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Spring sprung early, so we’re launching the new CYKL on the Road Program!

CYKL on the Road is a 4 week program that is intended to teach you all the basics of your new bike (maintenance, fixing a flat, and cleaning) as well as defensive riding skills, to ensure that you’ll ride with confidence throughout the cycling season.

Each weekly session will be 1 hour and will be held on Thursday mornings at 7am at CYKL. We’ve chosen such an ungodly hour because traffic is quiet and you can still get to work on time.

Start date: Thursday April 19th, 2012

This program has a maximum of 5 people, to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

Program includes:

- 4 x 1 hour small group sessions

- handouts and personal books to take notes, write questions, track progress

- Access to coach via email

Cost: $125+hst

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27 Mar 2012

CYKL On the Road

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The birds are up, why aren’t you? Need a little more motivation to get out of bed in the mornings? How about an Early Bird Special!

Early Bird Special
- A CYKL 4 Pack of classes
- Valid for 6:45am and 9:30am CYKL Classes April 1st to May 31st

- Limit of 2 Early Bird Special packs per person

Special Price!!! $40+hst

Hurry offer ends April 31st, 2012


27 Mar 2012

Early Bird Special

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Spring is here! It’s time to get Real Fit. Real Fast!

Introducing the CYKL 50/50 Program!

It’s a 6 week program that is 50% workout and 50% education and nutritional coaching, in a small group setting.

Each weekly session is 90mins, with 45min dedicated to a specialized CYKL 45 class, followed by a 45min small group nutritional coaching session with Kyle Byron, Nutritionist or healthy lifestyle coaching with Emily Fitzgerald, N.D.

This program is designed to go above and beyond the regular workout, and over the course of 6 weeks will help educate you on topics such as daily and athletic nutrition, as well as debunking the myths of detoxing and dieting.

At CYKL knowledge about proper nutrition and lifestyle choices is just as important as the workout and we are excited to incorporate it into one specialized program for you!

Who is CYKL 50/50 for?

CYKL 50/50 Program is for people who want the opportunity to look more closely at their fitness and lifestyle goals, (do a triathlon, ride in a race, or even lose weight for the summer season), and discuss with professionals what it will take to get them there.

Anybody can join the CYKL 50/50 Program, but the program is intended for those who can commit to the full 6 weeks. That’s why we have a easy and short application process to find out your needs and ensure you get everything you want out of the program.

If you are interested in the program email

This program has a limit of 15 people.

When is CYKL 50/50 Program?

It’s every Thursday night at 7pm starting April 19th, 2012.

Cost: $250+hst

Program includes:

- 6 x Specialized CYKL45 classes ($126 value)

- 6 x small group coaching and seminar sessions with Nutritionist and N.D ($300 value)

- Personal book to record questions, progress, and learnings

- Access to the coaches via email for duration of the program

Purchase here!

The CYKL Team

27 Mar 2012

CYKL 50/50 Program

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Ahhhh February, the month of hearts, love, and our CYKL 4 Heart Challenge, all seems like a distant memory now! That short little month just blew by! Here’s our TOP music picks for the month of love!


1. Funky Vodka – TJR

One of Jacopo’s top picks! It’s light, quick and funky. Perfect warm up tune.
Buy it: Beatport

2. Domino – Jessie J

Heather’s favourite track for Feb! Listen to it once, you’ll be singing it for the rest of the day.
Buy it: itunes

3. Criminal – Brittney Spears

There’s a bit of violence and sexiness in this video, viewer beware! But regardless we love this song for a nice slow climb.
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16 Mar 2012

February Playlist!

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At CYKL, we often get asked “what do I wear to class??”. Honestly, we’ve been open for over 2 years and we’ve seen it all! Riders, new and old, have worn the craziest outfits to workout in. And granted I have encouraged Halloween customs and 70′s disco for themed classes (you gotta spice it up once in a while!!), but there are some items of clothing (like jean shorts or overalls) that can’t be comfortable to ride in, and that probably shouldn’t be considered workout clothes!

Here’s a quick post on what you need to wear to an indoor cycling class to feel successful, and to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Enjoy!

1. The Shirt – Come to class wearing a comfortable top. Cycling jerseys or athletic tops/tanks are a great choice since they’re breathable and will keep you cool in the studio. Remember it’s warmer when you’re training in the studio because you don’t have the natural breeze that you get, like when you ride your bike outside. You’ll probably be more of sweaty beast, which isn’t such a bad thing.

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12 Mar 2012

The Right Gear

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