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CYKL is now offering TRX! Born in the Navy Seals, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core strength. The plank is the foundation of every move you execute on the TRX. Its an amazing compliment to our already kick-ass CYKL classes. We believe that if you want strength training it should be done properly OFF the bike!  Its an amazing strength workout for ALL fitness abilities. We are offering small TRX Group Classes (only 6 people) that are bookable with your CYKL Flex packs (5,10,20 packs), as well as some CYKL30/TRX classes which will be 30 min of High Intensity Intervals on the bike and 30 min of TRX training-I am sweating just thinking about it!! Come check it out!!

2 Feb 2017


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Time to get our split squat on! CYKL Strength 6 Week Program begins Monday Sept 26th!! 2 body rocking sessions a week on Mondays and Fridays at 6:30am! Jen, our certified personal trainer, takes you through a full body workout for 60 mins using resistance bands, medicine balls and body weight exercises. This program is an awesome compliment to our amazing indoor cycling classes here at CYKL.

The program is small and limited to 10 people, and it will SELL OUT so book your spot now!

COST: $175+hst



2 Sep 2016

September Strength Training!

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CYKL Strength Program! Runs every Monday and Friday at 6:45am for 6 weeks!

Begins: Monday April 18th @ 6:45am

Jen, certified personal trainer, creates every workout to challenge beginners to advanced! The program focuses on building a strong upper and lower body, plus core using resistance bands, body weight exercises, and free weights. If you have any questions about the program email Jen –!

Buy Now!

*10 participant limit. no refunds or exchanges.

4 Apr 2016

Strength Training Program!

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Meet Kim and Bruce! They have been dedicated to CYKL since November! They since purchased cycling shoes, shorts, and joined our Sunday Winter Base Training that started back in January. Every class they ride, they bring their positive energy and alway work 110%! Thank you Kim and Bruce for inspiring us and other riders here at CYKL over the past 5 months.

ALSO thank you KIM for spending your birthday CYKL and to your amazing daughter for bringing you in bubbles and cupcakes (which tasted even better after Krista’s butt kicking class).



9 Mar 2016

Riders of the Week!

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Well, obviously we got busy and this lovely little blog was neglected! BUT we’re rocking right along here at CYKL in our regular classes, as well as in our Winter Base Training! Saturday and Sunday WBTP have been moving right along, doing our single leg drills, spin-ups, aerobic base training in zone 2.

This last week had us pushing into zone 4 for the first time in 8 weeks! March will have a ton of amazing guest speakers too! Dr. Elke Niddery, Wholistic nutirtionist Kelsey Reidl, and an awesome stretch session at Moksha Downtown Yoga!


29 Feb 2016


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The next edition of our butt kicking CYKL Strength Training Program begins January 4th! 2 x weekly sessions Mondays and Fridays at 6:45am!

COST: $175+hst

Start: Monday Jan 4th 


14 Dec 2015

CYKL Strength!

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The next CYKL Strength Program kicks off Monday September 21st at 6:45am! You know the drill! We focus on strengthening and conditioning our upper body, core and legs doing exercises that include resistance bands, free weights and body weight.

This program is VERY popular, and has a limit of 12 people, so if you’re interested sign up soon to make sure you get a spot!

When: Mon Sept 21st – 2 weekly sessions on Monday and Friday at 6:45am for 6 weeks.

COST: $175+hst -




26 Aug 2015

CYKL Strength

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As the summer season finally arrives, CYKL is excited to introduce a new style of class to the studio – CYKL PLUS! CYKL PLUS classes are high intensity interval cycling classes, for either 30 mins or 45 mins, with an additional “off the bike”  functional strengthening and stretching portion of 15-20min.

The idea for this style of class came from doing our Winter Base Training Program and adding on strengthening exercises at the end of each ride. The strengthening exercises were a hit! Riders felt the difference from adding planks and push ups, plus other exercises into their fitness regime on a weekly basis. Kim decided to launch CYKL PLUS this summer and test it out!

Why CYKL PLUS? Research has shown that you can gain significant benefits from a condensed high intensity cardio workouts (30-45min); (increased aerobic capacity, increased muscular power, strength and fat burning) This is something we at CYKL already know and practice in most of our classes daily! We decided to combine our already butt kicking CYKL class with a 15 min strengthening and stretching regime to increase the benefits of our workouts.

Our strengthening portion will be completed with the instructor  and will focus on core and upper body strength (back, chest, shoulders and arms), as well as legs using and improving the strength in muscles we use cycling – quads, glutes, hamstrings, adductors. These exercises will be done in a circuit using resistance bands, medicine balls, or  your own body weight.

Our stretching portion will be completed by Kara, who will focus on relaxing and stretching problem areas for cyclists (and anyone who sits at a desk all day) like hips, glutes, back, and chest.

Strengthening and stretching are two things we all should be doing more of for a more balanced and healthy body.  The CYKL Plus classes will make a great addition to an already rocking schedule of classes, check it out!


28 May 2015


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By popular demand, we’ve extended CYKL’s Strength Training Program to 2 x weekly sessions on Mondays & Fridays at 6:45am starting Monday April 13th!

COST: $175+hst (savings of 20%) for 12 sessions in 6 weeks!

1 Apr 2015

CYKL Strength Training – 2x week

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