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We know music is super important when it comes creating a great CYKL class. An awesome tune definitely makes you work, sweat ,and push harder than you normally would go! So CYKL has decided to share some of our favourite tracks on a monthly basis!

Here’s CYKL’s Sweaty August Playlist!

1. Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent

One of Sheena’s top 3 for August, Fake Blood continues to make the studio shuffle and bounce.
Purchase: itunes

2. Save the World Tonight – Swedish House Mafia

A summer tune that’s been ringing out of the speakers in Jen’s class! Swedish House Mafia we heart you!
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3. Wait for Me – Moby – Laidback Luck Remix

You know Andrea is going to make you puke when you hear the piano pick and the bassline thump in this track. Grind it out.
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4. Helena Beats – Foster the People

A perfect start to a 15 min climb … Krista has so much sweat in her eyes, so she won’t even notice you dancing and swaying to this pretty tune.
Purchase: itunes

5. My Body – Young the Giant

“my body tells me no,  but I don’t quit cause I want more” … can you get a more perfect song???
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6. I Wanna Go – Brittney Spears

This is a favourite for our Top 40 ride on Wednesday nights. You know you freakin’ love it!!!
Purchase: itunes

7. Sending My Love – Feat Max C – Swanky Tunes, R3Hab

It’s an uphill, all-out, snot-flying, leg-grinding, let it rip ’cause you want to, kinda tune. I think I burnt 1000 just listening to it.
Purchase: Beatport

8. Alive – Kate Elsworth – Dirty South Thomas Gold Remix

Another Andrea classic.
Purchase: itunes

9. Edge of the Earth – Richard Dinsdale, Sam Obernik, Hook n Sling

This song has TABATA written all over it. 20 seconds on, 10 off, repeat 8 times… thanks.
Purchase: Beatport

10. Someone Like You – Adele

Cool Down… you’re too hot.
Purchase: itunes

Thanks for sharing our passion for fist pumping, toe tappin’ beats!

30 Aug 2011

CYKL Playlist!

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Check out the “cycling in Italy” video that two of our favourite CYKL riders created! Helga and Guillermo, you two rock!

If you have any awesome cycling photos or stories from the summer, send them our way! We’re so proud of what our riders accomplish inside the studio and out there on the road!


24 Aug 2011

CYKL Stories!

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The NOLA (North of Lakeshore) neighbourhood is hosting a super fun (and free) Block Party on Saturday Aug 27th from 2pm to 7pm!!

Expect hot sales, cool drinks, and fun times!

CYKL will be there with our RealRyder bike and our very own Jacopo will be Dj’ing the event!

Stop by and say hi!


23 Aug 2011

NOLA Block Party!

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The final frickin’ frackin’ day! Oh and she only has to do 84km of running… that’s all! Let’s set up the scene. We slept at the Sandman Inn in Princeton after the 275km ride., Lucky for us it had a restaurant in it. The lovely ladies of this fine diner looked at me funny when I asked if I could order 9 baked potatoes… to go, please. The waitress asked me if I needed sour cream? No. Butter? No. Forks? No, but I’ll take some salt packets!

Andrea, decided to return to regular race food for Day 3. Salted potatoes! Sounds gross, right? Well to the shock of Krista and I, it actually stayed down (no re-setting on random front lawns), and her tummy was “happy” throughout the 84km trek across the mountains of the Okanagan!

Day 3 – Double Marathon (84km run).

It’s 4:30am, Andrea has been up for an hour eating some bread and peanutbutter, drinking the horrible Sandman Inn coffee, and preparing her mind for the last leg of the Ultraman. Make it through today and you, my dear, get a pretty new tattoo and bragging rights. You’ll be an Ultraman.

The race organizers failed to mention that Princeton is at a high elevation and thus freezing at 5am. It was only 5 degrees to be exact. Andrea didn’t bring her fall running gear and had to make do with what she had. Krista and I were the lucky ones, we just jacked up the heat in the van. Luxury.

Exactly at 6am the horn goes off! It took Andrea about 1.5 hours to shake off the cold weather, and the pain of yesterday’s ride. At about 10km into the run, she wasn’t smiling and we were worried. But as the morning went on, and the sun peeked over the mountains, Andrea warmed up and started to feel better.

At about 14 kms Team Andrea got into a serious groove!!! It was like a dance, an 84km dance. Every 500 meters we’d meet Andrea, run with her water bottle (so she didn’t have to carry it), and carry the zip lock bag of delicious salty potatoes. It was working. Her stomach felt good and she was making excellent time. The biggest struggle she had was the thin air!! 1100 meters above sea level made it hard to breathe. She had to work really hard to get air in, Darth Vader styles.

OK! 1st marathon down, that’s 42km… 42 frickin’ kms. Most people can’t even dream of doing 1 marathon, let alone 2 in the same day. Andrea is a super star. We change shoes, socks and spray her feet (to help cool the burn from the pounding). Andrea also ends up wearing her team shirt that lululemon on Queen St donated. BIG thank you to them!!! The shirt was a life saver and tummy saver… it wasn’t restricting like the jerseys. As her gut grew due to salt tabs (water retention), so did the shirt! We heart lulu!

Now it’s time for Krista and I to have some fun! We had a bag full of costumes in the van, most of them we found at the Penticton dollar store! First up were the funny sunglasses, hats, and flower lays. We dressed and jumped out of the van to feed/hydrate Andrea. We laughed so hard it hurt. Oh and I paced Andrea in all the costumes/outfits. UUhhhmazing.

Next up, Andrea had 10km of serious uphill to rock (61km to 71km), so we changed into the angel wings! It was Uplifting, ha ha ha. Whatever, you love it. Read the rest of this entry »

11 Aug 2011

Ultraman Day 3

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The Okanagan Valley is a beautiful place to host the Ultraman! With its winery’s, fruit orchards, amazing mountain landscape, crystal blue lakes, and endless bike lanes (even on the highways), how could you not enjoy Day 2′s 275km bike ride? With all the beauty that is BC, no one thought there’d be a killer 45km head wind that would blow against Andrea for over 200km, making Day 2 a tough/long/crazy day in the saddle.

Ultraman Day 2 – Andrea vs. The Head Wind

The day started at 3:30am, with Andrea getting up and eating another 1000 calories. A shake, some toast, and a little oatmeal, ohhh and of course a tasty Thor coffee to wash it all down. Her stomach looked better and she was feeling great.

Day 2!

275km on the bike meant she had to pace herself and that’s exactly what she did. Our crew stops were great, meeting up with her on the road every 10km or so. Everything was looking good!! Spirits were high and smiles were contagious!

Sunrise on the mountains

But….. at about the 90km mark Andrea’s stomach started to revolt! And we had to once again “Re-set”. On top of that she was riding on the highway for the next 110km. It cut up and down the valley, the entire way she was nailed with a 45km head wind, along with crazy drafts off the traffic doing 120km on the highway, which blew her from left to right. Reminder- it was a long weekend and the highway had lots of Ford trucks hauling trailers or boats, along with transport trucks and jerk-drivers!

Andrea found it super hard to take her hands off the handle bars to grab her water bottle or to eat anything. There was a good 3 hours out of the this day where Andrea didn’t drink or eat (and I didn’t take any pictures!). To add to the stress of the situation Andrea had to make 2 cut off points. The first cut off time was in Princeton (at the Petro Can) at 3pm, and the next at the “turn around point” at 4:55pm. She made both check points on fumes and magic (at this point she wasn’t eating or drinking because the winds picked up even more).

I could not imagine what was going through Andrea’s mind at this point. Imagine yourself at the 200km mark, and you have to push yourself to make a time cut off (again) in the insane head wind. The rules of Ultraman about “cut off times” were: If you don’t make the time cut off and thus you don’t make the finish line in time, you don’t get to run your double marathon. If you pull yourself from the course, you get to run the double marathon, but are only considered at “participant” not a “finisher”.

We didn’t really get to explain this to Andrea fully, as soon as she heard “You have another cut off time…” she got on her bike and took off. I don’t blame her, I would have thrown my bike in the lake and said “let’s go get a beer”. But this is what separates the common folk (like me) from the superheros (like Andrea). Andrea dug deep, found some magical inspiration and strength and pushed on. She’s a fighter. To the bitter end.

She crossed the finishline on Day 2 with 12 minutes to spare, making it 11 hours 48mins in the saddle. The most moving point of this day was when another Crew came back to cheer Andrea on along the final 20km stretch, then to have almost all the athletes wait for her to congratulate her as she crossed the line. EVERYONE WAS CRYING at this point, even the race director. Krista and I were a blubbering mess!!!!

Day 2 was a war. Andrea battled with all her might and was successful, even when others thought she wouldn’t make it. I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life.

Ultraman CYKL Team

8 Aug 2011

Ultraman Day 2

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My apologies about the blogpost delay. I had good intentions of rocking out blogposts on a daily basis, but little did I know the amount of work it takes to keep the Ultraman athlete running!

Andrea was in no way “high maintenance”, but our job as crew meant we needed to be ready up the road (every 10km to 15km) with everything or anything she might need.

Free time was spent sleeping for 5 hours at night (getting up at 3:30 or 4am) and laughing hysterically at Krista, who deserves her own TV show.

So here it is! Day 1 – 10km swim, followed by 140km bike ride!

Andrea took off from the start line in good spirits, but she was feeling heavy after consuming thousands of calories the night before.

Andrea (calm), before the 10km swim in Skaha Lake

The morning saw chaos for our paddler, however. On the way from the boat house to the startline her boat broke and started to fill with water. In her calm B.C hippy way she said “everything is fine, I’ll be right back” and ran back to the boat house to get a new boat, making it to start line with time to spare. Pheeew!

It took Andrea 3 hours and 50 mins to swim 10km of open water! We screamed and cheered with delight when her wobbly legs hit shore and the transition area!

End of 10km swim… now the bike.

Next up was 140km of riding with 2 nice mountain climbs. Off she went and off we drove!

As crew, we recorded everything she was eating and drinking, so we could make sure that her calories/carb along with her sodium stay at certain level per hour. Unfortunately, Andrea was experiencing massive gas pains and bloating. She couldn’t figure out what to consume to make it go away. Out of desperation, and on the advice of Andrea’s coach (via text message), Andrea made herself throw up on someone’s front lawn. As crew, we promised to look after it (we threw some water on it and drove away!).

Apparently puking is common in races, we learned later that lots of athletes puked along the way. “Throw-up and re-set” it was called and reassuring me that there is no glamour in being an endurance athlete.

Anyways, after the “re-set” on the front lawn she was smiling and feeling much better and now her body decided that Coca Cola was the perfect fuel for the next 100kms. This doesn’t sound good, does it?

Andrea’s descent down Ritcher’s Pass

Not a word of a lie, Andrea’s “planned” nutrition failed her, and good old Coca Cola saved her on Day 1. Everytime we stopped to re-fill her bottles and see if she was okay, she’d take a gulp of Coke and let out a huge belch!! Krista and I would applaud and cheer (of course with a couple of f-bombs flying out of my mouth!!!). We also applauded and cheered if she told us she farted while riding!  And giggled if she said there was another rider down wind!! HAHA!

This is literally how Day 1 went. All revolving around the bubbles in Andrea’s tummy. Her spirit and legs were still rocking as she crossed the finishline on Day 1. Not an ideal day of racing, but not horrible either.

Finish line with Alexis the race organizer’s daughter!

Ultraman CYKL Team

4 Aug 2011

Ultraman Day 1

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