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We only have a few spots left in our July edition of  CYKL Experience!

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging cycling holiday, then look no further!

Spend 3 days 2 nights up at Blue Mountain with the CYKL crew! Enjoy 2 guided rides through the Blue Mountains and Grey Highlands. When you’re not climbing hills, you’ll be eating and relaxing a the newly renovated chalet in the heart of Blue Mountain or stretching out with Jessica Bowman and one of her fabulous “yoga for cyclists” sessions!


Book your spot now, click here!

To see pictures and read stories from the last CYKL Experience click here!


25 Jun 2013

CYKL Experience #2!

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It’s back! The Tour de France Challenge is an exciting time of year for CYKL!

21 days of competitive cycling at the studio kicks off on Friday June 28th at 6pm with Jen’s TdF class and then french treats and beverages!

To sweeten the deal and to ensure you can ride the Tour Challenge at full speed, we put our 1 Month Unlimited on SPECIAL for $110+hst! Oh la la!

Purchase the Tour de France Special here!

To participate in the Tour de France Challenge just…

1.Sign up on the TdF tracking sheet inside the studio

2. Look at the TdF calendar for classes worth more points

3. Track your rides for 21 days to WIN the Yellow Jersey Prize Pack!

Other prize packs up for grabs are – King of the Mountains, Sprinters, and Best Young Rider!

25 Jun 2013

Tour de France Special! 1 Month Unlimited $110+hst

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We’re gearing up for yet another CYKL Tour de France Challenge! This 21 day challenge kicks of on Friday June 28th at 6pm, with our opening ceremonies (baked goods and beverages in effect!).

What do you have to do to participate in this awesome event?

1. Sign up on the tracking sheet in the studio

2. Track your classes starting June 28th until July 19th. Some classes will be worth more “points” than others. It’s not merely about riding 21 days in a row, it’s about doing the classes that get you the most points. Rider with the most points at the end of the 21 day challenge wins! Remember 1 per day rule in effect!

BUT wait there are 4 prize packs up for grabs!

- The Yellow Jersey Prize (1st place)

- The Green Jersey Prize (2nd place –  Fastest Sprinter)

-  Polka Dot Prize (3rd place - King of the Mountains)

- White Prize (4th – Best Youngest Rider)

Start carb loading now, you’ll need the energy for this challenge!!


11 Jun 2013

CYKL Tour de France Challenge 2014!

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We looooooove seeing pictures of our brand new CYKL kits (jersey, shorts, even socks) being used in full force by our riders and instructors! Check out what our community has been up to these days!

Last weekend was the Ride to Conquer Cancer! Kim, John, Jess and loads of other CYKL riders took the challenge to raise $2500 (each) and ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls. It’s always such an epic event with over 5000 riders hitting the roads for such a great cause! It raised a record 19.1 million. Keep your eyes peeled for a 2014 Ride to Conquer Cancer CYKL Team.

Krista set her sights high with a 60 mile or 100km mountain bike race in Ohio called the Kenda Mohican 100 this year! After training all winter in the studio, and hitting the Epic 8 Hour early in the spring, she went down to Ohio feeling strong. Unfortunately the torrential rains made the track thick with mud, forcing her to walk many sections of the race. In end she finished 50/60 miles, bloody, muddy, beaten, and smiling! You’re a superstar!

The Ride for Heart! One of our favourite rides to do! Unfortunately the CYKL boss lady (Kim) and skipper (Jen), we’re not there due to wet weather and the fact that Jen can’t read a calendar. BUT there were all kinds of CYKL riders and instructors rocking the DVP and raising money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation on June 2nd! Way to go Steve, Ashleigh, Jess, Vince, Charlyn, Val and others!!!


The CYKL team!

11 Jun 2013

CYKL kit in action!

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