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We’re officially 1/2 way through our Winter Base Training Program this week. As the rides get longer and we spend more time in zone 2 and 3, we continue to do extra exercises to help strengthen our bodies on and off the bike. This week’s extra exercise is a squat! Squats are a great exercise for strengthening your lower body, back and core. I’ve taken a full day course on how to do a squat properly, it’s a simple exercise that has a lot going on with it. I will keep my description of the squat brief, but if you want more information on good squat form and technique email me/Kim or ask us in the studio and we’ll make sure your form is looking perfect.


1. First stand with your feet underneath your hips, eyes up, chest proud, shoulder blades retracted (pulled back and down)

2. Begin the squat by hinging your hips backwards like you pushing your bum against a wall. You are literally sticking your bum out. Read the rest of this entry »

13 Feb 2015

Extra Effort!

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Meet Tara! She’s just started riding at CYKL and is loving it! She loves the inclusive atmosphere, the tough and motivating classes, and has set a goal of riding 100 classes in the next year! Go Tara!

CYKL teams

13 Feb 2015

Rider of the Week!

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Join us for another 6 week edition of CYKL Strength!

Start Date: Monday March 2nd at 6:45am

Price: $110+hst for 6 weeks!

Book now!

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12 Feb 2015

CYKL Strength

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This week’s extra effort exercise is superman! This is a simple exercise that is a great for strengthening your lower back. As cyclists we spend a lot of time “hunched” over, and without a strong lower back and core we can end up with an achy spine or other back issues. We recommend that you do 3 sets of 10 reps of superman, remembering to hold at the top for 2-3 seconds, to help strengthen your back. Also remember to breathe through the exercise.

How to do Superman!

1. Start by laying on your stomach, with your arms stretched overhead and your legs straight behind you.

2. Keep the tops of your feet on the floor, while engaging your thighs, but relaxing your bum.

3. Lift your chest and arms off the ground through your lower back, remember to breathe! Do this slow and controlled.

4. Hold your chest and arms up off the ground for 2-3 seconds and then lower back down and repeat.


6 Feb 2015

Extra Effort

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CYKL has been open for 5 years this month! To celebrate and say THANK YOU we’re offering a 5 Year 5 Pack Special – $75 (reg $99)


4 Feb 2015


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Looking for new cycling shorts? How about a stylist cycling spring jacket? The latest CYKL cycling gear is NOW ON PRE-SALE! Place your order by Tuesday Feb 17th for the gear you want. You pay 50% deposit* and the remaining balance when our custom cycling gear arrives at the end of March!

NEW FOR 2015!

Spring/Summer Cycling Jackets AND All Season Arm Warmers

The cycling jacket is ultra light-weight material and the perfect layer to keep you warm on a cool spring/summer/fall day. It’s perfect for keeping the breeze off, and you can add layers underneath for cooler temperatures. If you get too warm you can bunch it up and put it in your back pocket. It’s an amazing jacket, great for running also! All PROCEEDS go to supporting  CYKL-Junek Veldrome-WOB 2015 Women’s Race Team.

COST – $169+hst

Order now!

The arm warmers are the perfect accessory for the cycling season. When the training rides start early with Jen, these arm warmers will keep you warm until the sun comes up!

Cost – $42+hst

Order now! Read the rest of this entry »

2 Feb 2015

CYKL Gear!

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