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I may be a nutritionist, but I’m definitely no Scrooge when it comes to good food during the holiday season! I, like everyone else, have fallen victim to the “holiday-binge” most years at this festive time… And each year I wonder, ‘was it really worth it’?! I mean, I would never pass up on extra rum and eggnog or a Santa sugar cookie, but eating 10 of them is another story!

I know that you’re already sick of these types of articles that seem to pop up on every website at the end of November, so let me keep it simple and provide you with a FEW of my quick and dirty tips that will ensure you don’t throw away 11 months of better habits in two weeks of holiday feasting.

1) Don’t deprive yourself.

Yes, I write this as I eat a croissant! I could have resisted the urge to have a gluten-filled snack right now, but from experience I know that when you deprive yourself of your cravings… you set yourself up for something much worse! So go ahead, have that second glass of wine… and third if you must!
However, this brings me to my next point…

2) Keep it in moderation.

You will not gain weight or lose your fitness if you stick to your normal routines (even if you DO add in a few extra cookies and rum ciders each night). However, you WILL fall off the wagon if you completely let go of the rule ‘everything in moderation’.
Not to mention you won’t feel your best, you’ll be lethargic, your workouts won’t be as productive – and the list goes on.

3) Don’t let go of your regular workouts! Read the rest of this entry »

29 Nov 2013

A Happy & Healthy Holiday Season

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Let’s DANCE! Krista is rocking a David Bowie ride this Tuesday November 26th, 7:45pm!

Don’t miss it!

And check out the David Bowie exhibit at the AGO if you get a chance! It ends Nov 27th!

25 Nov 2013

David Bowie Ride!

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By popular demand The CYKL Winter Base Training is back and available online for purchase NOW!

What is it? The CYKL Winter Base Training Program is a 13 week periodization program, designed by Kim Donnelly. It begins by going back to the basics – concentrating on form, function and technique on the bike. Sessions start at around 90 mins (and grow to 2+ hours), focusing on building up your aerobic and muscular endurance over the course of 13 weeks.

Who is this program for? This program is perfect for cyclists looking to hit the 2014 season fresh and ready, for runners looking to use cycling as a great cross training tool throughout the winter, as well as riders who feel like they’ve plateaued in their exercise regime. All levels and abilities welcome! Read the rest of this entry »

18 Nov 2013

CYKL Winter Base Training Program 2014

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The CYKL Mo’ Challenge has been flying by! Our riders have been tracking their daily rides by colouring in their moustaches, and their Mo’s are starting to look good!

CYKL will be ending this challenge down with a 2 HOUR MAN POWER RIDE!

Saturday November 30th at 6pm. $20/rider and ALL PROCEEDS go to Movember!

Jacopo will be Dj’ing and we’ll have some treats and beverages to celebrate all your sweat throughout the month of November!

Register NOW!


18 Nov 2013

2 Hour Man Power Ride

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