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As we talk more about the Winter Base Training Program that begins January 7/8th at CYKL, we’re trying to clearly describe to everyone how the program works and what it’s all about. More specifically last week we told you “Winter Base training is a 12 week program designed to strip back to the essence of fitness, your aerobic base; the foundation of your fitness. We train for longer periods of time in your aerobic energy zones, building aerobic endurance and muscular endurance.”

BUT what is my aerobic training zone and why do I care about this?

Aerobic training is working at a 4/10 (on that big chart in the studio) OR something called your  Zone 2! This is where all the magic happens in building your aerobic foundation.

How do I know my own “zone 2″ heart rate 

To determine your personal aerobic and anaerobic training zones (zones 1-5) we start the program with a mandatory Lactate Threshold Test with a Heart Rate Monitor. This test has you working at a “hard” effort for 10 mins x 2. From the average of both 10 min efforts we calculate your personal heart rate training zones.

These Zones correlate to the Perceived Exertion Chart in the studio. These are personal to you and you can use them in all of our classes – not just the WBT Program.

Why Do I care about zone 2 or aerobic training?

Aerobic fitness is the foundation to all fitness. Just like a house if you don’t have a strong foundation everything else you build on it could crumble. So if you want to be stronger or better in your intervals, or on hills, if you want to increase your anaerobic tolerance, you must first build a solid aerobic foundation. When you 
train in Zone 2 for long periods
 (over 1 hr) you teach your body to utilize FAT as a fuel source, as it is a long slow burning fuel.

We often get hooked on the adrenaline rush of high intensity shorter duration classes and feel like we are “not working hard enough” in endurance classes. This type of go, go, go training can have a negative effect on your fitness because you will simply over train and eventually either injure yourself or crash and burn. You need to train smart and balanced to keep yourself strong and healthy. This means stripping it back to endurance type training at least once a week, allowing yourself to actually breathe!


Need we say more? Book your spot now!


18 Nov 2016

Mo Social

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DJ Spin!

Next Tuesday October 27th at 6:15pm with Kim and Dj Earlscourt!

Book your bike now!


23 Oct 2015

Dj Spin!

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March was such a sunny and warm month! For some of us, it had us out on patios and wearing flipflops way before we usually do!!  Cheers to that!

Here are the top tracks that were pumping at CYKL in March! Enjoy!

1. Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heros & Adam Levine

A nice little warm up song, to get those legs going!

Buy it: itunes

2. T.H.E –, J.Lo, Mick Jagger

Kara loves this one for climbing hills!

Buy it: itunes

4. Not your fault – Awolnation

One of Heather’s top picks for March!

Buy it: itunes

5. Girls Gone Wild – Madonna

Madonna can do no wrong! This is one of Rachel and Jen’s favourite tracks for March!

Buy it: itunes

6. Hey Boy, Hey Girl – Seamus Haji, Nelski (Lunde Bros Remix)

Pumping track to take you up that steep climb!

Buy it: Beatport

7. Together – Mark Knight

Jacopo’s top pick for March. Anyone wanna take a CYKL trip to WMC in Miami next year?? Let the dancing begin!

Buy it: Beatport

8. Take me higher – Etienne Ozborne, Richard Beynon (Original Mix)

Jen’s WMC pick! it’s been part of the many playlists that have had you climbing those Spring Classic inspired classes!

9. Wicked woman – fRew Feat. John Dubbs & Honorebel (Tommy Trash remix)

An intense song to push you down that final road, full of TABATA sprints! Go hard, NOW!

Buy it: Beatport

10. Love Interruption – Jack White

Lovely song from Jack White! Cool down, relax and love.

Buy it: itunes



3 Apr 2012

March Playlist

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Ahhhh February, the month of hearts, love, and our CYKL 4 Heart Challenge, all seems like a distant memory now! That short little month just blew by! Here’s our TOP music picks for the month of love!


1. Funky Vodka – TJR

One of Jacopo’s top picks! It’s light, quick and funky. Perfect warm up tune.
Buy it: Beatport

2. Domino – Jessie J

Heather’s favourite track for Feb! Listen to it once, you’ll be singing it for the rest of the day.
Buy it: itunes

3. Criminal – Brittney Spears

There’s a bit of violence and sexiness in this video, viewer beware! But regardless we love this song for a nice slow climb.
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16 Mar 2012

February Playlist!

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We’re more than half way through February and we haven’t given you our TOP music picks for January!! Time flies when the studio is having fun! Here are our favourite tracks to ride, climb, sprint, and sweat to for the month of January. Enjoy!

1. Set Fire to the Rain – Adele (Thomas Gold Remix)

A great tune made better by the remix!
Buy it: itunes

2. Close to me – Feat. Gary Go – Benny Benassi

Perfect song for a fast flat road! CLOSE TO ME!
Buy it: itunes

3. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Rough week so far? This song will have you feeling inspired and ready to take on more!
Buy it: itunes

4. Cinema – Feat. Gary Go – Benny Benassi

January seems to be filled with Benny Benassi! Jen has been rocking out his originals and his remixes all month.
Buy it: itunes

5. Bangarang – Skrillex

OH YA! Bust the speakers off the walls and the crank arms off the bike with this banger!
Buy it: itunes

6. Somebody I used to know – Gotye

Slow climb, we heart this song.

AND Krista recommends the Starfuckers remix! Click here to hear it!
Buy it: itunes

7. Ni**as in Paris – Jay-z & Kanye West

Grind it out! Heather’s top pick for January!
Buy it: itunes

8. Amnesia – Feat. Rosette – Ian Carey, Brasco, Tmbaland

Perfect track for a winding road! Lots of turns!
Buy it: Beatport

9. BreakN A Sweat – Skrillex (Zedd remix)

Final climb, we see the finish line at the end of this song!
Buy it: Beatport

10. Call me maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Perfect pop song for the Top 40 ride! It’ll be in your head all day!
Buy it: itunes

The CYKL Team

16 Feb 2012

January Playlist!

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Besides the holiday music we made you sing throughout our 12 Days of CYKL Challenge, December was an awesome month for music! Check out our favourites here!

1. Foster the People – Don’t Stop (Colour on the Walls)

Great little tune to warm up to on a chilly day!
Buy: itunes

2. Lady Gaga – Marry the night

Yes the video is 13 mins long, fast forward to about 8mins, that’s where the music begins! 4 sprints out of the saddle!
Buy: itunes

3. Rihanna – You da One

Ohhhh Rihanna, we love you! We stuck this one at the beginning of a long climb.
Buy: itunes

4. David Guetta – Turn me on feat. Nicki Minaj

It’s the lyric video, but Jen loves to crank this one at the end of the Top 40 ride on Wednesday nights!
Buy: itunes

5. Alex Dolby & Santos – Raw Road (Carlo Lio Remix)

A favourite for Jacopo! Aggressive, harsh, makes you want to mash out each pedal.
Buy: Beatport

6. Steve Aoki feat. Wynter Gordon – Ladi Dadi (II)

It’s dubstep hard!
Buy: Beatport

7. Jared F – Can’t feel my heart beat (Dj Kue Remix)

Kim’s favourite for December! Perfect tunes for switchbacks up a long hill!
Buy: Beatport

8. Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde Le Grande Remix)

Awesome Coldplay remix!
Buy: Beatport

9. LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

This song has been in Krista’s class for about 6 months, but a rider just sent me this amazing video! Check it out! Makes me want snow in Toronto!
Buy: itunes

10. Randy Brooks & Dr.Elmo – Grandma got run over by a reindeer!

BEST SONG for the holiday season!

7 Jan 2012

December Playlist!

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November was a jam packed month at CYKL!

We had a great time doing our Movember Challenge, teaching a rocking DJ spin, hosting a sold out Movie night, and sweating it out at our 3 hour ride! We raised some money for Movember and are now looking forward to the Holiday Season!

Here’s the November Playlist, the tunes that made the top of CYKL’s list!

1. Flo Rida – Good Feelin’

Top 40 never looked so good! Watching Flo Rida workout, makes you want to work harder…right?
Buy: itunes

2. Jerry Rekonius – Powahbunga

This track is top of the list for Jacopo. Perfect for hard flats or climbs.
Buy: Beatport
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7 Dec 2011

November Playlist!

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BoooOOooOO October is over! Here’s the CYKL October Playlist, a little taste of the awesome tunes we cranked out this month (yes, including a spooky Halloween classic).

1. David Guetta Feat. Usher – Without you

Oh Usher, Jen couldn’t imagine a class without you!
Buy: itunes

2. Rex The Dog -POW! (Kris’s Club Mix)

Andrea’s fast flats!
Buy: Beatport

3. The Rapture – How deep is your love?

Krista’s favourite for the month of CYKL-tober!
Buy: iTunes

4. Penguin Prison – Fair Warning

Buy: iTunes

5. Dash Berlin Feat. Emma Hewitt – Disarm yourself

A classic Patrice song, you can almost hear her singing it right now!
Buy: Beatport

6. Martin Solveig & Dragonette Feat. Idoling – Big in Japan

Canadian electro pop cutie, Dragonette, comes out with another awesome hit!
Buy: iTunes

7. J.Lo – Papi

The BIG dance off scene in this video is amazing! J.Lo has the moves we wish we had!
Buy: iTune

8. Enrique Elglesias feat Pitbull & The WAV.s – I like how it feels

Dog on a jet ski?? A nice little tune to push to the top of the 25 minute climb!
Buy: iTunes

9. Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (Vaski Remix)

A little dubstep remix for a change! Kim’s been rocking this tune all month!
Buy: Beatport

10. Bobby Boris Pickette & The Cryptkickers – Monster Mash

The Zombie Ride rocked a little classic Halloween music. We did the Mash.. we did the Monster Mash!


4 Nov 2011

CYKL Playlist!

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September just flew by! Here is what our amazing coaches were making you sweat to in the final days of summer!

1. Lykke Li – I follow River (The Magicians Remix)

Kim has been rocking this tune all month! What a lovely little diddy to get you up those hills!
Buy: Soundcloud

2. Cobra Starship – You make me feel

Top 40 never sounded so good! Sing it! “You make me feel!!!”

Buy: itunes

3. Britney Spears – Piece of Me

This one comes from John’s 9:30am theme class “POP vs. ROCK”. I think POP won.

Buy: itunes

4. Tiesto Feat Kay – Work Hard, Play Hard (AutoErotique Remx)

Another Bosslady special. PUSH!
Buy: itunes

5. Sneaky Sound System – We love (Pleasurekraft Remix)

Sheena’s favourite September song! You can hear the hill in this tune.

Buy: Beatport

6. Gregori Klosman – Bombata (Original)

Jacopo brings the house. Get into the zone.

Buy: “>Beatport

7. LMFAO – Sexy and I know it

Nothing like wiggling junk to inspire you to climb up that hill. Laugh or cry, this video is uhhhmazing.

Buy: itunes

8. Paris FZ, Simo T – Monk

Jen LOVES Paris FZ and Simo T! From Montreal, they are producing incredible tracks right now! Canada, represents in the house music scene.

Buy: Beatport

9. Arhod – Weep (Original Mix)

Another Jacopo favourite. I’m pretty sure you rocked to this one in our Open Air Ride!

Buy: Beatport

10. Rihanna with Calvin Harris – We Found Love

We can’t wait for the official video for this song! Rihanna, we heart you!!!

Buy: itunes

Real Fit. Real Fast.

4 Oct 2011

CYKL Playlist!

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