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March Madness at CYKL has everyone working REAL hard! The nice bonus to riding 6 days a week (in addition to improving your aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, strength and power and burning tons of calories) is the PLANK CHALLENGE that we’ve been doing. After every class all our instructors have been doing planks! We all need a little extra core strengthening. Kim’s been adding more and more time to her planks, and is up to 3 x 1 min planks plus 3 x :30 second side planks.

23 Mar 2016

8 Days Left!

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Movie Ride this Friday March 18th at 6pm! 90 mins ride while we watch, laugh and eat some gummy worms!

Sign up today (no cost, it’s included in your regular package)!


16 Mar 2016

Movie Ride

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March Madness is 1/2 done and the leaders hold to their spots after a rocking 2 weeks of riding. Brianne continues to lead by 1 point! Barb and Catherine are tied for 2nd!

14 Mar 2016

1/2 way through the Challenge!

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The fabulous Kelsey Reidl was in the studio this weekend to chat with our Winter Base Training crew about sports nutrition. As a certified holisitic nutritionist, Kelsey gave us great advice on how to prep for a workout, manage our intake, and to think about recovery. Kelsey also works for Vega Nutrition, so she brought us in all kinds of products to test and sample.

Thank you Kelsey!


14 Mar 2016

Thank you Vega_TO!

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Meet Kim and Bruce! They have been dedicated to CYKL since November! They since purchased cycling shoes, shorts, and joined our Sunday Winter Base Training that started back in January. Every class they ride, they bring their positive energy and alway work 110%! Thank you Kim and Bruce for inspiring us and other riders here at CYKL over the past 5 months.

ALSO thank you KIM for spending your birthday CYKL and to your amazing daughter for bringing you in bubbles and cupcakes (which tasted even better after Krista’s butt kicking class).



9 Mar 2016

Riders of the Week!

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The studio is buzzing! March Madness started and we’re feeling motivated to get in awesome shape for spring! 1 Month Unlimited is on SALE $140 until March 15th, get it before it’s gone!

Don’t forget after every class we’ll be doing a plank (starting at 1 min), in order to get an extra point you have to do your plank!



4 Mar 2016

March Madness begins!

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