20 Apr 2016

CYKL Strength and CYKL Plus!

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CYKL Strength Program started this morning! We had an awesome 45 min workout that focused on strengthening our glutes (especially laterally) through squat side steps & bridge.

As well as our back – upper, mid and lower traps through row and lower trap raise. We spend a lot of time hunched over the bike, and on our phones/devices, so strengthening between our shoulders and down our back will help improve our posture and hopefully prevent injuries later in life!

If you didn’t sign up for this edition of CYKL Strength you can get a little sample of strength training in our CYKL Plus classes. CYKL Plus classes are 30-45 min interval CYKL rides (on the bike) followed by a 15-20 min workout (off the bike) of upper/lower body and core exercises. We do not incorporate upper body exercises while riding because they are not safe or effective.

Check out the schedule for the CYKL Plus rides, there will be more added to the schedule in May & June.


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