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We love a good testimonial as to how training and riding “REAL” works! Check out what Adrain has to say:

In 2016, I attempted my first triathlon because I thought it would be a fun new challenge. I was by no means a swimmer or cyclist, however was in pretty good shape. I always enjoyed running and had two half marathons under my belt.

Over the course of the Summer, my training ramped up…I bought a bike, joined a swim group and went for numerous rides. When triathlon day arrived, I knew I was ready. However, after the swim my legs cramped up and pain set-in for the remainder of the race. I knew I had to train better, but wasn’t sure what that looked like yet…

My girlfriend had gone to CYKL and saw a program for Winter Based Training and recommended it to me. I went to one CYKL class, was hooked and signed up for the program.

The classes pushed me, they were fun and intense. I knew the classes would make me a better cyclist, but I never expected how much better I’d be at running and swimming. I have experienced personal bests in running and swimming and my fitness has never been better!

CYKL has made me a better runner and athlete and I’m forever grateful to Kim and the instructors for helping me achieve my goals!

Adrian Luciani

Thank You Adrian!!


Let us help YOU reach your goals!

2 May 2017


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DJ Spin!

Next Tuesday October 27th at 6:15pm with Kim and Dj Earlscourt!

Book your bike now!


23 Oct 2015

Dj Spin!

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At CYKL we believe we have the best indoor spinning studio in Toronto, with the best riders, instructors, and staff who bring their incredible energy and hard work to the studio every day! In addition to all that awesomeness, there are some great reasons to ride at CYKL!

First and foremost is our bikes, you can burn 20% more calories on a Realryder than on a traditional spin bike. Secondly is the calorie and fat burning effect of our real indoor cycling classes! On the schedule we have interval classes listed as CYKL 45, CYKL 60, CYKL Climb or CYKL Interval. These classes are high intensity classes, designed to get your heart rate up while working on improving power and strength through threshold and anaerobic efforts (meaning 7-9/10 efforts – hard stuff). These classes have a BIG calorie burn because the intensity is high! But don’t be scared, you ride at your own pace and ALWAYS you do what YOU can in each and every class.

The second type of class we teach is an endurance class – CYKL Endurance (60-75mins). These classes are geared to work your fat burning heart rate zone (looking at 4, 5, 6, or 7/10). Less about power and more about challenging steady state riding. You’re working on building your aerobic capacity, endurance and muscular endurance at the same time your body is learning how to use fat as a fuel source (yes!!).

These 2 styles of classes compliment each other, the better your aerobic base (endurance classes), the harder you can push in an interval class. The combination of classes will have you burning LOADS of calories throughout the class, increasing your cardio capacity, as well as kick up your metabolism throughout the day. In addition to a clean diet, we always see lots of our clients achieve their weightloss goals, with many going beyond what they ever expected!

CYKL team

10 Dec 2014

Reasons to Ride at CYKL

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We’re over the half way point of our Movember challenge and our studio is rocking it out! This month has seen all kinds of theme rides like the “mo back” our moustache inspired throw back ride…

…along with Kim’s Disco spin where we had the Village Juicery drop by and give out free samples to our riders after class. Thank you Village Juicery!

Only 11 days left in the challenge! Remember to donate to a MO your know at 


19 Nov 2014

Movember Challenge Update

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Our Winter Base Training Programs are always filled with amazing riders and people with different goals for the program. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting some really awesome testimonials from past riders to give you an idea of what it’s like and what you can expect. Here’s one from John who did the WBTP in 2014.

“As someone who enjoys road cycling, I actively sought out a suitable spin studio in Toronto to train during the winter months, and signed up for some CYKL classes in 2010. The variety of classes on offer and the excellent standard of instruction has seen me now make it a key part of my Winter activity. I have found the workouts hugely beneficial in being able to quickly transition to longer cycles when getting outside in the Summer months. In 2013, I combined the studio’s Winter Based Training program with the excellent weekly 75 minute and 60 minute endurance rides in preparation for the Ride To Conquer Cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

12 Nov 2014

WBTP Testimonial!

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On Sunday Nov 30th we’re finishing off our MOVEMBER CHALLENGE, with an amazing 3 HOUR Ride for Martin! Who is Martin you ask?

Well, Martin is a good friend of CYKL and also Kara’s husband (our fabulous instructor here). Martin was unfortunately diagnosed with brain cancer this year, and as a studio we want to help Martin and Kara!!! All proceeds of our 3 HOUR Ride on November 30th 12-3pm will go to Martin to help with his treatment and recovery. If you feel like you’d like to donate more than $30, please let us know and we’ll make sure you can!

Here’s more information about Martin and Kara!  Read the rest of this entry »

8 Nov 2014

3 HOUR Ride for Martin

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Jacopo is back in the house this Tuesday Oct 21st at 6:15pm, for a 75 min endurance ride that will have you grooving! Only 2 spots left, so sign up today!


20 Oct 2014

Dj Spin

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Lots of new riders come to CYKL and don’t even realize our Real Ryder bikes move! The bikes are on an articulating frame that allows for riders to take the bike left and right into turns. Doing this not only makes the ride more dynamic, but also means you’re burning 20% more calories (because of the core and upper body engagement) than if you were on a regular stationary bike!

Here’s a short video to show you how to take a proper turn on our Real Ryder bikes!


17 Oct 2014

At CYKL our bikes move!

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On Thanksgiving Monday we had 24+ riders who literally made the studio smell like a sweaty turkey (gross!, I know)! It was such a great way to spend the holiday Monday! Big thank you to all our riders who came out and worked their Thanksgiving feasts off! Also big Thank You to Kelsey for providing us with Vega sports products! You kept up hydrated and fuelled throughout the whole event! See you at the next 3 Hour in November!



17 Oct 2014

The Sweaty Turkey Ride Rocked!

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Riding safely and comfortably at CYKL starts with setting up your bike correctly! Watch Emily and Ben as they give you tips and tricks for setting up your Real Ryder at CYKL.


6 Oct 2014

How to set up your bike at CYKL

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