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Winter is coming and that means CYKL Winter Base Training is back!

What is Winterbase Training?
Winterbase Training is a 12 week program designed to build on the foundation of fitness, your aerobic base. We train long steady efforts in your aerobic energy zones, building aerobic endurance and muscular endurance.

Is this program for Athletes or can anyone join?

This program is for EVERYONE, whether you are new to indoor cycling or an avid cyclist, runner or triathlete, it’s all about building endurance and increasing your fitness no matter what your current fitness level is.

Why do I want to work on building my aerobic base?

Your aerobic base is like the foundation of a house, you want it to be strong and stable so that everything you build on to it has a good strong base. So if you want to be stronger in intervals or sprinting, if you want to climb faster without fatigue or if you want to increase your anaerobic tolerance it’s very helpful to have a strong aerobic base.
Working in your baseline aerobic energy zone teaches your body to utilize fat as a fuel source, and trains your body to offset fatigue.
We often get hooked on the adrenaline rush of high intensity, shorter duration classes and feel like we are not working “hard enough” in endurance class, but it’s important to balance your training so you don’t over train and injure yourself.

How do you determine what my aerobic base is?

The very first day of WBT we do a Lactic Threshold Field test. All you need to do is come with a heart rate monitor, your water and ready to work. The test consists of 2-10:00 hard efforts (think a 6-7/10), where we take your average heart rate at the end of each test. There are certain physiological markers that happen in your body when you are at Lactic Threshold that we watch for, for example deep breathing from the lungs(Darth Vader breathing). We then average those 2 tests and create your training zones from there. This is much more specific than using Maximum Heart Rate Zones that are pre-programmed into most HR devices.

How long are WBT classes?

This program runs for 12 Weeks starting the first weekend in January.
Classes start at 60-75:00 in length and we work our way up to 2 hrs in the saddle.

What else can I expect?

You can expect to learn about proper cycling posture, pedal stroke and speed and efficiency drills.
We also have guest speakers come and speak with you on nutrition, posture, injury prevention, strength training and stretching.
But most of all you can expect to have fun, WBT is a great way to stay healthy and strong during the cold days of winter and when spring comes you will be ready!!

So come join us!! Sessions run Saturday 7-9 with Jen and Krista or Sundays 12:30-2:30 with Kim
Purchase online on the memberships page under MORECYKL.
Purchase before Dec24 to get last years prices!

If you have any questions email

I hope to see you in the saddle!

30 May 2016

Nutrition Chat with Kelsey

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The fabulous Kelsey Reidl was in the studio this weekend to chat with our Winter Base Training crew about sports nutrition. As a certified holisitic nutritionist, Kelsey gave us great advice on how to prep for a workout, manage our intake, and to think about recovery. Kelsey also works for Vega Nutrition, so she brought us in all kinds of products to test and sample.

Thank you Kelsey!


14 Mar 2016

Thank you Vega_TO!

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Check out this before and after photo! Bill our Rider of the Week has lost 30lbs since starting with CYKL last Fall! You’re looking great, keep it up!


17 Apr 2015

Rider of the Week

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On April 19th we’ll be launching our brand new CYKL 50/50 Program with nutritionist Kyle Byron, and Emily Fitzgerald, N.D. We thought we’d give you a little more insight into who these amazing experts are, and how excited they are for the 50/50 Program too!

Meet Kyle Byron!

CYKL: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Kyle: I’m a Body Transformation expert, or you can call me a Nutritionist. I also provide personal training services to select clients. I became a nutritionist out of my futility in athletic performance.  I wish I knew then, what I know now about strength training and nutrition. I also love working with people.  What sets me apart from other practitioners is my coaching skills.

CYKL: How did you first get involved with CYKL?

Kyle: I’ve been working with CYKL for over a year. I think I just walked in one day and offered to present on nutrition, and it went well so we kept working together. CYKL staff and clients are supportive and enthusiastic so I want to do more work with them.

CYKL: In your opinion, who is the CYKL 50/50 Program for? Read the rest of this entry »

4 Apr 2012

The 50/50 with Kyle

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‘Tis the season to CYKL! With all those parties, pastries, and glasses of festive cheer, think about giving the gift of CYKL, so your loved ones can reach their fitness goals in the New Year!

CYKL Holiday Wishlist!

1. The Newbie –  Know someone who’s never been to CYKL, but would love to test us out in the new year? The 2 Week Unlimited Package is the perfect starter pack and stocking stuffer.  $39

2. The New Mom – Have a new mom in your life who’s looking to get back into shape with other moms? CYKL Mom is a program that invites new moms to ride a CYKL 45 class with their babies in their strollers. Music is adjusted for the little ears. Next CYKL Mom session starts on Thursday, January 12th at 11am and will run weekly until March 15th. $75 (includes 4 x CYKL MOM classes. Non-transferable and non-refundable. Package good from January 12th to March 15th).

3. The Fitness Nerd - Know some one that is a geek about fitness and training? Purchase them a Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor (regular price $139.99) and we’ll throw in Lactate Threshold Field Test (regular price $30) for free. A Lactate Threshold Field Test is a great way to find your heart rate training zones, so you can maximize your off-season training – $139.99 (while supplies last)

4. The Cyclist – Know a cyclist who is looking to train throughout the winter season? This 12 week periodization program is held on Saturday afternoons, and is perfect gift for anyone looking to train and improve their aerobic base, as well as improve their power and cycling form during the winter season. Program includes guest speakers on nutirion, recovery, and stretching.  On sale for $299 (Regular price is $350) The Winter Base Training Program sold out last year, so purchase it now to avoid disappointment! Ride to Conquer Cancer riders get 15% off.

Don’t delay, these holiday specials end Friday, December 23rd, 2011.


Note – Prices here don’t include HST



6 Dec 2011

CYKL Wishlist!

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The final frickin’ frackin’ day! Oh and she only has to do 84km of running… that’s all! Let’s set up the scene. We slept at the Sandman Inn in Princeton after the 275km ride., Lucky for us it had a restaurant in it. The lovely ladies of this fine diner looked at me funny when I asked if I could order 9 baked potatoes… to go, please. The waitress asked me if I needed sour cream? No. Butter? No. Forks? No, but I’ll take some salt packets!

Andrea, decided to return to regular race food for Day 3. Salted potatoes! Sounds gross, right? Well to the shock of Krista and I, it actually stayed down (no re-setting on random front lawns), and her tummy was “happy” throughout the 84km trek across the mountains of the Okanagan!

Day 3 – Double Marathon (84km run).

It’s 4:30am, Andrea has been up for an hour eating some bread and peanutbutter, drinking the horrible Sandman Inn coffee, and preparing her mind for the last leg of the Ultraman. Make it through today and you, my dear, get a pretty new tattoo and bragging rights. You’ll be an Ultraman.

The race organizers failed to mention that Princeton is at a high elevation and thus freezing at 5am. It was only 5 degrees to be exact. Andrea didn’t bring her fall running gear and had to make do with what she had. Krista and I were the lucky ones, we just jacked up the heat in the van. Luxury.

Exactly at 6am the horn goes off! It took Andrea about 1.5 hours to shake off the cold weather, and the pain of yesterday’s ride. At about 10km into the run, she wasn’t smiling and we were worried. But as the morning went on, and the sun peeked over the mountains, Andrea warmed up and started to feel better.

At about 14 kms Team Andrea got into a serious groove!!! It was like a dance, an 84km dance. Every 500 meters we’d meet Andrea, run with her water bottle (so she didn’t have to carry it), and carry the zip lock bag of delicious salty potatoes. It was working. Her stomach felt good and she was making excellent time. The biggest struggle she had was the thin air!! 1100 meters above sea level made it hard to breathe. She had to work really hard to get air in, Darth Vader styles.

OK! 1st marathon down, that’s 42km… 42 frickin’ kms. Most people can’t even dream of doing 1 marathon, let alone 2 in the same day. Andrea is a super star. We change shoes, socks and spray her feet (to help cool the burn from the pounding). Andrea also ends up wearing her team shirt that lululemon on Queen St donated. BIG thank you to them!!! The shirt was a life saver and tummy saver… it wasn’t restricting like the jerseys. As her gut grew due to salt tabs (water retention), so did the shirt! We heart lulu!

Now it’s time for Krista and I to have some fun! We had a bag full of costumes in the van, most of them we found at the Penticton dollar store! First up were the funny sunglasses, hats, and flower lays. We dressed and jumped out of the van to feed/hydrate Andrea. We laughed so hard it hurt. Oh and I paced Andrea in all the costumes/outfits. UUhhhmazing.

Next up, Andrea had 10km of serious uphill to rock (61km to 71km), so we changed into the angel wings! It was Uplifting, ha ha ha. Whatever, you love it. Read the rest of this entry »

11 Aug 2011

Ultraman Day 3

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