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The CYKL team is excited to welcome our newest instructor to the studio – The HOT NEW Aussie – Paul Jackson! Here’s a little mini-interview with Paul, so you can get a sense of who he is, and what he’s like!!

CYKL: Who’s Paul Jackson?

Paul: A British-born-Australian who’s called three cities home in three years.  I’m a road rider for the Bike Force team in Australia and someone who finds immense happiness in a long and winding mountain road on a warm, sunny morning.  I’m over here for the year with my fiancee who’s doing a medical fellowship at a large Toronto hospital.  I’m also a civil engineer, Euro-phile, bike geek and a 90s tragic.

CYKL: Where in the world have you been your bike?

Paul: Australia, Canada and Italy.  I’ve also ridden with Eros Poli and Michael Rasmussen…clang…oops…that’s me just dropping names.

Hell Climb to San Giacomo, Italy – 19km @ 9%

CYKL: Since you’ve been in Toronto for 6 months, have you noticed any differences between Canada’s and Aussie’s?

Paul: Australians are more direct and cynical.  We also seem to curse a lot more.  Canadians are a bit more open and inclusive.  I like the multi-culturalism in Toronto; very similar to Melbourne (where I’m from).

CYKL: What’s your favourite type of class to teach?

Paul: I love teaching classes based on profiles of rides and races I’ve done.  Which is most of my classes!

CYKL: Favourite song to grind to on a long climb? Read the rest of this entry »

21 Dec 2011

Hot New Aussie!

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We can hardly contain our excitement about our 2012 Winter Base Training Program. The 12 week periodization program begins on January 14th and runs every Saturday at 1:30pm. The program begins with a Lactate Threshold Field Test to find your training zones, and is the perfect program for all athletes looking to train through the off season months.We encourage those doing the 2012 Ride to Conquer Cancer or other multi-day rides to do this training program.

Periodization training means we strip back our normal aerobic workout, and over the course of 12 weeks slowly build it back up. Doing a training program like this has huge benefits when you hit the road in the spring. Not only is it a fat burning program (and if you watch your winter diet you’ll be a lean machine when the buds blossom), but it’s a great way to gear up those legs and your aerobic capacity for the spring season. If done properly, you’ll be going strong throughout the season, you won’t feel fatigued or burnt out by the summer months.

We also have a series of guest speakers lined up to chat with you about nutrition, stretching, and wellness.

Take a look at last year’s program on our blog!

If you have any questions email us!!

If you’re interested in signing up do it SOON! Last year’s program SOLD OUT.

Winter Base Training Program – $299 (until Dec 24th, regular price $350)

Ride to Conquer Cancer riders get 15% off the regular price.

The CYKL Team

18 Dec 2011

Winter Base Training 2012

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November was a jam packed month at CYKL!

We had a great time doing our Movember Challenge, teaching a rocking DJ spin, hosting a sold out Movie night, and sweating it out at our 3 hour ride! We raised some money for Movember and are now looking forward to the Holiday Season!

Here’s the November Playlist, the tunes that made the top of CYKL’s list!

1. Flo Rida – Good Feelin’

Top 40 never looked so good! Watching Flo Rida workout, makes you want to work harder…right?
Buy: itunes

2. Jerry Rekonius – Powahbunga

This track is top of the list for Jacopo. Perfect for hard flats or climbs.
Buy: Beatport
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7 Dec 2011

November Playlist!

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Well, now that our CYKL Mo’ Challenge is all over! We have unique/crazy/fun 12 Days of Christmas Challenge starting on Monday December 12th! How does it work?

The hallway at CYKL will be lined with 12 pieces of paper, each with a daily challenge! Each day the challenge will be announced in the studio, on Facebook, and Twitter @CYKL_Toronto.

Ride the class, do the daily challenge, and win!

***Grand Prize is CYKL Gift Pack – with a 1 Month Unlimited Membership and some other CYKL goodies. It’ll be awarded just in time for the Holidays to the rider who completes all 12 of our daily challenges! If there’s more than 1 winner in the running, then CYKL will have a tie breaking challenge to settle the score!

Of course in CYKL fashion there will be a tracking sheet, posted in the studio, so you can see how your fellow CYKL riders are doing. Don’t be afraid to crush your competition, we know you have it in you.

Tis the season,

6 Dec 2011

12 Days of CYKL – Christmas Challenge!

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‘Tis the season to CYKL! With all those parties, pastries, and glasses of festive cheer, think about giving the gift of CYKL, so your loved ones can reach their fitness goals in the New Year!

CYKL Holiday Wishlist!

1. The Newbie –  Know someone who’s never been to CYKL, but would love to test us out in the new year? The 2 Week Unlimited Package is the perfect starter pack and stocking stuffer.  $39

2. The New Mom – Have a new mom in your life who’s looking to get back into shape with other moms? CYKL Mom is a program that invites new moms to ride a CYKL 45 class with their babies in their strollers. Music is adjusted for the little ears. Next CYKL Mom session starts on Thursday, January 12th at 11am and will run weekly until March 15th. $75 (includes 4 x CYKL MOM classes. Non-transferable and non-refundable. Package good from January 12th to March 15th).

3. The Fitness Nerd - Know some one that is a geek about fitness and training? Purchase them a Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor (regular price $139.99) and we’ll throw in Lactate Threshold Field Test (regular price $30) for free. A Lactate Threshold Field Test is a great way to find your heart rate training zones, so you can maximize your off-season training – $139.99 (while supplies last)

4. The Cyclist – Know a cyclist who is looking to train throughout the winter season? This 12 week periodization program is held on Saturday afternoons, and is perfect gift for anyone looking to train and improve their aerobic base, as well as improve their power and cycling form during the winter season. Program includes guest speakers on nutirion, recovery, and stretching.  On sale for $299 (Regular price is $350) The Winter Base Training Program sold out last year, so purchase it now to avoid disappointment! Ride to Conquer Cancer riders get 15% off.

Don’t delay, these holiday specials end Friday, December 23rd, 2011.


Note – Prices here don’t include HST



6 Dec 2011

CYKL Wishlist!

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Our Mo’vember Ride has come and gone! It was a real success!

Ashleigh is our CYKL Mo Challenge Winner! Riding 28/30 days this month!

She wins a Moksha Yoga Downtown and La Merceria Gift Certificates, along with some home made cookies!

Adil’s stache and sweat, at the Mo 3 Hour Ride, earned him a gift certificate to Fresh!

We raffled off this AWESOME Gotstyle Prize Pack at the 3 Hour Mo Ride! Doug won it!!!

Big Thanks to Fresh, Gotstyle, Moksha Yoga Downtown, and La Merceria for donating prizes for the raffle at the end of the 3 sweaty hours and to our overall winners!


5 Dec 2011

Movember Success!

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