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Every January CYKL runs a 12 week winter base training program on Saturdays at 7am OR Sundays at 12pm!

This program has been a FAVOURITE for all kinds of riders at CYKL! Every weekend is a 90 min to 2 hour ride, focused on building your aerobic endurance (4/10) which is the foundation for all the training you do here. As the weeks progress, the rides get tougher and more demanding, training your muscular endurance (6-7/10) and anaerobic endurance (7+).

Lots of CYKL riders do the program don’t ride a bike outside. Many use the program to “re-set” after the holiday season, since the long rides are BIG calorie and fat burners! Others have goals like completing the Ride to Conquer Cancer, Ride for Heart, running a 10km or half marathon, or like Dominic (an awesome past participant of the Winter Base Training Program) to feel ready for his triathlon season!

Dom kindly gave us a testimonial for CYKL’s WBTP, here’s what he had to say!

“I’ve participated in CYKL’s Winter Base Training for 3 years in a row. I found the program very beneficial as a way to increase my conditioning and endurance ahead of triathlon season. By focusing on our lactate threshold and heart rate zones, everyone was able to monitor their improvements weekly. Coming out of the 12 weeks, I felt ready to hit the road!”

Winter Base Training Program is ON SALE NOW!!



Our 21 day indoor cycling TdF challenge is BACK!

Starts: Saturday July 2nd @ 9:30am

How it works! Sign up on the tracking sheet in the studio. Track your rides (check out the July calendar, some rides are worth more points then others!). The person with the most points at the end of 21 days, WINS! 3 Prize packs up for grabs!


Sale ends July 15th

20 Jun 2016

Tour de France Challenge!

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March Madness starts tomorrow!

Track your classes throughout March and WIN! 1 mandatory rest day a week and we’ve added a plank challenge! All classes will end with a plank. No plank no sticker!

CYKL 1 Month Unlimited is on SPECIAL $140+hst so you ride as much as you can!

29 Feb 2016

March Madness!

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On Thanksgiving Monday October 12th we’ll be hosting the first 3 HOUR Ride of the season! Come on out and work off that pumpkin pie!

When: Monday Oct 12th 9am-12pm

Cost: $32/rider

Sign up today!


16 Sep 2015

Thanksgiving 3 Hour Ride!

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2 WEEKS until our TDF Challenge rocks the studio and we’re gearing up for an awesome 21 day indoor cycling challenge!

Challenge starts SATURDAY JULY 4th at 9:30am!!  - Sign-up in the studio, track your rides and WIN!

Same rules apply – 1 ride per day. Some rides are worth MORE points, so check out the TDF July Calendar to plan your rides accordingly!

3 PRIZE PACKS up for grabs! YELLOW Jersey, Polka Dot (King of the Mountains) 2nd place prize, and Green (Sprinter) 3rd place prize

Viva le Tour!



19 Jun 2015

CYKL Tour de France Challenge!

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As the summer season finally arrives, CYKL is excited to introduce a new style of class to the studio – CYKL PLUS! CYKL PLUS classes are high intensity interval cycling classes, for either 30 mins or 45 mins, with an additional “off the bike”  functional strengthening and stretching portion of 15-20min.

The idea for this style of class came from doing our Winter Base Training Program and adding on strengthening exercises at the end of each ride. The strengthening exercises were a hit! Riders felt the difference from adding planks and push ups, plus other exercises into their fitness regime on a weekly basis. Kim decided to launch CYKL PLUS this summer and test it out!

Why CYKL PLUS? Research has shown that you can gain significant benefits from a condensed high intensity cardio workouts (30-45min); (increased aerobic capacity, increased muscular power, strength and fat burning) This is something we at CYKL already know and practice in most of our classes daily! We decided to combine our already butt kicking CYKL class with a 15 min strengthening and stretching regime to increase the benefits of our workouts.

Our strengthening portion will be completed with the instructor  and will focus on core and upper body strength (back, chest, shoulders and arms), as well as legs using and improving the strength in muscles we use cycling – quads, glutes, hamstrings, adductors. These exercises will be done in a circuit using resistance bands, medicine balls, or  your own body weight.

Our stretching portion will be completed by Kara, who will focus on relaxing and stretching problem areas for cyclists (and anyone who sits at a desk all day) like hips, glutes, back, and chest.

Strengthening and stretching are two things we all should be doing more of for a more balanced and healthy body.  The CYKL Plus classes will make a great addition to an already rocking schedule of classes, check it out!


28 May 2015


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CYKL’s March Madness Challenge is in full swing at the studio! You can still sign up on the tracking sheet in the studio, if you haven’t already.

Tracking your rides, even if you’re not serious about winning the challenge, is great way to stay motivated as we move (what will hopefully be) the final days of winter into the first days of spring! Sweat out those winter blues!

Remember – some classes are worth more points then other classes, so look at the calendar and plan your rides accordingly!

Red Classes – 2 points

Yellow Classes – 3 points

All other Classes are Blue and worth 1 point

ALSO CYKL 1 Month Unlimited is on SPECIAL until March 15th for $130+hst!



3 Mar 2015

CYKL March Madness

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On April 19th we’ll be launching our brand new CYKL 50/50 Program with nutritionist Kyle Byron, and Emily Fitzgerald, N.D. We thought we’d give you a little more insight into who these amazing experts are, and how excited they are for the 50/50 Program too!

Meet Kyle Byron!

CYKL: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Kyle: I’m a Body Transformation expert, or you can call me a Nutritionist. I also provide personal training services to select clients. I became a nutritionist out of my futility in athletic performance.  I wish I knew then, what I know now about strength training and nutrition. I also love working with people.  What sets me apart from other practitioners is my coaching skills.

CYKL: How did you first get involved with CYKL?

Kyle: I’ve been working with CYKL for over a year. I think I just walked in one day and offered to present on nutrition, and it went well so we kept working together. CYKL staff and clients are supportive and enthusiastic so I want to do more work with them.

CYKL: In your opinion, who is the CYKL 50/50 Program for? Read the rest of this entry »

4 Apr 2012

The 50/50 with Kyle

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Oh YEAH! Next CYKL studio challenge is coming up!

The CYKL for Heart Challenge!

CYKL is participating in this year’s Becel Ride for Heart on June 3rd. Yes, the ride isn’t until June, but with February coming up, we could resist doing a challenge that tied the Ride for Heart with all kinds of cheesy heart-loving events we have planned for you in February!! On top of challenging you to ride for 29 days, CYKL is asking you to join the CYKL Team in this year’s Becel Ride for Heart! Sign up sheet will be in the studio, along with the tracking sheet.

When: February 1st to 29th

How: Sign up on the tracking sheet in the studio!

EXTRA: We’re challenge you to ride for 29 days! BUT there’s more! Throughout the month of February there will be all kinds of fun “Heart” inspired rides, that will give you bonus points in the challenge! If you miss a couple of days of riding due to laziness, you can make them up by riding the following events!

BONUS Point Rides!!!

The Mushy Romantic Comedy Movie Ride – Friday, Feb 10th (worth 2 rides)

Valentines & Anti Valentines Day (for those not in love!) Ride – Tuesday, Feb 14th (worth 2 rides)

Dj Spin – with heart filled house music to keep you inspired – Wednesday, Feb 22nd (worth 2 rides)

3 Hour Ride for Heart -Monday Feb 20th (yes, family day)!! We’ll also be serving healthy heart breakfast with proceeds going to the Becel Ride For Heart (worth 4 rides)

Love and sweat will be in the air all February long!


17 Jan 2012

CYKL for Heart Challenge!

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The CYKL team is excited to welcome our newest instructor to the studio – The HOT NEW Aussie – Paul Jackson! Here’s a little mini-interview with Paul, so you can get a sense of who he is, and what he’s like!!

CYKL: Who’s Paul Jackson?

Paul: A British-born-Australian who’s called three cities home in three years.  I’m a road rider for the Bike Force team in Australia and someone who finds immense happiness in a long and winding mountain road on a warm, sunny morning.  I’m over here for the year with my fiancee who’s doing a medical fellowship at a large Toronto hospital.  I’m also a civil engineer, Euro-phile, bike geek and a 90s tragic.

CYKL: Where in the world have you been your bike?

Paul: Australia, Canada and Italy.  I’ve also ridden with Eros Poli and Michael Rasmussen…clang…oops…that’s me just dropping names.

Hell Climb to San Giacomo, Italy – 19km @ 9%

CYKL: Since you’ve been in Toronto for 6 months, have you noticed any differences between Canada’s and Aussie’s?

Paul: Australians are more direct and cynical.  We also seem to curse a lot more.  Canadians are a bit more open and inclusive.  I like the multi-culturalism in Toronto; very similar to Melbourne (where I’m from).

CYKL: What’s your favourite type of class to teach?

Paul: I love teaching classes based on profiles of rides and races I’ve done.  Which is most of my classes!

CYKL: Favourite song to grind to on a long climb? Read the rest of this entry »

21 Dec 2011

Hot New Aussie!

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