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Well summer is officially over and we’re now rocking into Fall! Here’s our Top 10 music picks that have been keeping you motivated for the last month or so! Enjoy!

1. Blow me (one last kiss) – Pink

Another “this relationship sucks, I’m better off without you” song from Pink! We love her!
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2. Sky High – Dyro feat. Ambra Shepherd

Big song for the top of a big climb! This was part of Jen’s blue mountain training ride!! The top of the scenic caves road never felt so hard!!
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3. The Way It Is – The Sheepdogs

One of Krista’s favourite jams!
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4.Turn up the Sound (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) – Andain

Awesome song for a long flat road. Quick cadence, smooth pedal stroke!
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5. We are never ever getting back together -Taylor Swift

Yessssss! This song is so addictive! It’s the perfect warm up tune.
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6. Point of View – HNQO

Kim’s been rocking this tune out all month! Awesome song for a long grinding climb!
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7. Now that we found love – Sunloverz (big room mix)

Sing it!!…. now that we found love…. love… love.
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8. La Luna – Dj PP (original mix)

Hanging on to summer with this song! Sunshine, bikini’s, mixed bevies don’t seem like such a distant memory!
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9. Professional Griefers – Deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way

Steve requested this new jam from Deadmau5 for our Top 40 Ride! It’s a stellar way to start a 25 minute climb!
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10.Gangnam Style – PSY

No class is complete without a little Gangnam Style! Bruno’s request for our TOP 40 Ride, and this video doesn’t disappoint! Maybe next week we’ll flashmob Bathurst and King with our Gangnam Style dance!
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27 Sep 2012

CYKL Playlist!

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Jen is officially certified a Personal Trainer by CPTN! Of course you know she’ll bring her loud, crazy personalty to ever session to keep you motivated, but she’ll also bring her knowledge of training and racing to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

She’s available for one-on-one training at CYKL or other locations.  Email to set up your free consultation!


20 Sep 2012

Jen the PT

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Fall’s here and it’s time to get back into the swing of things! On Sunday September 30th at 11am, CYKL will be hosting our awesome Sweaty 3 Hour Ride! This ride will have you working hard, so you can face Thanksgiving weekend with a caloric deficit. Meaning seconds on the pumpkin pie are allowed!



Don’t feel like a stuffed turkey! Sign up today!

CYKL 3 Hour Ride

Sunday September 30th – 11am to 2pm



14 Sep 2012

Sweaty 3 Hour Ride!

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CYKL needs some new t-shirts! We thought it would be fun to put the challenge out to you!!

Submit your best CYKL t-shirt design by September 30th for your chance to win a 6 Month Unlimited CYKL package and to have your artwork printed our next batch of t-shirts!

Of course we’ll be posting your creative designs on Facebook, twitter etc to get approval from our CYKL community!

Send us your design to


10 Sep 2012

CYKL t-shirt contest!

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