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As the Winter Base Training Program rolls along (session 4/12 this weekend), we continue to promote exercises that improve core and upper body strength and stability. This week’s EXTRA EFFORT exercise is called Bird Dog. Here’s how to do it properly!

Bird Dog

Start on your hands and knees. Your shoulders are square and your hands are directly under shoulders. Knees are under hips and your back is flat.

Next extend one arm in front of you and the opposite leg behind you. Hold for 2-3 seconds then lower them back down and repeat on the same side for 15-20 reps. You want to keep your abs and back strong, don’t let your stomach hang down or hips tilt to one side. Also, you should feel the work in your shoulder in the arm that is supporting you, as well as your bum in the leg you’re kicking back with.


30 Jan 2015

Extra Effort

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Spend the holiday Monday on Feburary 16th with your CYKL family!

We’re hosting a calorie burning, winter-blues blasting 3 HOUR RIDE from 9:30am-12:30pm! This ride sold out last year, so book in advance to get the bike you want!


27 Jan 2015


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Let Jen torture your boyfriend and YOU get 15% off  your next package or merchandise (including cycling shoes) purchase!

Let us know who you refer so we can make sure you get the promo code! Offer ends Feb 28th!


27 Jan 2015

Refer a Friend

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At CYKL we have our amazing Real Ryder bikes, that help you engage your core and upper body more than any other bike in the industry. We love taking turns – long and short – burning more calories than any other spin class in the city! In addition to our fantastic bikes, we have our CYKL Strength Training Program where we pump up our core do all kinds of PLANKS!

Why do we plank?

We plank so we can build strength in our abs, back, shoulders, and legs. It is labelled as a “core” exercise but you use your entire body to hold this isometric exercise.  Make sure that your shoulders are directly above your elbows, try to tuck your belly button toward your spine (not sucking in and hold breath!) and brace. Planks have been proven to be safer and more effective than the traditional sit-up, when done correctly. If you have never done a plank, start with a short 10 second effort, give yourself a break then repeat 3-4 times, if possible.

How to do a plank correctly!

Step 1 – Put a cushion or mat under your knees and forearms, if you need it. Read the rest of this entry »

23 Jan 2015

Extra effort!

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The frosty temperatures have CYKL thinking ahead to the spring and summer cycling season! We have finally figured out the dates and locations of our 2015 CYKL Experience Weekend Getaways, and if you purchase your spot before March 1st YOU CAN SAVE 15% – just use the promocode “experience2015″ !

Here are the 2015 CYKL Experiences!

CYKL Experience – Prince Edward County – May 8th-10th

Flat roads and gentle hills are characteristic to the county, plus great food and awesome wineries make this a fabulous start to the cycling season.

COST: $395/ rider* (reg price $465) – buy now


CYKL Experience – Niagara on the Lake – June 19th-21st *NEW FOR 2015

More wineries and bigger hills, the Niagara region has some beautiful and challenging roads.

COST: $395/ rider* (reg price $465) – buy now


CYKL Experience – Blue Mountain – July 24th-26th

The original CYKL Experience, and the biggest beast of them all. Roads are the most challenging, with non-stop climbing, but this area has the best butter tarts in all of Ontario, so I think it’s worth the effort!

COST: $395/rider* (reg price $465) – buy now

ALL CYKL Experiences Include:

- Great accommodations

- Amazing home made food – all meals, snacks, and electrolytes for the road!

- Supported rides with coaching from the CYKL crew

**Prices are based on double room occupancy and do not include tax


21 Jan 2015

Dreaming of a Cycling Getaway?

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For all those morning people, who like to hit snooze, we have just added the 9:30am class to the CYKL schedule on Mondays and Fridays for you!

See you then!


19 Jan 2015

9:30am CYKL45 Just added!

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Our friend Annie Gaudreault was the first guest speaker for the Winter Base Training crew this past Saturday and Sunday. While our riders warmed up their legs, Annie spoke about how to set reasonable and attainable goals for 2015.

Also how to find the energy (tips for finding more energy) to help achieve these goals throughout the year. Of course, every WBTP rider was encouraged (forced as well by Emily and Jen) to write at least 1 goals they wanted to achieve in the Winter Base Training Program! We’ll be posting the goals at the studio for all to see! So, take a look at them and we hope you find the inspiration to write your own 2015 fitness goals down!


 CYKL Team


19 Jan 2015

Winter Base Training Program

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Good bye 2014! HELLO 2015! CYKL rocked out an awesome year, and of course we couldn’t have done it without YOU! We can’t say it enough – THANK YOU for always bringing your fantastic energy and hard work to CYKL. We have the best riders and community in the city!

2015 is already off to a great start with classes jammed full of amazing riders ready to take 2015 by storm! Burning calories, building strength, endurance and power! Not to mention confidence that spreads from the gym into our daily lives! Set your mind to it, and you can do it!

Tell us and show us your goals for 2015 on our facebook page and WIN! Post by Friday January 16th to WIN a CYKL 5 pack!

4 Jan 2015

Happy New Year!

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