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CYKL Rider of the Week – Kate is this week’s inspiration!!

Kate rocked the Bellwoods Triathlon about a week and a half ago! She said that CYKL has helped her kill it on the bike. Real training = real results! WAY TO GO Kate!

CYKL has the most inspiring riders!!



29 Jul 2014

Rider of the Week!

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Well the CYKL Tour de France challenge just flew by! Our riders did a phenomenal job staying focused and motivated for the 4 x CYKL Prize Packs! BUT there could only be 1 YELLOW JERSEY WINNER!

Congratulations to Steph C (far right), who rode EVERY yellow sticker class (regardless if it was morning, noon, or night)!!! Also, a big congratulations goes out to Meighan and Hayley (far left) who tied for 2nd place, and Tanya who’s determination in the last week kicked her up from 7th to 3rd place!

You ladies ROCK!


28 Jul 2014


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Congrats to Beatriz, our CYKL rider of the week! This amazing gal had a baby just six months ago, and she still finds time to kick butt in class regularly. Keep up the good work Beatriz!
14 Jul 2014

Rider of the Week!

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What a CRAZY first week of the (actual) Tour de France! The spills and thrills have been non-stop as the pro-riders made their way from England to France! AND our list of 29 riders competing in the studio this week has been nothing short of inspiring also!

Right now Steph C holds the lead, hitting every 3 point class (morning, noon and night) in the last 7 days!


Sam – I close my eyes to the finish line – Garner, won a free class for the BEST sprinters face! I think he won because you just want to give him a hug!

Good luck to all the riders as they continue to rock out the weekend with some great rides!

CYKL team!

12 Jul 2014

Week 1 of the Tour de France Challenge

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IT’s BACK!!! CYKL’s Tour de France Challenge kicks off on Friday July 4th at 6pm!!

Bubbly and treats will be served after class to celebrate the start of this fun, slightly competitive indoor cycling challenge!

Here’s how the CYKL TdF Challenge works!
1. Sign up on the TdF tracking sheet in the studio
2. Look at the TdF Calendar and plan out your riders for the next month! Some rides on certain days are worth MORE points. If it’s not indicated on the calendar then the ride is worth 1 point. The rider at the end of the 21 day challenge with the MOST points will WIN!
3. Track your rides. Every ride gets a sticker (sticker colour is indicated on that calendar I mentioned). You’re limited to 1 ride a day!
4. Know your competition, look at the overall standings as we go and see if you can out smart/ out ride your fellow riders! No sabotage, bad mouthing other riders, or hijinks – just some good ol’ clean fun!

We have 4 prizes up for grabs – OVERALL Winner, King of the Mountains (or 2nd place), Sprinters (3rd place), and BEST young rider!

We also put our 1 MONTH UNLIMITED on SPECIAL – $130 +hst so you can hit up all the classes your legs can handle this month!
Special ends July 17th.

Viva le Tour!!

2 Jul 2014

Tour de France Challenge!

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