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As December approaches we’re gearing up for our amazing CYKL Winter Base Training Program beginning the FIRST weekend in January! Howard, another of one of our past participants, gave us a great testimonial this week! Check it out below and learn a little more about why the WBTP is for everyone!

“Regardless of your fitness level, CYKL’s Winter Base Training Program is a great program that gives you an opportunity to continuously improve on your physical strength over the 12-week period.  So, keep stuffing yourself throughout this holiday season because you will burn it off gradually (provide that you put in the hard work).  I love the program because in additional to the physical component, the program provides guidance on other areas such as the importance of nutrition, the effective use of aerobic and anaerobic zones, among many more.  I always participate in the Sporting Life 10K and I never have time to train, but I never worry because I am prepped up from the Winter Base Training.  You definitely have my support on the greatness of the program, well, I guess you already have my money too since I already signed up, so CYKL, well done on all fronts. ” – Howard

But I’m not a cyclist so why would I need this?

This program is for EVERYONE, whether you are new to indoor cycling or an avid cyclist, runner or triathlete – it’s all about building endurance and increasing fitness no matter what your fitness level.

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28 Nov 2016

Winter Base Training Program

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Time flies when the weather is nice! But winter will be here before we know it, and so starts another AMAZING Winter Base Training Program at CYKL!

What is WTBP?

12 x week periodization program (on the bike) on either Saturdays at 7am or Sundays at 12pm. Sessions are intended to build up your aerobic capacity, and muscular endurance throughout the program. Riders (indoor and outside) of all levels are welcome. This program is also excellent cross training for runners, swimmers, and anyone who have plateaued in their current fitness regime.

When? Programs begins Saturday January 9th at 7am with Jen OR Sunday January 10th at 12pm with Kim

What do I need? All riders need a heart rate monitor and regular cycling gear!

COST? $365+hst

Price goes up DECEMBER 1st! Don’t delay!


ALSO As a WBTP member you get an additional 15% off regular packages, and extra savings on our Blue Mountain Getaway in April 2016!



The snowflakes are flying and it’s time to start thinking seriously about off-season training. Back by popular demand, CYKL is offering our Winter Base Training Program. A 12 week cycling specific periodization program starting on Saturday January 12th, 2013.

The program begins with a Lactate Threshold Field Test for all riders (heart rate monitors required) to determine training zones. Over 12 weeks the program focuses on building up cycling fitness, with special attention to pedal stroke, cadence, and form (lots of one-legged drills!). Sessions begin at 90 minutes and grow throughout the program.

The program also includes great guest speakers who will provide you extra information on nutrition and injury prevention.

If you’re cyclist looking to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer or maybe the Centurion Cycling race series, or maybe you’re a triathlete/duathlete looking to improve your cycling, or runner looking to cross train through the winter season, this is the program for you!

Start Date: January Saturday 12th at 1:30pm (for 12 weeks)
Cost: $325+tax

Click here to purchase

Registration is now open! IT WILL SELL OUT FAST!

5 Dec 2012

CYKL Winter Base Training

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At CYKL, our Winter Base Training Program started last Saturday! Officially, we have over 20 riders participating in this awesome program. We’re stoked to teach such a large group in our first year!

To keep you, the reader,  up-to-date on how our program is progressing, we decided to profile a WBTP rider and her “journey” over the next 12 weeks! We thought it would be fun to see her progress, hear her thoughts and comments, and ultimately have her be the judge of our Winter Base Training Program when she hits the roads on her new Vitess road bike in the spring!

And so, let the blogpost journey begin! Read the rest of this entry »

17 Jan 2011

Vitess rides CYKL Winter Base Training Program!

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