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The spring season has us cooking up some great new stuff for you at CYKL! We super excited to announce the start of our BRAND NEW CYKL Run class.

The fabulous Heather Gardner, who is avid marathon runner and Run Ambassador at lululemon Queen St is teaching this unique class.


CYKL Run is a 45 min interval class followed by a short run. This is the perfect class for those interested in training for duathlon/triathlon or those that want a different CYKL experience that includes going outside!

It’s going to be tough workout no matter what.

CYKL Run is held every Thursday at 5pm starting on April 19th.

Check it out!


11 Apr 2012


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The CYKL 50/50 Program starts in a week! Along with Kyle Byron,  Emily Fitzgerald, N.D. will be coaching our riders through this amazing new program. Here’s a mini-interview to get to know Em a little better!

CYKL: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Em: I am a Naturopathic Doctor who practices in Port Credit Ontario. As a Naturopath it is my passion to treat and educate women (and men) on how to achieve their optimal health. If I were to give one piece of health advice to everyone it would be to remember that a healthy body starts on the inside and projects outward.

CYKL: How did you first get involved with CYKL?

Em: My journey at CYKL began as a birthday gift, and I haven’t looked back since!

CYKL: In your opinion, who is the CYKL 50/50 Program for?

Em: The 50/50 program in for anyone who wants to discover and work through indvidual health challenges with the support of others. Read the rest of this entry »

11 Apr 2012

The 50/50 with Emily

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On April 19th we’ll be launching our brand new CYKL 50/50 Program with nutritionist Kyle Byron, and Emily Fitzgerald, N.D. We thought we’d give you a little more insight into who these amazing experts are, and how excited they are for the 50/50 Program too!

Meet Kyle Byron!

CYKL: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Kyle: I’m a Body Transformation expert, or you can call me a Nutritionist. I also provide personal training services to select clients. I became a nutritionist out of my futility in athletic performance.  I wish I knew then, what I know now about strength training and nutrition. I also love working with people.  What sets me apart from other practitioners is my coaching skills.

CYKL: How did you first get involved with CYKL?

Kyle: I’ve been working with CYKL for over a year. I think I just walked in one day and offered to present on nutrition, and it went well so we kept working together. CYKL staff and clients are supportive and enthusiastic so I want to do more work with them.

CYKL: In your opinion, who is the CYKL 50/50 Program for? Read the rest of this entry »

4 Apr 2012

The 50/50 with Kyle

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March was such a sunny and warm month! For some of us, it had us out on patios and wearing flipflops way before we usually do!!  Cheers to that!

Here are the top tracks that were pumping at CYKL in March! Enjoy!

1. Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heros & Adam Levine

A nice little warm up song, to get those legs going!

Buy it: itunes

2. T.H.E –, J.Lo, Mick Jagger

Kara loves this one for climbing hills!

Buy it: itunes

4. Not your fault – Awolnation

One of Heather’s top picks for March!

Buy it: itunes

5. Girls Gone Wild – Madonna

Madonna can do no wrong! This is one of Rachel and Jen’s favourite tracks for March!

Buy it: itunes

6. Hey Boy, Hey Girl – Seamus Haji, Nelski (Lunde Bros Remix)

Pumping track to take you up that steep climb!

Buy it: Beatport

7. Together – Mark Knight

Jacopo’s top pick for March. Anyone wanna take a CYKL trip to WMC in Miami next year?? Let the dancing begin!

Buy it: Beatport

8. Take me higher – Etienne Ozborne, Richard Beynon (Original Mix)

Jen’s WMC pick! it’s been part of the many playlists that have had you climbing those Spring Classic inspired classes!

9. Wicked woman – fRew Feat. John Dubbs & Honorebel (Tommy Trash remix)

An intense song to push you down that final road, full of TABATA sprints! Go hard, NOW!

Buy it: Beatport

10. Love Interruption – Jack White

Lovely song from Jack White! Cool down, relax and love.

Buy it: itunes



3 Apr 2012

March Playlist

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