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Sam, Alex, Thomas, Marla! 2012 CYKL TdF Challenge Winners!

Well, the Tour de France is over for another year! This edition of the CYKL TdF Challenge saw 3 men keep a steady pace to take the Yellow, Polka Dot, and Green Jerseys, and one woman lay it on heavy in the final week!

Congratulations to Alex for cranking out 28 classes in 21 days, winning the challenge and taking the Yellow Jersey!! Congratulations to Sam for capturing the Green jersey, and claiming the rights to the “Fastest legs at CYKL”. Congratulations to Thomas who is our King of the Mountains! AND Marla, squeaked it in and took the White Jersey “Youngest rider” award!!!




31 Jul 2012

TdF Challenge!

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CYKL and the lovely people over at Moksha Yoga Downtown (577 Wellington) want to remind about our terrific membership deal! If you’re a CYKL rider and you purchase a Moksha membership, you’ll receive 15% off that membership package. If you’re currently a member at Moksha Yoga Downtown, then you’ll receive 15% off your next CYKL Flex Series!

Also, for all our CYKL riders, no matter what package you purchase this month you’ll receive 1 free class at Moksha Yoga Downtown!

Just a little neighbourhood love to keep you motivated throughout the lazy hazy days of August!


31 Jul 2012

Moksha Downtown Yoga

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Our CYKL coaches and riders have had a hot summer of awesome races and rides! We’re so proud of our all their accomplishments, big or small it feels good to see all their sweat and time in the saddle at CYKL translate to results and success in their sport! We’re like proud parents here at CYKL!! Go Team!

Here’s a quick snapshot of who’s been laying down the hurt locker out there on the road!

Dominic! He came to the winter base training program in January with a goal of rocking out the “Escape from Alcatraz” triathlon!

“Thank you for your Winter Base Training and all those endurance hill repeats. They helped me kick some American butt!” – Dom

Congrats to Tom and his amazing Bloor West Village Idiots Team for rocking the 2012 Ride to Conquer Cancer and raising $104,305 for the Princess Margaret Hospital. Inspiring!

CYKL’s Heather G, rocked out the TO Triathlon, second tri this year and she’s hooked!

Rob, our awesome CYKL rider and die hard mountain biker, reached his goal of doing 11 laps of the Epic 8 Hour (solo)! We love the muddy face!

CYKL Jen rode her very first Provincial road race in Bradford. Cranking the uphill like a champ.

If you have any awesome accomplishments that you want to share with the CYKL team, just email us your story and pictures!

Way to go CYKL crew!!


31 Jul 2012

CYKL Success!

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WOW! This year we have 30 people rocking out our Tour de France Challenge!! We’re 10 days into the challenge and riders are starting to show their true spirit! Some have ramped up the intensity by doing double classes, while others are keeping a steady pace waiting for the perfect time to attack!

CYKL TdF Challenge Tracking sheet!

Daily prizes up for grabs! Regan won a free coffee for La Merceria!

Allison won a free coffee from Thor Espresso Bar, for the correct answer to our question posted on our Facebook wall!

Stephen won American Crew hair product from Gotstyle for knowing who won Stage 9!

Here’s to another amazing 10 days of racing at the studio and in France!

Viva le Tour!

10 Jul 2012

10 days into the TdF Challenge…

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