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It’s that spooky time of year!!! The time of year, where you get to put on an awesome costume and wear it to CYKL for our HALLOWEEN RIDE! Jess and Ash will be hosting the rides, where your costume could get you a scary prize!!

Here some ideas from Halloween Rides past…





30 Oct 2013

Halloween Ride!

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After a little summer hiatus, the fantastic 6 week CYKL Strength Program is BACK!!! We know you’ve spent a lot of time biking, running, and (maybe drinking) this summer, so now it’s time to concentrate on strengthening your core, upper and lower body, for the 2014 season!

The CYKL Strength Program begins Friday November 8th at 6:45am! Yes it’s early, but it’s worth it!

Only 10 spots available in this program and it will SELL OUT! Book your package now!

COST: $110 + HST (which is a amazing deal, since a private 1-on-1 session with Jen is $80)



28 Oct 2013

CYKL Strength Program! Fall Edition!

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Kelsey, one of our finest, has just been certified as a holistic nutritionist! I asked her to write a nutritional blogpost for this week, and instead she sent me a beautiful blog post on the 5 Reasons she loves CYKL!!! Awwwww! This is the perfect post for a chilly Friday afternoon. Thank you Kelsey for your kind words, we feel very humbled to have instructors and riders to think so highly of us! xo

Five reasons my life is better since beginning my journey as a ‘CYKL’er’.

I first laid eyes on CYKL while aimlessly wandering Bathurst Street in 2012. I didn’t even live in the city at the time, but was moving here shortly thereafter and wanted to do some preliminary exploring. I was ready to call it quits and take the next GO train home because it was so darn hot out on that day, but I decided to park myself at a Starbucks and do a little more job-searching online. I typed in ‘Spin Studios’ and immediately I was drawn to the link for CYKL’s website. When I realized how close it was, I decided to stop in with my resume. The lovely Jen was there to greet me and the rest is history… It’s by far one of my favourite places to be in all of Toronto now.

Here’s why my love for this studio keeps on growing.

  1. They have a sound system better than your local dance club.

    It’s no secret that I like loud music in my classes, and CYKL has the perfect sound system for it. You can literally get lost in the music and feel like you just spent a good hour out dancing at the club, without the added hangover afterwards! There’s no doubt in my mind that this is one of the main reasons I love teaching and taking classes at our studio.

  1. It’s more than just a studio, it’s a community.
    Our instructors, front desk staff and riders all have one thing in common – we want to sweat it out when we walk through the doors. And have fun doing it! There’s nothing more inspiring than surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals, and accomplishing them together. Whether your goal is to lose thirty pounds, train for an upcoming race, or to simply watch the new Britney Spears video – our community supports you! Which leads me into my next point…

  1. Top 40 classes
    I’ve had the privilege of both teaching and riding a few top 40’s in my days at CYKL and let me tell you, they’re a LOT of fun. As a rider in these classes I am mesmerized by the content of music videos these days (I wonder why Miley’s new video hasn’t made it into our class yet?… Kidding). When I’m instructing these classes I find it hard not to turn around and watch the entire set of videos myself…  SO GOOD. If you haven’t yet hit up one of these classes, you must go.

  1. We’ve got the best instructors.
    Not much more to add here. All of our instructors were trained by the best of the best (I’m talking about you Kim & Jen) so it goes without question that we’ve got an amazing bunch, all with our own unique flare.

  1. Our riders are SO inspiring.
    I saved the best point for last. The riders that come through the door each and every day are truly amazing! Friendly, sweaty and dedicated doesn’t even begin to sum up our great group of CYKL’ers. There’s a reason that we all love our job so much, and it’s YOU guys!

All I can say is I am SO glad to have stumbled upon CYKL one year ago. If you haven’t yet experienced it, come check us out. If you have been riding with us, come and sweat with us tonight to remind yourself of why you love CYKL.



25 Oct 2013

A year ago…

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Back on Sept 19th, CYKL had an extra-sassy Body Break themed charity ride to support Jordan and his upcoming bike ride across Western Canada in support of Movember.

He’s looking to raise $100,000 for Movember – the moustache tooting Men’s Cancer charity, and he’s riding from Vancouver to Toronto with 2 other friends to reach his goal and spread awareness!

CYKL thought this was pretty awesome!!!! Cycling for a great cause is right up our ally! So, as Jordan embarks on his cycling adventure for the next month or so, CYKL will continue to support him by selling his Mo Ride Canada t-shirts for $25 (all proceeds go to Movember) in the studio. Pick one up today!

We’ll also be posting some of his highlights from his Mo Ride Canada Blog here too.

Go Jordan! GO Mo’ !


9 Oct 2013

Mo’ Ride Across Canada

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