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As December approaches we’re gearing up for our amazing CYKL Winter Base Training Program beginning the FIRST weekend in January! Howard, another of one of our past participants, gave us a great testimonial this week! Check it out below and learn a little more about why the WBTP is for everyone!

“Regardless of your fitness level, CYKL’s Winter Base Training Program is a great program that gives you an opportunity to continuously improve on your physical strength over the 12-week period.  So, keep stuffing yourself throughout this holiday season because you will burn it off gradually (provide that you put in the hard work).  I love the program because in additional to the physical component, the program provides guidance on other areas such as the importance of nutrition, the effective use of aerobic and anaerobic zones, among many more.  I always participate in the Sporting Life 10K and I never have time to train, but I never worry because I am prepped up from the Winter Base Training.  You definitely have my support on the greatness of the program, well, I guess you already have my money too since I already signed up, so CYKL, well done on all fronts. ” – Howard

But I’m not a cyclist so why would I need this?

This program is for EVERYONE, whether you are new to indoor cycling or an avid cyclist, runner or triathlete – it’s all about building endurance and increasing fitness no matter what your fitness level.

Got questions? Email CYKL at


28 Nov 2016

Winter Base Training Program

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30 May 2016

Nutrition Chat with Kelsey

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The ladies have been hitting the road hard over the past few weeks! The most recent race was outside of Rochester New York at Bristol Mountain. We have 3 ladies – Katya, Cheryl and Paolina representing the team! It was 5 gruelling laps up Bristol Mountain (I was told about 20 mins of climbing with 10 mins of down hill and flat!!). With a Pro women off the front and a break of 2, the battle was on for fourth place. Paolina and Cheryl attacked repeated on the last lap, and with luck (bad luck for the PK Express rider) the group passed one of the two in the break she was standing on the side of the road with a flat. taking advantage of a possible podium finish Paolina cranked it out up the last climb finishing 3rd (with Jen screaming, cursing and waving her arms like crazy person at the top of the climb)! Cheryl finished 5th and Katya 6th! What a day!!

Thanks to CYKL, Junek Velodromes, VelofixTO, and Wheels of Bloor for sponsoring these bad ass women! Next stop Catskills at the end of July.


As the summer season finally arrives, CYKL is excited to introduce a new style of class to the studio – CYKL PLUS! CYKL PLUS classes are high intensity interval cycling classes, for either 30 mins or 45 mins, with an additional “off the bike”  functional strengthening and stretching portion of 15-20min.

The idea for this style of class came from doing our Winter Base Training Program and adding on strengthening exercises at the end of each ride. The strengthening exercises were a hit! Riders felt the difference from adding planks and push ups, plus other exercises into their fitness regime on a weekly basis. Kim decided to launch CYKL PLUS this summer and test it out!

Why CYKL PLUS? Research has shown that you can gain significant benefits from a condensed high intensity cardio workouts (30-45min); (increased aerobic capacity, increased muscular power, strength and fat burning) This is something we at CYKL already know and practice in most of our classes daily! We decided to combine our already butt kicking CYKL class with a 15 min strengthening and stretching regime to increase the benefits of our workouts.

Our strengthening portion will be completed with the instructor  and will focus on core and upper body strength (back, chest, shoulders and arms), as well as legs using and improving the strength in muscles we use cycling – quads, glutes, hamstrings, adductors. These exercises will be done in a circuit using resistance bands, medicine balls, or  your own body weight.

Our stretching portion will be completed by Kara, who will focus on relaxing and stretching problem areas for cyclists (and anyone who sits at a desk all day) like hips, glutes, back, and chest.

Strengthening and stretching are two things we all should be doing more of for a more balanced and healthy body.  The CYKL Plus classes will make a great addition to an already rocking schedule of classes, check it out!


28 May 2015


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By popular demand, we’ve extended CYKL’s Strength Training Program to 2 x weekly sessions on Mondays & Fridays at 6:45am starting Monday April 13th!

COST: $175+hst (savings of 20%) for 12 sessions in 6 weeks!

1 Apr 2015

CYKL Strength Training – 2x week

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On April 19th we’ll be launching our brand new CYKL 50/50 Program with nutritionist Kyle Byron, and Emily Fitzgerald, N.D. We thought we’d give you a little more insight into who these amazing experts are, and how excited they are for the 50/50 Program too!

Meet Kyle Byron!

CYKL: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Kyle: I’m a Body Transformation expert, or you can call me a Nutritionist. I also provide personal training services to select clients. I became a nutritionist out of my futility in athletic performance.  I wish I knew then, what I know now about strength training and nutrition. I also love working with people.  What sets me apart from other practitioners is my coaching skills.

CYKL: How did you first get involved with CYKL?

Kyle: I’ve been working with CYKL for over a year. I think I just walked in one day and offered to present on nutrition, and it went well so we kept working together. CYKL staff and clients are supportive and enthusiastic so I want to do more work with them.

CYKL: In your opinion, who is the CYKL 50/50 Program for? Read the rest of this entry »

4 Apr 2012

The 50/50 with Kyle

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Spring sprung early, so we’re launching the new CYKL on the Road Program!

CYKL on the Road is a 4 week program that is intended to teach you all the basics of your new bike (maintenance, fixing a flat, and cleaning) as well as defensive riding skills, to ensure that you’ll ride with confidence throughout the cycling season.

Each weekly session will be 1 hour and will be held on Thursday mornings at 7am at CYKL. We’ve chosen such an ungodly hour because traffic is quiet and you can still get to work on time.

Start date: Thursday April 19th, 2012

This program has a maximum of 5 people, to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

Program includes:

- 4 x 1 hour small group sessions

- handouts and personal books to take notes, write questions, track progress

- Access to coach via email

Cost: $125+hst

Purchase here!



27 Mar 2012

CYKL On the Road

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We are 22 days into our CYKL 4 Heart Challenge! We have some riders who are taking this challenge super serious, riding consistently for 22 days and doing all our “bonus” rides!

This past Monday, we held a rocking 3 hour “bonus ride” at the studio where we kicked off our recruiting for the CYKL Team in the Becel Ride for Heart, and started the fundraising for the Team with a $5 heart healthy breakfast!

CYKL 4 Heart – tracking sheet!

CYKL 4 Heart – Bonus 3 Hour Ride!

Jen is the CYKL Team Captain for the Ride for Heart!

The 3 Hour sold out! And we managed to snag a couple of riders to commit to the CYKL Team in this year’s Ride for Heart. We also raised some money from our breakfast! It’s a great start, and we have time to recruit and fundraise before the ride on June 3rd!


22 Feb 2012

CYKL 4 Heart

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CYKL is pleased as punch to welcome Heather Gardner to our studio and community! With 5 years of teaching experience under her belt, she’s reviving her passion for indoor cycling and plans to be a permanent addition here at CYKL.

Here’s a what she’s all about!

CYKL: Who is Heather Gardner?

Heather: I am a physical activity nut and love all things active. I’m a wife, sister, daughter, friend, teach, writer, runner, yogi, coach, pizza connoisseur, reality-tv-aholic, and Facebook addict!

CYKL: What sports are you passionate about?

Heather: This summer it was my goal to get active in as many new ways as possible – aerial yoga, stand up paddle boarding, but my go to physical activity is marathon running and yoga. I’m a run ambassador for lululemon and have had a wonderful year helping runners new and old accomplish their goals. I’ve been practicing yoga for 5 years and love the compliment that it is to my running.

CYKL: How and when did you start teaching indoor cycling?

Heather: I started teaching in 2004 at a fitness studio in Hamilton, where I’m from. I moved to Toronto for work and after a couple years of riding at the back of the class, I’m excited to be back on the bike in the front.

CYKL: What’s your favourite type of class to teach? Read the rest of this entry »

1 Feb 2012

Meet Heather Gardner!

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Edgars is an all-star CYKL coach! He infusions his classes with his race/riding experiences from the road, mountain, and cyclocross courses! Even though he looks tough (coming to classes with bruises, stitches, and black eyes, from sports related mishaps!), he’s one of the most genuine and inspiring people. Edgars teaches a rocking CYKL45 on Wednesdays at 12:15pm!

Read more about Edgars and his hopes for 2012 here:

CYKL: Looking back, tell us about a highlight (personal or fitness related) of 2011?

Edgars: Highlight – finally doing a controlled look at my eating plan and dropping 8lb before the season opening race, and then recording my best finish at the killer-awesome Paris to Ancaster Race. I posted 2nd in my age cateorgy and 14th overall out of 3000.

CYKL: What is one key thing you learned about training, specific to you in 2011?

Edgars: Focus and positive energy. It is easy to ride 100 to 150km and complete it. It is not easy when you lose focus and you let your body make decisions for you. I have fallen victim to my own body sending mixed messages. I learned in 2011 if you don’t push yourself into uncomfortable territory often, then you will never learn how to function when you get there. I sort of adopted Jens Voigt’s quote… when your legs are telling you to stop, you respond with “SHUT UP LEGS”.

CYKL: What’s your big fitness goal for 2012?

Edgars: Fitness goal is to seek out what my limits are. Year after year I have continuously improved my performance. I have not seen my cap, yet where things are affected by age. There is a podium with my name on it, and the top step is mine! Maybe I’ll try the cyclocross master worlds this year?
CYKL: What’s your big personal goal (outside of the athletic world) for 2012?

Edgars: Balance. Continue to find ways to be a source of experiences for my kids and for my family while exceeding my career goals in advertising and marketing.

CYKL: If you could tell people 1 thing about keeping their new years resolutions what would it be?

Edgars: A resolution made for you has a better chance than a resolution made for the benefit of others. People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t.

The CYKL Team

25 Jan 2012

Edgars in 2012

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