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Tuesday November 1st, 2016 kicks off our CYKL Movember Challenge!

HOW IT WORKS: Track your rides (1 per day) from Nov 1st to Nov 25th in the studio on your own Movember head! Use the crayons, get creative!

Join the CYKL Team on the Movember website at and help CYKL raise some funds and awareness for Men’s Health.

Lastly ride & party!! with CYKL on Friday November 25th at 6pm at our MO SOCIAL. 75 min Dj Spin followed by some manly snacks (beer and pizza most likely), to celebrate all your hard work, give away our Movember prize packs and raise a few extra dollars for Movember. $20/rider – ALL PROCEEDS GO TO MOVEMBER. Register for the event through CYKL  or Movember click here


- Weekly prizes for the best MO-VEMENT photo posted on Instagram with the hashtag #CYKL and #Movember2016. Show us what you’re doing to get active in November – either the CYKL Mo Challenge or other awesome workouts/activities you do!

- Prize for most rides from Nov 1-25th (*remember you must take 1 mandatory rest day a week)

- Prize for best looking moustahce (start freshly shaven Nov 1st and grow until the 25th)

- Prize for Top fundraiser on the CYKL Movember Team!

Questions/Comments just email

The CYKL Team

17 Oct 2016

Movember Challenge!

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Patio season catching up with you? Ride at CYKL and sweat off some of those (tasty) beers!

NEW RIDER SPECIAL – 1 Month Unlimited – $75+hst – ON SALE UNTIL AUG 15th. 

OR 1st class – $12 & 2 week unlimited for $49

REMEMBER! If you refer a friend to CYKL, let us know! You’ll get 15% off your next pack!

*promocode good for 5 referrals!


8 Aug 2016


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Join Kim and Dj Earlscourt at CYKL on Tuesday June 28th at 6:15pm for our PRIDE RIDE! Wave that rainbow flag and get pumped for Pride weekend in TO!


20 Jun 2016


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March Madness starts tomorrow!

Track your classes throughout March and WIN! 1 mandatory rest day a week and we’ve added a plank challenge! All classes will end with a plank. No plank no sticker!

CYKL 1 Month Unlimited is on SPECIAL $140+hst so you ride as much as you can!

29 Feb 2016

March Madness!

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It’s dark at 6pm (boooo whoooo!) but that means we can host our 90 min Endurance and Movie Ride!!

Get ready to laugh and sweat with this classic! Oh and since we’re so close to Halloween we’ll be giving away little prizes for those of you who dress up!

***Popcorn and gummy worms will be served!


23 Oct 2015

Movie Ride

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2 weeks done! Our riders have been working real hard over the past 14 days and are looking forward to their 2nd REST DAY tomorrow! Since the last update, Tanya has taken the top spot and is in the “YELLOW Jersey” position. Julie is in 2nd place and Barb (who lost some spots last week) moved back on to the podium in 3rd! It ain’t over until it’s over!

Keep up the great work!


20 Jul 2015

TdF Challenge – Week 2

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Meet Nicole our rider of the week! New to CYKL this year, she’s already rocked our winter base training program, joined our Ride to Conquer Cancer team and is motivated to ride and keep fit with CYKL all spring and summer long! Way to go Nicole!

10 Apr 2015

Rider of the Week

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Good Friday is the first race of the Ontario Cycling season and CYKL Junek Velodrome women were out having some fun! The race was in Ancaster and was 79km, and Laura placed 3rd!

Mini Race Report!

Laura and I made a deal to ride hard and most importantly have a good time out there. The first race of the season is always a bit hairy, so staying safe was a priority also. Two Rise Racing cycling team mates ended up getting away from the pack, so I decided to work hard by trying to attack a few times (the attacks failed, but hey I tried!) and then I went to the front and worked with a few other ladies to keep the pace somewhat fast and steady for 3 laps. On the second last lap it was decided that Laura, who has excellent TT power, should try a solo attack to the finish line for 3rd place.

Surprisingly it worked! Laura attacked on the final lap and TT’ed 12km to take 3rd place. With Laura up the road my work was done. I sat up and soft pedalled to the finish line!

The next race for the team will be Calabogie on April 19th. Congratulations to Laura for getting on the podium and thank you to our sponsors CYKL, Junek Velodromes, Velofix and Wheels of Bloor! Without you there would be no team!


By popular demand, we’ve extended CYKL’s Strength Training Program to 2 x weekly sessions on Mondays & Fridays at 6:45am starting Monday April 13th!

COST: $175+hst (savings of 20%) for 12 sessions in 6 weeks!

1 Apr 2015

CYKL Strength Training – 2x week

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This week’s extra effort exercise is the Push Up! We do a lot of these in our CYKL Strength Training Program, as well as in our Winter Base Training Program! Depending on what style of push you do, you’re working your triceps, pectoral (chest) muscles, deltoids (shoulders), along with your back and core to stabilize.

The Full Push Up – Medium Grip

1. Start with hands planted outside your shoulders

2. Come up on to your toes (if you can’t do them from your toes, do them from your knees, or on the wall)

3. Engage your core (tuck your hips to your lower ribs to protect your lower back), keep back flat. Engage your legs and bum to keep a strong straight line from head to heels.

4. Inhale and bend elbows to bring chest down to the ground. Elbows should go slightly backwards towards your body, shoulders should retract down your back.

5. Exhale, while you push-up to straight arms.

**The modified push up

Push ups from the knees or on a wall are no “girly” push ups they are “modified”. Until you can do a push up with perfect form from your toes, these are the best option for you.


16 Mar 2015

Extra Effort

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