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Wednesday December 12th kicks off our 12 Days of CYKL Holiday Challenge! Track your classes from Dec 12th to the 24th, do our ridiculous daily xmas challenges and WIN! There will be daily prizes up for grabs plus a grand prize of a month unlimited membership (and festive goodies) for the winner!!

You can sign up NOW in the studio and start tracking next Wednesday!

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5 Dec 2012

12 Days of CYKL Holiday Challenge!

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The snowflakes are flying and it’s time to start thinking seriously about off-season training. Back by popular demand, CYKL is offering our Winter Base Training Program. A 12 week cycling specific periodization program starting on Saturday January 12th, 2013.

The program begins with a Lactate Threshold Field Test for all riders (heart rate monitors required) to determine training zones. Over 12 weeks the program focuses on building up cycling fitness, with special attention to pedal stroke, cadence, and form (lots of one-legged drills!). Sessions begin at 90 minutes and grow throughout the program.

The program also includes great guest speakers who will provide you extra information on nutrition and injury prevention.

If you’re cyclist looking to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer or maybe the Centurion Cycling race series, or maybe you’re a triathlete/duathlete looking to improve your cycling, or runner looking to cross train through the winter season, this is the program for you!

Start Date: January Saturday 12th at 1:30pm (for 12 weeks)
Cost: $325+tax

Click here to purchase

Registration is now open! IT WILL SELL OUT FAST!

5 Dec 2012

CYKL Winter Base Training

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