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The nice weather is finally here and it’s time to get into bikini body shape!

CYKL has some HOT summer specials to keep you pumped!!!

3 Month Unlimited for $300 (savings of $126!!!) BUY NOW

CYKL 5 Pack – $75 (that’s $15/class!!) BUY NOW

*hst not included. Limit 1 per person and 1 as a gift! Sale ends June 15th.


22 May 2015


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1 week and a few days into the March Madness challenge and we’re seeing a full list of riders tracking their classes and going for the WIN!

Reminder that our 1 Month Unlimited is on SALE until $130+hst until March 15th!! BUY NOW

Don’t miss out!


11 Mar 2015

March Madness

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Meet Tara! She’s just started riding at CYKL and is loving it! She loves the inclusive atmosphere, the tough and motivating classes, and has set a goal of riding 100 classes in the next year! Go Tara!

CYKL teams

13 Feb 2015

Rider of the Week!

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We’ve had lots of theme rides in the past couple of weeks, but Emily has been working hard on putting together a “winter theme” ride that doesn’t contain xmas or holiday music! It’s a playlist filled with artist who have “winter like” names.. for example – Jack White, Mike Snow, The Cranberries, etc.
Here’s a sample of her awesome Winter playlist for you to enjoy! See you tonight at 6pm!

Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid

Coldplay – Charlie Brown

The Darkness – I believe in a thing called love

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

17 Dec 2014

Winter Theme Ride

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At CYKL we believe we have the best indoor spinning studio in Toronto, with the best riders, instructors, and staff who bring their incredible energy and hard work to the studio every day! In addition to all that awesomeness, there are some great reasons to ride at CYKL!

First and foremost is our bikes, you can burn 20% more calories on a Realryder than on a traditional spin bike. Secondly is the calorie and fat burning effect of our real indoor cycling classes! On the schedule we have interval classes listed as CYKL 45, CYKL 60, CYKL Climb or CYKL Interval. These classes are high intensity classes, designed to get your heart rate up while working on improving power and strength through threshold and anaerobic efforts (meaning 7-9/10 efforts – hard stuff). These classes have a BIG calorie burn because the intensity is high! But don’t be scared, you ride at your own pace and ALWAYS you do what YOU can in each and every class.

The second type of class we teach is an endurance class – CYKL Endurance (60-75mins). These classes are geared to work your fat burning heart rate zone (looking at 4, 5, 6, or 7/10). Less about power and more about challenging steady state riding. You’re working on building your aerobic capacity, endurance and muscular endurance at the same time your body is learning how to use fat as a fuel source (yes!!).

These 2 styles of classes compliment each other, the better your aerobic base (endurance classes), the harder you can push in an interval class. The combination of classes will have you burning LOADS of calories throughout the class, increasing your cardio capacity, as well as kick up your metabolism throughout the day. In addition to a clean diet, we always see lots of our clients achieve their weightloss goals, with many going beyond what they ever expected!

CYKL team

10 Dec 2014

Reasons to Ride at CYKL

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Now that the sun is up early, we thought we’d remind you about CYKL’s Early Bird Special – 4 CYKL Classes for $40+hst!

Now that’s something to chirp about! Click here to purchase!


7 May 2013

Early Bird Special!

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Well summer is officially over and we’re now rocking into Fall! Here’s our Top 10 music picks that have been keeping you motivated for the last month or so! Enjoy!

1. Blow me (one last kiss) – Pink

Another “this relationship sucks, I’m better off without you” song from Pink! We love her!
Buy: itunes

2. Sky High – Dyro feat. Ambra Shepherd

Big song for the top of a big climb! This was part of Jen’s blue mountain training ride!! The top of the scenic caves road never felt so hard!!
Buy: itunes

3. The Way It Is – The Sheepdogs

One of Krista’s favourite jams!
Buy: itunes

4.Turn up the Sound (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) – Andain

Awesome song for a long flat road. Quick cadence, smooth pedal stroke!
Buy: itunes

5. We are never ever getting back together -Taylor Swift

Yessssss! This song is so addictive! It’s the perfect warm up tune.
Buy: itunes

6. Point of View – HNQO

Kim’s been rocking this tune out all month! Awesome song for a long grinding climb!
Buy it: Beatport

7. Now that we found love – Sunloverz (big room mix)

Sing it!!…. now that we found love…. love… love.
Buy it: Beatport

8. La Luna – Dj PP (original mix)

Hanging on to summer with this song! Sunshine, bikini’s, mixed bevies don’t seem like such a distant memory!
Buy it: Beatport

9. Professional Griefers – Deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way

Steve requested this new jam from Deadmau5 for our Top 40 Ride! It’s a stellar way to start a 25 minute climb!
Buy it: Beatport

10.Gangnam Style – PSY

No class is complete without a little Gangnam Style! Bruno’s request for our TOP 40 Ride, and this video doesn’t disappoint! Maybe next week we’ll flashmob Bathurst and King with our Gangnam Style dance!
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27 Sep 2012

CYKL Playlist!

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We’re getting geared up for our 3rd Annual Tour de France Challenge here at CYKL! The kick off party will be in full swing this Friday June 29th at 6pm, then the competition will begin on June 30th, running for 21 days!

How does the challenge work?
1. Sign up in the studio on our TdF Challenge tracking sheet!
2. Track all the classes you ride from June 30th to July 22nd – just put a sticker on the tracking sheet for each day you ride.There will be red stickers for “mountain” classes, green stickers for “sprinter” classes, and yellow stickers for all the other classes
3. The rider with the most stickers at the end of the Challenge will WIN the Yellow Jersey Prize pack! The rider with the most green stickers will WIN the TOP Sprinter Prize Pack (*declared the fastest legs at CYKL). AND the rider who has the most red stickers will be crowned King/Queen of the Mountains!

*To keep it fair you can only claim 2 rides a day!

ALSO!! CYKL TdF Special! 1 Month Unlimited on Special for 110+ hst, until July 15th!

Sign up and gear up for another awesome TdF Challenge at CYKL!

25 Jun 2012

The TdF Challenge!

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It’s been too long! Here’s the TOP 10 tracks that are pumpin’ at the studio these days! Add them to your summer party playlist and enjoy!

1. Scream – Usher

We’re waiting for Usher’s video, but the audio will do! A fun little song that’ll have the entire class singing along… ooy baby baby, yeah!

buy: itunes

2. Where have you been – Rihanna

We’ve been rocking this tune in the TOP 40 class! We’re also on the hunt for those red MC Hammer inspired pants she’s wearing, love them Ri Ri!

Buy: itunes

3. Metropolis – David Guetta & Nicky Romero

Pretty sure this tune blew the speakers at CYKL. It’s an intense song to kick 100%+ to on a finishing road!

Buy: beatport

4. Somebody I used to know – Gotye – Tiesto remix

Yes, this song has been played to death! BUT Tiesto’s remix gives it one more life before we shove it to the back of our ipods.

Buy: Beatport

5. Big Hoops – Nelly Furtado

A little Can con for you. Big Hoops reminds us of the old school Nelly, it’s catchy and good for a nice little climb.

Buy: itunes

6. Superlove – Avicii & Lenny Kravitz

This new song from Avicii feat. Lenny Kravitz is super lovely! Nice build, soft yet it makes you move. Perfect for a flat road, into a sunrise!

Buy: Beatport

7. Starships – Nicki Minaj

It’s like watching a car accident, you can’t take your eyes off this video once you press play. Perfect for TOP 40 on Wednesday, not much else!

Buy: itunes

8. Chasing the sun -The Wanted

Heart throbs!

Buy: itunes

9. Girl Gone Wild – Madonna – Offer Nissim Remix

Great remix to an already fabulous song!

Buy: itunes

10. Last Dance – Donna Summers

This was the last song in Kim’s 75 min Endurance Disco ride! It brought down the house!

Buy: itunes

10 Jun 2012

CYKL Playlist!

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