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Time to ride away the winter blues, and get REAL FIT REAL FAST for spring! CYKL invites you to sign up for our March Madness Challenge in the studio and start tracking your classes as of March 2nd to the 31st!


1.Track each class you ride everyday in March! 1 class a day maximum

2. Look at the March Madness Calendar in the studio, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@CYKL_toronto) for classes that are worth more March Madness Points!!

3. The rider with the most points at the end of March will win a CYKL Unlimited Package and other goodies

March Madness Special!!! Purchase 1 MONTH UNLIMITED – $130


CYKL team

25 Feb 2014

March Madness Challenge!

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As promised! Our monthly playlist for your listening pleasure. Here are the top 10 tracks of February that have helped us, help you melt the winter blues away!

1. Fall in Love – Phantogram

What a lovely song, it’s been on Kelsey’s and Krista’s playlist all month! Perfect for that long gradual climb.
buy it: itunes

2. We’re all in this together – Sam Roberts

Good old Canadian talent, Sam Roberts, keeps us rocking. Keep moving, don’t stop!!!
buy it: itunes

3.Thinking about you – Calvin Harris feat. Ayah Marar

Ok great song, but this video has a lot of skinny bum footage, not inspiring in the least. Calvin Harris you need some fit ladies for you next video!
buy it: itunes

4. Waves – Robin Schulz Remix

This song is beautiful, with lyrics about oceans and waves and sands… something we’re all dreaming about. I can almost feel the heat on my face, wait that’s wind burn.
buy it: beatport

5. Don’t Go Lose It – MOTI

Oh snap! This is a song that’ll push you to the top of that hill!
buy it: beatport

6. Let it ride – BTO

These 1970′s rockers are finally getting into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame! Ride, ride, ride, won’t you let it ride! CYKL theme song for 2014?
buy it: itunes

7. Happy – Pharrell Williams

With a hat like that, how could you not be happy!
buy it: itunes

8. Rumor has it – Adele

There’s something about Adele that is classic! This song just has you pushing hard!
buy it: itunes

9. Love my again – The House Freaks Remix

Awesome remix of the original song by John Newman! Tempo flat anyone?
buy it: itunes

10. Lowdown – Vicetone

A banger of a track, that’ll leave nothing in your legs!
buy it: beatport


25 Feb 2014

February Playlist!

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One of the last yearly reviews is my own. My 2013 started off as a normal year and ended up being one of the best and biggest years of my life. Here’s my year in review and aspirations for 2014! Cheers!

I set big goals for the studio, my own race season, and personal life inĀ 2013, so it was an epic year for me. There were so many amazing moments at CYKL, from our 12 week Winter Base Training Program and watching those riders go on to accomplish their spring and summer cycling/running/race goals, to the Tour de France Challenge that was won by a husband & wife team (not to mention their 2 sons placed in the top 5!). As well as having the energetic Rosedale Day School run a 11 week Boot Camp and Spin Program with us, and teaching an 8 day Fitness Unit and workout club up at Havergal Junior College was a dream come true!

Rosedale Day School – Grade 6, 7 & 8′s rocking out a tough interval class!

From JK to Grade 6, I pumped up Havergal Junior School teaching them about Fitness and Healthy bodies for 8 days!

2013 also saw riders participate in the very first CYKL Experience up at Blue Mountain. 12 CYKL riders hit the hilly roads, challenging themselves to push past their limits early in the cycling season. Many cursed our names as they climbed over the escarpment into the wind. Hosting this weekend gateway had some challenges for myself, Kim and Jess, but seeing our riders crest the top of 8km climb still smiling and ready for more (most riders were ready for latte and sticky bun!) made all the organizing and hard work worth it! We’re doing it again this year, stay tuned!


Personally, I joined a new women’s race team and raced more then I had the previous year. With so much to learn, I was eager to get out on the road in March even if spring hadn’t sprung yet. The team and coach taught me so much about myself and my racing style, as well as inspired me to push harder and set higher goals for myself. I trained with top level athletes on my team, as well raced beside Pro women (who blew me away, literally umm they’re fast!) and the Canadian champ Joelle Numainville (she’s reallly fast). I feel so grateful to have experienced riding in the presence of these women.

Unfortunately all these races and rides took a toll on my body, leaving me iron deficient and drained by June. I was in the gutter and it would be a long 6 months of beef-eating, iron supplement-taking, and b12 shots to get my body back up to where it needed to be. Lots of female athletes suffer from low iron, it’s actually “normal”. My goal for 2014 is ride and race healthy, keeping my iron up and improve my overall power and speed. I have my eye on 2 races I want to do “well” at, top 3 would be amazing, but 1st place is what I’m gunning for.

To finish off the year of racing, riding, and recovering (triple R), I raced the Centurion 50M (86km) up at Blue Mountain, and I can proudly say I was the 1st woman to cross that finish line at 2:30 with an average pace of 32km, I wouldn’t have made it there without the help of 2 fantastic men, who kept me safe and pull my handle bar chewing face back to the pack when I got dropped! The best part of the race was at the 77km mark where I told Simon Whitfield to find me a fresh pair of legs! He said he’d try, but then he and the other fast men took off. Boooo.

Ok, to end this rambling story of 2013, the BEST part of that crazy year was marrying my best friend at the end of September in Prince Edward County. Phill has been a part of my life for 5 glorious years, and after getting engaged in April we decided to do an easy and inexpensive (by wedding standards) ceremony and dinner celebration. It was just immediate family and whole lot of farm animals who saw use tie the knot at 5pm in the fall sunshine. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. And now I’m the old ball and chain, and loving every minute of it!

My goals for 2014 in addition to remaining healthy, are to add 2 new destinations to the CYKL Experience, help raise $50000 for our Ride to Conquer Cancer CYKL Team (yes…that’s a lot of money but we can do it!), and ride as much as I can with our CYKL Road Club, hopefully you will too!

Here’s to an amazing year! 11 months left to do it, and do it right!

Jen Fawcette

I teach Monday 12:15pm, Tuesday 6:45am & 12:15pm, Wednesday 7pm, Strength Training on Fridays at 6:45am and Winter Base Training on Saturdays



4 Feb 2014

A Year in Review by Jen!

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