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The legendary, butt-kicking early morning program that is CYKL Strength begins a new 6 Week block on Friday February 28th!

This program is a terrific way to fit in some cross-training and strength building, that compliments the indoor cycling we do here at CYKL. It’s a small program limited to 10 people, with lots of attention and motivation from Jen, CYKL’s Personal Trainer. The 45 minute sessions are normally designed in a circuit style format, incorporating basic and simple exercises that work your lower and upper body, plus core. We use resistance bands, free weights, body weight and skipping ropes. All levels welcome!

6 Weeks beginning on Friday Feb 28th at 6:45am – $110+hst

**fantastic deal, since Jen normally charges $70-$80/ session

Sign up today! This program will sell out fast, so don’t delay!



28 Jan 2014

CYKL Strength Training Program – Feb edition!

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3 Hour Sweaty Family Ride at CYKL!

Monday Feb 17th at 9:30am-12:30pm

Spend a little quality time with your CYKL family this upcoming long weekend, all while burning off a few extra winter calories and those left over valentine’s day treats!




28 Jan 2014

3 Hour Sweaty Family Ride!

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It’s been a while since CYKL has put together a playlist for you! This playlist is a compilation of a few of our favourite tracks of 2013 and some current hits we’re pumping in the studio. Have a listen and enjoy!

Odd look – The Weeknd/Kavinsky

One of Krista’s favourite tracks from 2013. Slow and sassy.
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Timber – Pitbull ft. Ke$sha

How can I resist? Anyone that rides the Top 40 class, knows this is one of my favourite songs!
buy it: itunes

Runnin’ Feat El Chino Dreadlion – Dj Chus, Sonny Wharton, El Chino

Great song for a fast flat or hard interval series.
buy it: beatport

Ride on, Right on – Phosphorescent

Another great tune from Krista’s collection. Do I hear a little hint of country in there?
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Work B*tch – Britney Spears

Ok we’ve definitely played this song a thousand times in 2013, but it’s so good!!
buy it: itunes

It’s yours feat E-Man – Jon Culter (NiCe7 Remix)

The bosslady has been making you work up sweat on some hard climbs with this song.
buy it: beatport

Follow you down – Zedd feat. Bright Lights

A top pick for Kara’s 2013 playist!
buy it: itunes

Wake me up – Avicii

A super fun and motivating song, but man it’s wins the award for the worst music video.
buy it: itunes

Applause – Lady Gaga

Played as much as Britney’s Work B*tch, Lady Gaga released this gem of a track and it practically has a permanent spot in the Top 40 playlist!
buy it: itunes

Burn – Ellie Goulding

A top pick for Steve’s 2013 playlist. If you ride his awesome class, then you’ve definitely done some climbing to this song!
buy it: itunes

More music to come in a few weeks!
CYKL team

21 Jan 2014


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Well it’s mid-January and we’re all back in the swing of it. The studio is busy and it’s been hard for us to reflect on what happened last year, let alone think about our goals for this year. Hopefully Ash’s Year in Review will revive that urge to reflect and plan for this year’s goals! Enjoy!

Ash’s Year in Review

2013 has been quite an amazing year – lots of riding and travelling has made it seem too short but so sweet. When I am not out and about at CYKL, at work or in the city, I try to get away to one place each year where I have never been and this year I targeted Asia: Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Dumaguete – doing everything from swimming with whale sharks, dancing to live local reggae and my first scuba dive experience ever, off of Apo Island.

When I got back on Canadian soil, equipped with a few cultural key learnings and so many stories, it was time to gear up for the first ever CYKL Experience Spring Training in Collingwood. This weekend was two days of incredible people and great hill riding (we all know I love those) and I actually learned more about myself and my riding habits and what to do better, especially before a long early morning ride (such as: eat more and talk less at the breakfast table).

Following CYKL Experience I got to ride with some of my favourite CYKL people along the DVP for the Ride for Heart, through a down pour and sunshine, but loved every minute of it. The banana muffins handed out at the finish line really cancelled out the rain factor!

Two other rides that I am most proud of are the Ride for United Way in Bowmanville and the Blue Mountain Centurion. I rode both of these last year but rode mostly on my own, chatting with people as I came into groups, however this year riding with my trusty bike partner Vince, I beat my time for both rides and now have new goals set for next year.

In 2014 I am…

Looking forward: to getting out the bike again for CYKL Experience in the spring and for some out of city riding in both Niagara and Montreal.

Challenging myself: to become a better swimmer so I am not paralyzed with fear at the thought of an open water group swim in a triathlon.

Planning to travel: to South America; suggestions welcome.

Can’t wait: To start the new year, I think it is going to be epic.

Check out Ash at CYKL on Wednesday mornings at 6:45am and Sundays at 11am!


17 Jan 2014

A year in Review by Ash!

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As we roll right into 2014, I’ll continue to post the CYKL instructor’s year in review. Here’s Krista’s review where she gives us her accomplishments (on and off her mountain bike), challenges and goals for this year.  Enjoy!

It’s difficult to summarize 2013 – it has been such a great year, how do I put it into words?! I went into January with one thought – “this year, I’m going to push outside of my comfort zone”. Something I ask my riders to do in every class. The best part is I found that in order to push outside of my comfort zone – I had to push really far.

The purchase of my new mountain bike put me on 29” wheels and reinvigorated my love for the trails. I had spent a lot of time riding indoors and on my road bike in past couple of years that I had started to neglect my first true cycling passion. In 2013, however, I changed that. In May I rode the Epic 8 Hour Relay Race as a solo rider. I managed 7 laps totalling approx. 75 kms – I wasn’t winning anything for speed, but heart, soul and endurance fueled the day. In June, I travelled to Loudonville, Ohio with my brother for The Mohican – 100 kms through the ups and downs of the Mohican trails. Talk about being outside of my comfort zone! The 11,000 feet of climbing beat me up fairly good and although we didn’t finish, I left my blood, sweat and tears on that trail and one of these days, I will get back there and finish it. In June, I participated in the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice. Another relay race with a team built of people I met through CYKL. What a fantastic event! The weather was amazing, the trails were perfect and our team went out and had a really good time – finding the true spirit of being in the trails.

After being sidelined by a car accident, the rest of my summer was a little quieter but it forced me to focus on other things. For example; how to deliver a kick ass class OFF the bike (that was REALLY outside of my comfort zone); how to sit back and relax and let my body heal (ugh) and on a more personal note – how to do some internal soul searching (also outside of my comfort zone). The result? A new job, back at the gym and feeling strong and a renewed focus on finishing my holistic nutrition course (thanks to fellow instructor Kelsey for the inspiration).

It has been a great year and I’m thankful every day for being able to come into CYKL and be inspired by all of our riders and try to provide some inspiration in return.

Looking ahead: 2014 promises to be just as eventful. I see another half marathon in my future, 200 kms on my road bike for the Ride to Conquer Cancer and yes, some long distance on my mountain bike is, once again, calling my name. Anyone wanna join?

Krista Colangelo

Check out here out on Sundays at 9:30am, Mondays at 6:45pm and Tuesdays at 7:45pm


10 Jan 2014

A year in review with Krista

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