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March was such a sunny and warm month! For some of us, it had us out on patios and wearing flipflops way before we usually do!!  Cheers to that!

Here are the top tracks that were pumping at CYKL in March! Enjoy!

1. Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heros & Adam Levine

A nice little warm up song, to get those legs going!

Buy it: itunes

2. T.H.E –, J.Lo, Mick Jagger

Kara loves this one for climbing hills!

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4. Not your fault – Awolnation

One of Heather’s top picks for March!

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5. Girls Gone Wild – Madonna

Madonna can do no wrong! This is one of Rachel and Jen’s favourite tracks for March!

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6. Hey Boy, Hey Girl – Seamus Haji, Nelski (Lunde Bros Remix)

Pumping track to take you up that steep climb!

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7. Together – Mark Knight

Jacopo’s top pick for March. Anyone wanna take a CYKL trip to WMC in Miami next year?? Let the dancing begin!

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8. Take me higher – Etienne Ozborne, Richard Beynon (Original Mix)

Jen’s WMC pick! it’s been part of the many playlists that have had you climbing those Spring Classic inspired classes!

9. Wicked woman – fRew Feat. John Dubbs & Honorebel (Tommy Trash remix)

An intense song to push you down that final road, full of TABATA sprints! Go hard, NOW!

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10. Love Interruption – Jack White

Lovely song from Jack White! Cool down, relax and love.

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3 Apr 2012

March Playlist

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Ahhhh February, the month of hearts, love, and our CYKL 4 Heart Challenge, all seems like a distant memory now! That short little month just blew by! Here’s our TOP music picks for the month of love!


1. Funky Vodka – TJR

One of Jacopo’s top picks! It’s light, quick and funky. Perfect warm up tune.
Buy it: Beatport

2. Domino – Jessie J

Heather’s favourite track for Feb! Listen to it once, you’ll be singing it for the rest of the day.
Buy it: itunes

3. Criminal – Brittney Spears

There’s a bit of violence and sexiness in this video, viewer beware! But regardless we love this song for a nice slow climb.
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16 Mar 2012

February Playlist!

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We’re more than half way through February and we haven’t given you our TOP music picks for January!! Time flies when the studio is having fun! Here are our favourite tracks to ride, climb, sprint, and sweat to for the month of January. Enjoy!

1. Set Fire to the Rain – Adele (Thomas Gold Remix)

A great tune made better by the remix!
Buy it: itunes

2. Close to me – Feat. Gary Go – Benny Benassi

Perfect song for a fast flat road! CLOSE TO ME!
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3. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Rough week so far? This song will have you feeling inspired and ready to take on more!
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4. Cinema – Feat. Gary Go – Benny Benassi

January seems to be filled with Benny Benassi! Jen has been rocking out his originals and his remixes all month.
Buy it: itunes

5. Bangarang – Skrillex

OH YA! Bust the speakers off the walls and the crank arms off the bike with this banger!
Buy it: itunes

6. Somebody I used to know – Gotye

Slow climb, we heart this song.

AND Krista recommends the Starfuckers remix! Click here to hear it!
Buy it: itunes

7. Ni**as in Paris – Jay-z & Kanye West

Grind it out! Heather’s top pick for January!
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8. Amnesia – Feat. Rosette – Ian Carey, Brasco, Tmbaland

Perfect track for a winding road! Lots of turns!
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9. BreakN A Sweat – Skrillex (Zedd remix)

Final climb, we see the finish line at the end of this song!
Buy it: Beatport

10. Call me maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Perfect pop song for the Top 40 ride! It’ll be in your head all day!
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The CYKL Team

16 Feb 2012

January Playlist!

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Awesome news, CYKL and Jen Fawcette are in this months issue of Canadian Cyclist Magazine talking about winter training!

Click here to read the article!

Go CYKL Team!

25 Nov 2011


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September just flew by! Here is what our amazing coaches were making you sweat to in the final days of summer!

1. Lykke Li – I follow River (The Magicians Remix)

Kim has been rocking this tune all month! What a lovely little diddy to get you up those hills!
Buy: Soundcloud

2. Cobra Starship – You make me feel

Top 40 never sounded so good! Sing it! “You make me feel!!!”

Buy: itunes

3. Britney Spears – Piece of Me

This one comes from John’s 9:30am theme class “POP vs. ROCK”. I think POP won.

Buy: itunes

4. Tiesto Feat Kay – Work Hard, Play Hard (AutoErotique Remx)

Another Bosslady special. PUSH!
Buy: itunes

5. Sneaky Sound System – We love (Pleasurekraft Remix)

Sheena’s favourite September song! You can hear the hill in this tune.

Buy: Beatport

6. Gregori Klosman – Bombata (Original)

Jacopo brings the house. Get into the zone.

Buy: “>Beatport

7. LMFAO – Sexy and I know it

Nothing like wiggling junk to inspire you to climb up that hill. Laugh or cry, this video is uhhhmazing.

Buy: itunes

8. Paris FZ, Simo T – Monk

Jen LOVES Paris FZ and Simo T! From Montreal, they are producing incredible tracks right now! Canada, represents in the house music scene.

Buy: Beatport

9. Arhod – Weep (Original Mix)

Another Jacopo favourite. I’m pretty sure you rocked to this one in our Open Air Ride!

Buy: Beatport

10. Rihanna with Calvin Harris – We Found Love

We can’t wait for the official video for this song! Rihanna, we heart you!!!

Buy: itunes

Real Fit. Real Fast.

4 Oct 2011

CYKL Playlist!

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The final frickin’ frackin’ day! Oh and she only has to do 84km of running… that’s all! Let’s set up the scene. We slept at the Sandman Inn in Princeton after the 275km ride., Lucky for us it had a restaurant in it. The lovely ladies of this fine diner looked at me funny when I asked if I could order 9 baked potatoes… to go, please. The waitress asked me if I needed sour cream? No. Butter? No. Forks? No, but I’ll take some salt packets!

Andrea, decided to return to regular race food for Day 3. Salted potatoes! Sounds gross, right? Well to the shock of Krista and I, it actually stayed down (no re-setting on random front lawns), and her tummy was “happy” throughout the 84km trek across the mountains of the Okanagan!

Day 3 – Double Marathon (84km run).

It’s 4:30am, Andrea has been up for an hour eating some bread and peanutbutter, drinking the horrible Sandman Inn coffee, and preparing her mind for the last leg of the Ultraman. Make it through today and you, my dear, get a pretty new tattoo and bragging rights. You’ll be an Ultraman.

The race organizers failed to mention that Princeton is at a high elevation and thus freezing at 5am. It was only 5 degrees to be exact. Andrea didn’t bring her fall running gear and had to make do with what she had. Krista and I were the lucky ones, we just jacked up the heat in the van. Luxury.

Exactly at 6am the horn goes off! It took Andrea about 1.5 hours to shake off the cold weather, and the pain of yesterday’s ride. At about 10km into the run, she wasn’t smiling and we were worried. But as the morning went on, and the sun peeked over the mountains, Andrea warmed up and started to feel better.

At about 14 kms Team Andrea got into a serious groove!!! It was like a dance, an 84km dance. Every 500 meters we’d meet Andrea, run with her water bottle (so she didn’t have to carry it), and carry the zip lock bag of delicious salty potatoes. It was working. Her stomach felt good and she was making excellent time. The biggest struggle she had was the thin air!! 1100 meters above sea level made it hard to breathe. She had to work really hard to get air in, Darth Vader styles.

OK! 1st marathon down, that’s 42km… 42 frickin’ kms. Most people can’t even dream of doing 1 marathon, let alone 2 in the same day. Andrea is a super star. We change shoes, socks and spray her feet (to help cool the burn from the pounding). Andrea also ends up wearing her team shirt that lululemon on Queen St donated. BIG thank you to them!!! The shirt was a life saver and tummy saver… it wasn’t restricting like the jerseys. As her gut grew due to salt tabs (water retention), so did the shirt! We heart lulu!

Now it’s time for Krista and I to have some fun! We had a bag full of costumes in the van, most of them we found at the Penticton dollar store! First up were the funny sunglasses, hats, and flower lays. We dressed and jumped out of the van to feed/hydrate Andrea. We laughed so hard it hurt. Oh and I paced Andrea in all the costumes/outfits. UUhhhmazing.

Next up, Andrea had 10km of serious uphill to rock (61km to 71km), so we changed into the angel wings! It was Uplifting, ha ha ha. Whatever, you love it. Read the rest of this entry »

11 Aug 2011

Ultraman Day 3

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Check out this lovely blogpost by Meredith, newbie CYKL’ist! She had her first class tonight and killed it! Read what she has to say about CYKL!

“Cherry Lo, avid biker and fitness enthusiast….has been RAVING about Cykl Studio. I let her talk me into attending a class tonight.”

CLICK HERE to read more!

Ride on Meredith and Cherry!


15 Jul 2011

Et tu and you blogpost!

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CYKL Riders have been sweating it up in our TdF Challenge all week! Oh and it all kicked off with some wine, cheese, baguette and of course some healthy fruit (we felt obligated to throw the fruit in there). The Top CYKL Rider (GC, that is) is Melissa with 8 rides completed in 7 days. Other riders are feeling the pressure, and many of them completed back-to-back classes today to make up ground.

We’re reminding all riders to stretch, hydrate and EAT more. You all have 2 WEEKS to go. Think long term…. think yellow jersey.

Viva le TOUR!

Cheesewerks!! They provided the tasty goat brie and 2 year old cheddar…. YUM

Riders, or shall I say Competitors!

Riders, or shall I say Winos!

Jen, or shall I say Drunk!



12 Jul 2011

TdF Challenge Week 1

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If you’re staying in town this long weekend take a stroll down Bathurst and discover NOLA!

“NOLA” (short for North of Lakeshore) is a community of businesses along Bathurst including CYKL. We’ve come together and have decided to make this best of this long weekend by throwing a little NOLA event – DISCOVER NOLA!

On Saturday May 21st from 12pm to 3pm, CYKL will be riding a RealRyder outside the studio (most likely Jen because she’s hyper enough to do so!) and serving delicious home made cookies (PWYC with all proceeds go to the Ride to Conquer Cancer) to promote the studio and our first free class offer!

But the fun doesn’t stop there, check out what our neighbours are doing to encourage you to Discover NOLA this long weekend!

GOTSTYLE: The Menswear Store (62 Bathurst St ) Will be having a 30% off sidewalk sale and a lemonade stand to help keep your motor running.

Thor Espresso Bar : (35 Bathurst St ) Purchase any yummy sweet TREAT or delicious hot SANDWICH and ENJOY your choice of an ESPRESSO BEVERAGE!*

*offer valid for event duration on Saturday May 21 only. Complimentary drink applies only to house blended espresso, 12oz americano or 8oz cappuccino*

The Drake General Store: (82A Bathurst St) The Drake General Store will be having a sidewalk sale of old and new treasures! Weather permitting.

Fredas: (86 Bathurst St) Slip (her) into something beautiful at Freda’s blowout sale: 30% to 50% off!

Amsterdam Brewing Company: (21 Bathurst St – map) It’s an open house at the ol’ Red Light Affair venue! Introducing Amsterdam’s new summer seasonal beer – Oranje Weisse – guests are invited down for a sample and snacks.


19 May 2011

Discover NOLA!

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Nadia Rushdi can’t get enough of CYKL! After the Winter Base Training Program ended, she signed up for our Transitions Program! Click here to read her blogpost on about our first Transition session!

CYKL Team!

12 Apr 2011

CYKL Transitions Program!

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