD BE YOU! You can sign up for the course online!

COST: $199+hst

Sign up here!


11 Aug 2016


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Come out and ride Emily’s last class on Sunday May 29th at 11am! Stay for a beer and some chips to say good bye to one of the BEST instructors in the CITY! WE LOVE YOU EMILY! You’re grunge and classic alternative rides will be missed, and so will all your inappropriate comments and snarly faces!


25 May 2016

Last ride with Emily!

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Well it’s mid-January and we’re all back in the swing of it. The studio is busy and it’s been hard for us to reflect on what happened last year, let alone think about our goals for this year. Hopefully Ash’s Year in Review will revive that urge to reflect and plan for this year’s goals! Enjoy!

Ash’s Year in Review

2013 has been quite an amazing year – lots of riding and travelling has made it seem too short but so sweet. When I am not out and about at CYKL, at work or in the city, I try to get away to one place each year where I have never been and this year I targeted Asia: Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Dumaguete – doing everything from swimming with whale sharks, dancing to live local reggae and my first scuba dive experience ever, off of Apo Island.

When I got back on Canadian soil, equipped with a few cultural key learnings and so many stories, it was time to gear up for the first ever CYKL Experience Spring Training in Collingwood. This weekend was two days of incredible people and great hill riding (we all know I love those) and I actually learned more about myself and my riding habits and what to do better, especially before a long early morning ride (such as: eat more and talk less at the breakfast table).

Following CYKL Experience I got to ride with some of my favourite CYKL people along the DVP for the Ride for Heart, through a down pour and sunshine, but loved every minute of it. The banana muffins handed out at the finish line really cancelled out the rain factor!

Two other rides that I am most proud of are the Ride for United Way in Bowmanville and the Blue Mountain Centurion. I rode both of these last year but rode mostly on my own, chatting with people as I came into groups, however this year riding with my trusty bike partner Vince, I beat my time for both rides and now have new goals set for next year.

In 2014 I am…

Looking forward: to getting out the bike again for CYKL Experience in the spring and for some out of city riding in both Niagara and Montreal.

Challenging myself: to become a better swimmer so I am not paralyzed with fear at the thought of an open water group swim in a triathlon.

Planning to travel: to South America; suggestions welcome.

Can’t wait: To start the new year, I think it is going to be epic.

Check out Ash at CYKL on Wednesday mornings at 6:45am and Sundays at 11am!


17 Jan 2014

A year in Review by Ash!

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Keeping up with the holiday spirit and fun, here’s Kelsey’s 2013 in Review! Enjoy!

My Year in Review

I am actually SAD to say goodbye to 2013! It was a year that treated me well, and one that was certainly full of surprises.

The year started with me being part-way through my holistic nutrition diploma (which meant I was soaking up the student lifestyle perhaps one last time), still discovering and exploring the city of Toronto, and finally getting up on the instructors platform to teach classes at CYKL. I’ve spent almost a year instructing at the studio now, and have literally loved each and every minute of every class I teach. I can certainly consider this one of my 2013 highlights (yes, I really do look forward to my 5:30am alarm clock on Thursday mornings!)

In addition, after a summer packed with studying for my board exams and relaxing cottage weekends – I landed a full-time job with a new grocery banner under the Loblaws brand. The store is in the works currently, and will be opening in 2014. I am beyond excited to eventually share this project with you all, since it’s going to rock the world of grocery shopping!

Fitness-related accomplishments included purchasing my very first road bike (a beautiful blue and white BMC) which I got well-acquainted with during the summer and fall seasons. I know 2014 will have some races up its sleeve for Read the rest of this entry »

20 Dec 2013

A year in Review with Kelsey

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The oh-so lovely Kelsey is finishing up her Holistic Nutritionist program, and we thought it would be fun to get her to provide us with some healthy eating tips and other nutritional blogposts! Check out her beach body recipes and feel free to post any healthy snacks you love making for the summer time! The more ideas the better!

Beach-Body Friendly Snack Ideas 

With weather soaring above 30 degrees into July here in Toronto, there’s only one way to keep cool. Throw on that isty-bitsy string bikini (or speedo, for the men out there) and call up the closest friend you know that owns a pool, or better yet take a ferry across to Toronto Island and dip into Lake Ontario!

Since you’ve already been working your body into tip-top shape at CYKL all year, why not compliment your hard workouts with healthy snacks that won’t leave you feeling like you want to hide in a baggy sweater next time you’re pool-side.

Here are a few of my favourite beach-body friendly snack ideas that are sure to please a crowd, and keep you feeling light and fresh all day long.

Chickpea and Honey Dip

(modified from the Canadian Living Test Kitchen)

(image source)

Chickpeas have got a nice, sweet flavor that works extra well in dips. This ‘modified hummus’ packs in tons of vegetarian protein and iron from the chickpeas.

Read the rest of this entry »

15 Jul 2013

Kelsey’s Smart Snacking Ideas!

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CYKL welcomes Kara Foley to the team! We’re excited to have Kara take over Saturdays at 8am! Here’s an interview so you can get to know a little bit more about Kara and what inspires her and her awesome classes!

CYKL: Who’s Kara Foley?

Kara: An adventurer who loves to laugh and break a solid sweat cycling, rock climbing, cross country skiing, and yoga-ing. I’m also a physiotherapist.  I am 90% an anatomy nerd who loves showing people their strength needed to reach all their goals.

CYKL: What are some of your health and fitness goals for 2012?

Kara: I have 2 goals for 2012, goal #1 is to get more comfortable hitting 40km/hr + speeds on my new roadie and goal #2 is getting my lead climbing certification, so that I can expand my outdoor climbing beyond bouldering.

CYKL: What attracted you to teaching indoor cycling at CYKL? Read the rest of this entry »

15 May 2012

Meet Kara!

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