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Spring has sprung (well sort of) and CYKL is getting excited to host our fantastic weekend getaways!

CYKL Experience is a 3 day cycling weekend, and led by CYKL. We guide you around challenging but fun country roads! We provides all the food (home made by Kim and Jen), cycling snacks and electrolytes, and support along the rides! AND we have a fun time doing it!

Prince Edward County – May 8-10th – SOLD OUT!

Niagara on the Lake – June 26-28th – 3 SPOTS LEFT

Blue Mountain – July 24th-26th – 6 SPOTS LEFT

Check out blogposts from last year’s CYKL Experiences here!


This week’s extra effort exercise is the Push Up! We do a lot of these in our CYKL Strength Training Program, as well as in our Winter Base Training Program! Depending on what style of push you do, you’re working your triceps, pectoral (chest) muscles, deltoids (shoulders), along with your back and core to stabilize.

The Full Push Up – Medium Grip

1. Start with hands planted outside your shoulders

2. Come up on to your toes (if you can’t do them from your toes, do them from your knees, or on the wall)

3. Engage your core (tuck your hips to your lower ribs to protect your lower back), keep back flat. Engage your legs and bum to keep a strong straight line from head to heels.

4. Inhale and bend elbows to bring chest down to the ground. Elbows should go slightly backwards towards your body, shoulders should retract down your back.

5. Exhale, while you push-up to straight arms.

**The modified push up

Push ups from the knees or on a wall are no “girly” push ups they are “modified”. Until you can do a push up with perfect form from your toes, these are the best option for you.


16 Mar 2015

Extra Effort

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1 week and a few days into the March Madness challenge and we’re seeing a full list of riders tracking their classes and going for the WIN!

Reminder that our 1 Month Unlimited is on SALE until $130+hst until March 15th!! BUY NOW

Don’t miss out!


11 Mar 2015

March Madness

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Don’t forget to check schedule for all our Theme Rides this month! Next up is Kara’s Michael Jackson Ride on Thurs March 19th at 7pm! Classics, mash-ups and remixes! It’s going to be so FUN!

11 Mar 2015

Theme Rides!

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As the days get longer and warmer, many of the Winter Base Training riders are getting excited to hit the road. CYKL is excited to have Nick and Karen from Velofix Toronto, speak at our Winter Base Training Program at the end of the month. Velofix will give us some tips for keeping our bikes running smoothly throughout the season!

We’re also excited to have Velofix as one of our sponsors for our CYKL – Junek Velodrome Road Club and Women’s race team!

Who is Velofix?

Velofix is a premium mobile bicycle repair service. We come to your home, work or event to service your bike. We work on all types of bikes and will arrive at your location with a fully stocked Mercedes Sprinter van equipped with all the tools and parts needed to tune your ride!

We provide tune-ups, bike builds, travel case rentals/bike packing and everything in between. We can also consult with you for custom builds and parts selection. We can also provide access to carbon frame or wheel repairs and custom painting. Book your appointment online by visiting our website at or calling / emailing the current GTA truck at 416-453-1604, or


9 Mar 2015

Velofix and CYKL

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CYKL’s March Madness Challenge is in full swing at the studio! You can still sign up on the tracking sheet in the studio, if you haven’t already.

Tracking your rides, even if you’re not serious about winning the challenge, is great way to stay motivated as we move (what will hopefully be) the final days of winter into the first days of spring! Sweat out those winter blues!

Remember – some classes are worth more points then other classes, so look at the calendar and plan your rides accordingly!

Red Classes – 2 points

Yellow Classes – 3 points

All other Classes are Blue and worth 1 point

ALSO CYKL 1 Month Unlimited is on SPECIAL until March 15th for $130+hst!



3 Mar 2015

CYKL March Madness

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