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Winter is coming and that means CYKL Winter Base Training is back!

What is Winterbase Training?
Winterbase Training is a 12 week program designed to build on the foundation of fitness, your aerobic base. We train long steady efforts in your aerobic energy zones, building aerobic endurance and muscular endurance.

Is this program for Athletes or can anyone join?

This program is for EVERYONE, whether you are new to indoor cycling or an avid cyclist, runner or triathlete, it’s all about building endurance and increasing your fitness no matter what your current fitness level is.

Why do I want to work on building my aerobic base?

Your aerobic base is like the foundation of a house, you want it to be strong and stable so that everything you build on to it has a good strong base. So if you want to be stronger in intervals or sprinting, if you want to climb faster without fatigue or if you want to increase your anaerobic tolerance it’s very helpful to have a strong aerobic base.
Working in your baseline aerobic energy zone teaches your body to utilize fat as a fuel source, and trains your body to offset fatigue.
We often get hooked on the adrenaline rush of high intensity, shorter duration classes and feel like we are not working “hard enough” in endurance class, but it’s important to balance your training so you don’t over train and injure yourself.

How do you determine what my aerobic base is?

The very first day of WBT we do a Lactic Threshold Field test. All you need to do is come with a heart rate monitor, your water and ready to work. The test consists of 2-10:00 hard efforts (think a 6-7/10), where we take your average heart rate at the end of each test. There are certain physiological markers that happen in your body when you are at Lactic Threshold that we watch for, for example deep breathing from the lungs(Darth Vader breathing). We then average those 2 tests and create your training zones from there. This is much more specific than using Maximum Heart Rate Zones that are pre-programmed into most HR devices.

How long are WBT classes?

This program runs for 12 Weeks starting the first weekend in January.
Classes start at 60-75:00 in length and we work our way up to 2 hrs in the saddle.

What else can I expect?

You can expect to learn about proper cycling posture, pedal stroke and speed and efficiency drills.
We also have guest speakers come and speak with you on nutrition, posture, injury prevention, strength training and stretching.
But most of all you can expect to have fun, WBT is a great way to stay healthy and strong during the cold days of winter and when spring comes you will be ready!!

So come join us!! Sessions run Saturday 7-9 with Jen and Krista or Sundays 12:30-2:30 with Kim
Purchase online on the memberships page under MORECYKL.
Purchase before Dec24 to get last years prices!

If you have any questions email

I hope to see you in the saddle!

March Madness is 1/2 done and the leaders hold to their spots after a rocking 2 weeks of riding. Brianne continues to lead by 1 point! Barb and Catherine are tied for 2nd!

14 Mar 2016

1/2 way through the Challenge!

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Meet Kim and Bruce! They have been dedicated to CYKL since November! They since purchased cycling shoes, shorts, and joined our Sunday Winter Base Training that started back in January. Every class they ride, they bring their positive energy and alway work 110%! Thank you Kim and Bruce for inspiring us and other riders here at CYKL over the past 5 months.

ALSO thank you KIM for spending your birthday CYKL and to your amazing daughter for bringing you in bubbles and cupcakes (which tasted even better after Krista’s butt kicking class).



9 Mar 2016

Riders of the Week!

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Last weekend was the provincial Time Trial and Road Race championships! We saw our very own Paolina Allan take silver in the Elite Time Trial *40km course! And Cheryl and Katya took Silver and Bronze in the Women’s Master’s category!

We are VERY PROUD of the all the hard work and podiums this amazing women’s team has accomplished this race season. AND it’s not over. You’ll see these fast ladies at the Centurion up at Blue Mountain and possibly the Tour de Hans in Waterloo in September!

Always a huge Thanks to our support and sponsors – CYKL, Junek Velodromes, Wheels of Bloor and Velofix


What a weekend! The CYKL Experience was back in Prince Edward County, and it was amazing! The weather was hot and sunny, the roads were quiet and the winds were calm (a rare thing to have in the county, where it’s always windy).

We had a great group of happy and energetic cyclists to join us for this weekend! The routes were gentle rolling hills and winding flat roads, perfect for early season riding. CYKL is looking forward to the next CYKL Experience in June.



20 May 2015

CYKL In Prince Edward County!

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Last weekend CYKL Junek Velodrome ladies (Jen and Katya) were at the races! Jen was in NYC for the New York Gran Fondo, and Katya was in Niagara for the Niagara Classic. Both races were incredibly tough, seeing some very strong competition showing up to the startline from around the world.

There were teams from Colombia, Argentina, and the Netherlands at the Gran Fondo. As well as the Canadian national champion Leah Kirchman along with some incredible talent from Australia showed up in Niagara. Both ladies had incredible ride, with Katya finishing 6th (coming to the line using her arms because her legs were dead and profanity). Jen finished 14th and 11th in her age category (18-39), coming to the line after 161km wasted and ready for a beer.

Thanks again to our amazing sponsors – Velofix, Junek Velodromes, CYKL, Wheels of Bloor for helping us get to these races. We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to race these events!



20 May 2015

CYKL Junek Velodrome Women

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CYKL is hosting a fabulous 3 Hour Ride in support of CYKL’s Ride to Conquer Cancer Team! Join us this SUNDAY April 26th 12-3pm – $40/rider. All proceeds go to Ride to Conquer Cancer.

We also have a silent auction going on inside the studio with some awesome prizes too! We have CYKL memberships, Moksha Yoga packages, Vega Nutrition Gift Pack, Real Sports Bar and Grill Gift Certificate, Sotto Voce Wine Bar Gift Certificate, Brooks Bike Saddles, and lots more! Place your bids fast, auction closes on Sunday!

Last year CYKL raised $54,000 for the Princess Margaret Hospital and their cancer research and treatment.

22 Apr 2015


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Check out this before and after photo! Bill our Rider of the Week has lost 30lbs since starting with CYKL last Fall! You’re looking great, keep it up!


17 Apr 2015

Rider of the Week

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Meet Nicole our rider of the week! New to CYKL this year, she’s already rocked our winter base training program, joined our Ride to Conquer Cancer team and is motivated to ride and keep fit with CYKL all spring and summer long! Way to go Nicole!

10 Apr 2015

Rider of the Week

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Good Friday is the first race of the Ontario Cycling season and CYKL Junek Velodrome women were out having some fun! The race was in Ancaster and was 79km, and Laura placed 3rd!

Mini Race Report!

Laura and I made a deal to ride hard and most importantly have a good time out there. The first race of the season is always a bit hairy, so staying safe was a priority also. Two Rise Racing cycling team mates ended up getting away from the pack, so I decided to work hard by trying to attack a few times (the attacks failed, but hey I tried!) and then I went to the front and worked with a few other ladies to keep the pace somewhat fast and steady for 3 laps. On the second last lap it was decided that Laura, who has excellent TT power, should try a solo attack to the finish line for 3rd place.

Surprisingly it worked! Laura attacked on the final lap and TT’ed 12km to take 3rd place. With Laura up the road my work was done. I sat up and soft pedalled to the finish line!

The next race for the team will be Calabogie on April 19th. Congratulations to Laura for getting on the podium and thank you to our sponsors CYKL, Junek Velodromes, Velofix and Wheels of Bloor! Without you there would be no team!