21 Dec 2011

Hot New Aussie!

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The CYKL team is excited to welcome our newest instructor to the studio – The HOT NEW Aussie – Paul Jackson! Here’s a little mini-interview with Paul, so you can get a sense of who he is, and what he’s like!!

CYKL: Who’s Paul Jackson?

Paul: A British-born-Australian who’s called three cities home in three years.  I’m a road rider for the Bike Force team in Australia and someone who finds immense happiness in a long and winding mountain road on a warm, sunny morning.  I’m over here for the year with my fiancee who’s doing a medical fellowship at a large Toronto hospital.  I’m also a civil engineer, Euro-phile, bike geek and a 90s tragic.

CYKL: Where in the world have you been your bike?

Paul: Australia, Canada and Italy.  I’ve also ridden with Eros Poli and Michael Rasmussen…clang…oops…that’s me just dropping names.

Hell Climb to San Giacomo, Italy – 19km @ 9%

CYKL: Since you’ve been in Toronto for 6 months, have you noticed any differences between Canada’s and Aussie’s?

Paul: Australians are more direct and cynical.  We also seem to curse a lot more.  Canadians are a bit more open and inclusive.  I like the multi-culturalism in Toronto; very similar to Melbourne (where I’m from).

CYKL: What’s your favourite type of class to teach?

Paul: I love teaching classes based on profiles of rides and races I’ve done.  Which is most of my classes!

CYKL: Favourite song to grind to on a long climb?

Paul: Du Haast (Rammstein). I imagine Jens Voigt is beside me yelling at me in German about how weak and puny my legs are.

CYKL: What do you love about teaching indoor cycling? What do you hate?

Paul: I love the controlled environment and how it allows for very specific drills without worrying about cars and traffic lights  I also love it’s warm and dry, the people I get to meet and it s an opportunity for me to sure my passion and enthusiasm. What do I hate? Classes and drills that don’t have real-world application.  And spin bikes with wide saddles that leave me feeling like I’m pedalling a horse.

CYKL: Any crazy talents? (keep it somewhat clean)

Paul: I have a brown belt in karate…

Paul will be a permanent addition to the schedule in the new year, so check him out!


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