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As we swing into the chilly season, CYKL’s schedule is expanding with some top notch coaches!


Ashleigh “crazy bananas” Goodbody!

Ash is teaching Sundays at 11am (*new timeslot!) and will be taking over Fridays at 6:45am! Her classes are as hardcore as she is!

Steve “the dance music machine” Ashley

Were you out late last night?? Maybe you like to sleep-in on the weekend? Steve will be teaching the CYKL Hangover class on Saturday at 4pm, so you can sweat out the night before and then get ready to go out and do it all again.

Jessica “the powerhouse” Bowman

Teaching on Thursdays at 7pm (*new timeslot), Jess will have you pushing your max, and then some!


26 Oct 2012

New Classes & New Coaches!

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We’re asking our coaches to share a little of what they loved about 2011 and what they want to accomplish in 2012!

Here’s what Jacopo had to say:

CYKL: Looking back, tell us about a highlight (personal or fitness related) of 2011?

Jacopo: I finished 6th in the category of the men’s single club sculling division.

CYKL: What is one key thing you learned about training, specific to you in 2011?

Jacopo: Don’t be afraid to try something different, especially if you suck at it.

CYKL: What’s your big fitness goal for 2012?

Jacopo: Enter my first road race and get back into racing on the water.

CYKL: What’s your big personal goal (outside of the athletic world) for 2012?

Jacopo: I never thought there was another world.

CYKL: If you could tell people 1 thing about keeping their new years resolutions what would it be?

Jacopo: Always workout in the company of others – to challenge you, to motivate you, to be accountable to.

Jacopo teaches a CYKL60 on Wednesday nights at 5:45 , reserve in advance this one is often sold out.


6 Jan 2012

Jacopo in 2012

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The CYKL team is excited to welcome our newest instructor to the studio – The HOT NEW Aussie – Paul Jackson! Here’s a little mini-interview with Paul, so you can get a sense of who he is, and what he’s like!!

CYKL: Who’s Paul Jackson?

Paul: A British-born-Australian who’s called three cities home in three years.  I’m a road rider for the Bike Force team in Australia and someone who finds immense happiness in a long and winding mountain road on a warm, sunny morning.  I’m over here for the year with my fiancee who’s doing a medical fellowship at a large Toronto hospital.  I’m also a civil engineer, Euro-phile, bike geek and a 90s tragic.

CYKL: Where in the world have you been your bike?

Paul: Australia, Canada and Italy.  I’ve also ridden with Eros Poli and Michael Rasmussen…clang…oops…that’s me just dropping names.

Hell Climb to San Giacomo, Italy – 19km @ 9%

CYKL: Since you’ve been in Toronto for 6 months, have you noticed any differences between Canada’s and Aussie’s?

Paul: Australians are more direct and cynical.  We also seem to curse a lot more.  Canadians are a bit more open and inclusive.  I like the multi-culturalism in Toronto; very similar to Melbourne (where I’m from).

CYKL: What’s your favourite type of class to teach?

Paul: I love teaching classes based on profiles of rides and races I’ve done.  Which is most of my classes!

CYKL: Favourite song to grind to on a long climb? Read the rest of this entry »

21 Dec 2011

Hot New Aussie!

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