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We are 22 days into our CYKL 4 Heart Challenge! We have some riders who are taking this challenge super serious, riding consistently for 22 days and doing all our “bonus” rides!

This past Monday, we held a rocking 3 hour “bonus ride” at the studio where we kicked off our recruiting for the CYKL Team in the Becel Ride for Heart, and started the fundraising for the Team with a $5 heart healthy breakfast!

CYKL 4 Heart – tracking sheet!

CYKL 4 Heart – Bonus 3 Hour Ride!

Jen is the CYKL Team Captain for the Ride for Heart!

The 3 Hour sold out! And we managed to snag a couple of riders to commit to the CYKL Team in this year’s Ride for Heart. We also raised some money from our breakfast! It’s a great start, and we have time to recruit and fundraise before the ride on June 3rd!


22 Feb 2012

CYKL 4 Heart

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We’re more than half way through February and we haven’t given you our TOP music picks for January!! Time flies when the studio is having fun! Here are our favourite tracks to ride, climb, sprint, and sweat to for the month of January. Enjoy!

1. Set Fire to the Rain – Adele (Thomas Gold Remix)

A great tune made better by the remix!
Buy it: itunes

2. Close to me – Feat. Gary Go – Benny Benassi

Perfect song for a fast flat road! CLOSE TO ME!
Buy it: itunes

3. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Rough week so far? This song will have you feeling inspired and ready to take on more!
Buy it: itunes

4. Cinema – Feat. Gary Go – Benny Benassi

January seems to be filled with Benny Benassi! Jen has been rocking out his originals and his remixes all month.
Buy it: itunes

5. Bangarang – Skrillex

OH YA! Bust the speakers off the walls and the crank arms off the bike with this banger!
Buy it: itunes

6. Somebody I used to know – Gotye

Slow climb, we heart this song.

AND Krista recommends the Starfuckers remix! Click here to hear it!
Buy it: itunes

7. Ni**as in Paris – Jay-z & Kanye West

Grind it out! Heather’s top pick for January!
Buy it: itunes

8. Amnesia – Feat. Rosette – Ian Carey, Brasco, Tmbaland

Perfect track for a winding road! Lots of turns!
Buy it: Beatport

9. BreakN A Sweat – Skrillex (Zedd remix)

Final climb, we see the finish line at the end of this song!
Buy it: Beatport

10. Call me maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Perfect pop song for the Top 40 ride! It’ll be in your head all day!
Buy it: itunes

The CYKL Team

16 Feb 2012

January Playlist!

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As the manager and a coach at CYKL, I’ve welcomed new members to the studio from all different walks of life and abilities.  Some are newbies who are looking to kick start their workout regime and have heard that indoor cycling is a great way to get into shape (and it is!). Some are athletes cross-training for events like marathons, dragon boat racing, or ultimate frisbee teams. And many are cyclists looking to keep up their training throughout the off-season, and get their legs ready for things like The Becel Ride for Heart and other cycling events!

No matter who comes to the studio for their first time I often hear “I’m scared”, “I’m nervous”, or the classic “Am I going to fall off the bike?”. Sometimes newbies come to the studio with perception that indoor cycling is “crazy” and that they’re not going to survive their first class. I’m here to tell you that yes, indoor cycling at CYKL is an awesome aerobic workout for your entire body, and depending on the class it can be very intense, but by reading the following tips you’ll do more than just survive your first class, you’ll love it!!

Tip #1 Pick the right 1st class

I always encourage people to come to any class that suits their schedule, BUT maybe the 90 minute class on Sunday morning isn’t the best choice for your first class? The best class for any first timer is The Intro Class – even if you’re super fit, I would still highly recommend it. The Intro Class will teach you about proper form, pedal stroke, coaching and class styles. It’s still a tough workout, but it’s a great class that will help you get comfortable with the bikes and the way we coach at CYKL. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Feb 2012

5 Tips for the New Rider!

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CYKL is pleased as punch to welcome Heather Gardner to our studio and community! With 5 years of teaching experience under her belt, she’s reviving her passion for indoor cycling and plans to be a permanent addition here at CYKL.

Here’s a what she’s all about!

CYKL: Who is Heather Gardner?

Heather: I am a physical activity nut and love all things active. I’m a wife, sister, daughter, friend, teach, writer, runner, yogi, coach, pizza connoisseur, reality-tv-aholic, and Facebook addict!

CYKL: What sports are you passionate about?

Heather: This summer it was my goal to get active in as many new ways as possible – aerial yoga, stand up paddle boarding, but my go to physical activity is marathon running and yoga. I’m a run ambassador for lululemon and have had a wonderful year helping runners new and old accomplish their goals. I’ve been practicing yoga for 5 years and love the compliment that it is to my running.

CYKL: How and when did you start teaching indoor cycling?

Heather: I started teaching in 2004 at a fitness studio in Hamilton, where I’m from. I moved to Toronto for work and after a couple years of riding at the back of the class, I’m excited to be back on the bike in the front.

CYKL: What’s your favourite type of class to teach? Read the rest of this entry »

1 Feb 2012

Meet Heather Gardner!

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