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The tragic passing of Prince was a shock to the world last week. This Tuesday April 26th Kim will be doing a Prince Tribute Ride at 6:15pm! Come out, sing along, and sweat!


25 Apr 2016

Prince Ride!

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CYKL Strength Program started this morning! We had an awesome 45 min workout that focused on strengthening our glutes (especially laterally) through squat side steps & bridge.

As well as our back – upper, mid and lower traps through row and lower trap raise. We spend a lot of time hunched over the bike, and on our phones/devices, so strengthening between our shoulders and down our back will help improve our posture and hopefully prevent injuries later in life!

If you didn’t sign up for this edition of CYKL Strength you can get a little sample of strength training in our CYKL Plus classes. CYKL Plus classes are 30-45 min interval CYKL rides (on the bike) followed by a 15-20 min workout (off the bike) of upper/lower body and core exercises. We do not incorporate upper body exercises while riding because they are not safe or effective.

Check out the schedule for the CYKL Plus rides, there will be more added to the schedule in May & June.


20 Apr 2016

CYKL Strength and CYKL Plus!

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Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Refugee Ride and the Lansdowne Legacy Refugee Support Association! We know Canadian newcomers need all the help and support they can get, and we’re proud of the work you do!!

Thank you!

CYKL team

18 Apr 2016

Thank you!

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Ride for Refugees!

CYKL & The Lansdowne Legacy Refugee Support Association are hosting a charity ride on Sunday April 17th at 12:30pm in support of sponsoring a family from Syria.

Cost: $25 – all proceeds go to family sponsorship

Book your bike now!


4 Apr 2016

Refugee Ride!

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Thank you to all the riders who took part in our March Madness Challenge! It was an awesome month of riding and planking here! After 31 days, the winner of March Madness was Brianne (left)! Thank you Brianne for your dedication and fierce competitive spirit! 2nd place went to Barb and 3rd place went to Connie!

4 Apr 2016

March Madness Complete!

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CYKL Strength Program! Runs every Monday and Friday at 6:45am for 6 weeks!

Begins: Monday April 18th @ 6:45am

Jen, certified personal trainer, creates every workout to challenge beginners to advanced! The program focuses on building a strong upper and lower body, plus core using resistance bands, body weight exercises, and free weights. If you have any questions about the program email Jen –!

Buy Now!

*10 participant limit. no refunds or exchanges.

4 Apr 2016

Strength Training Program!

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