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As December approaches we’re gearing up for our amazing CYKL Winter Base Training Program beginning the FIRST weekend in January! Howard, another of one of our past participants, gave us a great testimonial this week! Check it out below and learn a little more about why the WBTP is for everyone!

“Regardless of your fitness level, CYKL’s Winter Base Training Program is a great program that gives you an opportunity to continuously improve on your physical strength over the 12-week period.  So, keep stuffing yourself throughout this holiday season because you will burn it off gradually (provide that you put in the hard work).  I love the program because in additional to the physical component, the program provides guidance on other areas such as the importance of nutrition, the effective use of aerobic and anaerobic zones, among many more.  I always participate in the Sporting Life 10K and I never have time to train, but I never worry because I am prepped up from the Winter Base Training.  You definitely have my support on the greatness of the program, well, I guess you already have my money too since I already signed up, so CYKL, well done on all fronts. ” – Howard

But I’m not a cyclist so why would I need this?

This program is for EVERYONE, whether you are new to indoor cycling or an avid cyclist, runner or triathlete – it’s all about building endurance and increasing fitness no matter what your fitness level.

Got questions? Email CYKL at


28 Nov 2016

Winter Base Training Program

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Every January CYKL runs a 12 week winter base training program on Saturdays at 7am OR Sundays at 12pm!

This program has been a FAVOURITE for all kinds of riders at CYKL! Every weekend is a 90 min to 2 hour ride, focused on building your aerobic endurance (4/10) which is the foundation for all the training you do here. As the weeks progress, the rides get tougher and more demanding, training your muscular endurance (6-7/10) and anaerobic endurance (7+).

Lots of CYKL riders do the program don’t ride a bike outside. Many use the program to “re-set” after the holiday season, since the long rides are BIG calorie and fat burners! Others have goals like completing the Ride to Conquer Cancer, Ride for Heart, running a 10km or half marathon, or like Dominic (an awesome past participant of the Winter Base Training Program) to feel ready for his triathlon season!

Dom kindly gave us a testimonial for CYKL’s WBTP, here’s what he had to say!

“I’ve participated in CYKL’s Winter Base Training for 3 years in a row. I found the program very beneficial as a way to increase my conditioning and endurance ahead of triathlon season. By focusing on our lactate threshold and heart rate zones, everyone was able to monitor their improvements weekly. Coming out of the 12 weeks, I felt ready to hit the road!”

Winter Base Training Program is ON SALE NOW!!



The fabulous Kelsey Reidl was in the studio this weekend to chat with our Winter Base Training crew about sports nutrition. As a certified holisitic nutritionist, Kelsey gave us great advice on how to prep for a workout, manage our intake, and to think about recovery. Kelsey also works for Vega Nutrition, so she brought us in all kinds of products to test and sample.

Thank you Kelsey!


14 Mar 2016

Thank you Vega_TO!

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Over the last couple of weeks some of our riders have been asking us “What is CYKL’s Winter Base Training?”. We always give them the short and sweet answer, but here’s the answer (full of detail) from Kim, the boss lady! Feel free to ask us any  questions or concerns about WBTP or any other CYKL programs!

Winter Base training is a 12 week program designed to strip back to the essence of fitness, your aerobic base; the foundation of your fitness.  We train for longer periods of time in your aerobic energy zones, building aerobic endurance and muscular endurance.

 Is This Program just for Athletes or can anyone benefit from it?

This program is for EVERYONE, whether you are new to indoor cycling or an avid cyclist or runner, it’s all about building endurance and increasing fitness no matter what you fitness level.

How Do You Know You Are Working In Your Aerobic Zone?

We do a Lactate Threshold Test with a Heart Rate Monitor the first day of the program.  This test has you working at a “hard” effort for 10 mins.  We take the average of your Heart rate after that 10 mins and then have you do the test 1 more time.  We take the average of the 2 tests to determine your Lactate Threshold, from there we determine your 5 Training Zones. These are personal to you and much more accurate than the industry standard Max Heart Rate numbers that state that everyone of the same age has the same training zones!  The Lactic Threshold Training Zones correlate to the Perceived Exertion Chart in the studio. You will truly know what working at a 4/10 should feel like, this is your Zone 2 and where all the magic happens in building your aerobic foundation.

Why Do I want to Work on Building My Aerobic Base?

This is the foundation to all fitness.  Just like a house if you don’t have a strong foundation everything else you build on it could crumble.  So if you want to be stronger or better in your intervals, or on hills, if you want to increase your anaerobic tolerance, you must first have a solid aerobic foundation.  When you ride at this training Zone for long periods of time (over 1 hr) you teach your body to utilize FAT as a fuel source, as it is a long slow burning fuel.

We often time get hooked on the adrenaline rush of high intensity shorter duration classes and feel like we are “not working hard enough” in endurance classes.  This type of go, go, go training can have a negative effect on your fitness because you will simply over train and eventually either injure yourself or crash and burn!  You need to train smart and balanced to keep yourself strong and healthy. This means stripping it back to endurance type training at least once a week, allowing yourself to actually breathe!!

How Long Are The Winter Base Classes?

The program runs for 12 weeks starting in January. We start out around 60-75 min and increase the duration as we get into the program until we are approximately 2 hours on the bike.

What Else Can I Expect?

You can expect to learn about proper cycling posture, pedal stroke and speed and efficiency drills.

We recognize that to train smart we also need to encourage some sort of strength training to the program so we teach a different strength exercise every week and encourage you to continue with them on your own time.  We also have Guest Speakers that come in and educate you on nutrition, posture, injury prevention and stretching.

So come join Jen and I for WBT2016!!  It’s a great way to stay focused and motivated during the long winter months!  At the end of the 12week program spring will be here and you will be ready! J

Choose from either:

Saturdays from 7-9am with Jen OR

Sundays 12-2pm with Kim

We would LOVE to train with you, SIGN UP TODAY!!

Time flies when the weather is nice! But winter will be here before we know it, and so starts another AMAZING Winter Base Training Program at CYKL!

What is WTBP?

12 x week periodization program (on the bike) on either Saturdays at 7am or Sundays at 12pm. Sessions are intended to build up your aerobic capacity, and muscular endurance throughout the program. Riders (indoor and outside) of all levels are welcome. This program is also excellent cross training for runners, swimmers, and anyone who have plateaued in their current fitness regime.

When? Programs begins Saturday January 9th at 7am with Jen OR Sunday January 10th at 12pm with Kim

What do I need? All riders need a heart rate monitor and regular cycling gear!

COST? $365+hst

Price goes up DECEMBER 1st! Don’t delay!


ALSO As a WBTP member you get an additional 15% off regular packages, and extra savings on our Blue Mountain Getaway in April 2016!



As the summer season finally arrives, CYKL is excited to introduce a new style of class to the studio – CYKL PLUS! CYKL PLUS classes are high intensity interval cycling classes, for either 30 mins or 45 mins, with an additional “off the bike”  functional strengthening and stretching portion of 15-20min.

The idea for this style of class came from doing our Winter Base Training Program and adding on strengthening exercises at the end of each ride. The strengthening exercises were a hit! Riders felt the difference from adding planks and push ups, plus other exercises into their fitness regime on a weekly basis. Kim decided to launch CYKL PLUS this summer and test it out!

Why CYKL PLUS? Research has shown that you can gain significant benefits from a condensed high intensity cardio workouts (30-45min); (increased aerobic capacity, increased muscular power, strength and fat burning) This is something we at CYKL already know and practice in most of our classes daily! We decided to combine our already butt kicking CYKL class with a 15 min strengthening and stretching regime to increase the benefits of our workouts.

Our strengthening portion will be completed with the instructor  and will focus on core and upper body strength (back, chest, shoulders and arms), as well as legs using and improving the strength in muscles we use cycling – quads, glutes, hamstrings, adductors. These exercises will be done in a circuit using resistance bands, medicine balls, or  your own body weight.

Our stretching portion will be completed by Kara, who will focus on relaxing and stretching problem areas for cyclists (and anyone who sits at a desk all day) like hips, glutes, back, and chest.

Strengthening and stretching are two things we all should be doing more of for a more balanced and healthy body.  The CYKL Plus classes will make a great addition to an already rocking schedule of classes, check it out!


28 May 2015


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By popular demand, we’ve extended CYKL’s Strength Training Program to 2 x weekly sessions on Mondays & Fridays at 6:45am starting Monday April 13th!

COST: $175+hst (savings of 20%) for 12 sessions in 6 weeks!

1 Apr 2015

CYKL Strength Training – 2x week

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This week’s extra effort exercise is the Push Up! We do a lot of these in our CYKL Strength Training Program, as well as in our Winter Base Training Program! Depending on what style of push you do, you’re working your triceps, pectoral (chest) muscles, deltoids (shoulders), along with your back and core to stabilize.

The Full Push Up – Medium Grip

1. Start with hands planted outside your shoulders

2. Come up on to your toes (if you can’t do them from your toes, do them from your knees, or on the wall)

3. Engage your core (tuck your hips to your lower ribs to protect your lower back), keep back flat. Engage your legs and bum to keep a strong straight line from head to heels.

4. Inhale and bend elbows to bring chest down to the ground. Elbows should go slightly backwards towards your body, shoulders should retract down your back.

5. Exhale, while you push-up to straight arms.

**The modified push up

Push ups from the knees or on a wall are no “girly” push ups they are “modified”. Until you can do a push up with perfect form from your toes, these are the best option for you.


16 Mar 2015

Extra Effort

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As the days get longer and warmer, many of the Winter Base Training riders are getting excited to hit the road. CYKL is excited to have Nick and Karen from Velofix Toronto, speak at our Winter Base Training Program at the end of the month. Velofix will give us some tips for keeping our bikes running smoothly throughout the season!

We’re also excited to have Velofix as one of our sponsors for our CYKL – Junek Velodrome Road Club and Women’s race team!

Who is Velofix?

Velofix is a premium mobile bicycle repair service. We come to your home, work or event to service your bike. We work on all types of bikes and will arrive at your location with a fully stocked Mercedes Sprinter van equipped with all the tools and parts needed to tune your ride!

We provide tune-ups, bike builds, travel case rentals/bike packing and everything in between. We can also consult with you for custom builds and parts selection. We can also provide access to carbon frame or wheel repairs and custom painting. Book your appointment online by visiting our website at or calling / emailing the current GTA truck at 416-453-1604, or


9 Mar 2015

Velofix and CYKL

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We’re officially 1/2 way through our Winter Base Training Program this week. As the rides get longer and we spend more time in zone 2 and 3, we continue to do extra exercises to help strengthen our bodies on and off the bike. This week’s extra exercise is a squat! Squats are a great exercise for strengthening your lower body, back and core. I’ve taken a full day course on how to do a squat properly, it’s a simple exercise that has a lot going on with it. I will keep my description of the squat brief, but if you want more information on good squat form and technique email me/Kim or ask us in the studio and we’ll make sure your form is looking perfect.


1. First stand with your feet underneath your hips, eyes up, chest proud, shoulder blades retracted (pulled back and down)

2. Begin the squat by hinging your hips backwards like you pushing your bum against a wall. You are literally sticking your bum out. Read the rest of this entry »

13 Feb 2015

Extra Effort!

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