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Today marks the uniting of many fabulous forces. For the last 6 months CYKL‘s very own Andrea Guspie has been working her tiny butt off for this upcoming weekend – Ultraman Canada. A three day triathlon that will push every ounce of her mental and physical capacity.

Jen, Andrea, and Krista at the Pre-Race Meeting

But of course as the CYKL crew pulled into Penticton in our pimped-out minivan (thank you Avis!) it all became very clear how we would not be here if it weren’t for the amazing support from all of our friends and family. There are so many people to thank and the race hasn’t even started. It has taken literally a community of people to prepare Andrea and her crew (Jen and Krista) for this point. Sincerely, we could not be more grateful for the opporunity to do something so amazing (and insane).

You will all get your proper thank you’s complete with hugs and crazy tales which will be a dime a dozen when this is all over next week.

Here’s to the journey that has brought us to this incredible point in our lives.

Now let’s get down to business! It’s time to grind it out!

Ultraman-CYKL Team

29 Jul 2011

The Ultraman

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And the race continues! The 2nd week saw our leader Melissa put the hurt on other top riders. She committed to doing double and triple classes all week and weekend, keeping her in the #1 position into week (final) 3! BUT we have lots of movement and motivation coming out of the field, and today our leader is now tied for first place with Juli aka the sneaky girl that rides in the corner.  The drama is unfolding at CYKL this week! Who will win the Yellow Jersey prize pack? Who will be crowned King of the Mountains or Fastest Sprinter??? It all comes to a beautiful end on Monday July 25th after Krista’s 6:30pm class. You know there will be prizes, sweets, and beverages to celebrate a job well done by all riders! Typical CYKL fashion.

Anne, 3rd place but don’t count her out!

Sam, proud of his 5th place standing!

The tracking sheet…

Steamy TdF Stage Ride with Kim!


20 Jul 2011

TdF Challenge Update!

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Check out this lovely blogpost by Meredith, newbie CYKL’ist! She had her first class tonight and killed it! Read what she has to say about CYKL!

“Cherry Lo, avid biker and fitness enthusiast….has been RAVING about Cykl Studio. I let her talk me into attending a class tonight.”

CLICK HERE to read more!

Ride on Meredith and Cherry!


15 Jul 2011

Et tu and you blogpost!

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CYKL Riders have been sweating it up in our TdF Challenge all week! Oh and it all kicked off with some wine, cheese, baguette and of course some healthy fruit (we felt obligated to throw the fruit in there). The Top CYKL Rider (GC, that is) is Melissa with 8 rides completed in 7 days. Other riders are feeling the pressure, and many of them completed back-to-back classes today to make up ground.

We’re reminding all riders to stretch, hydrate and EAT more. You all have 2 WEEKS to go. Think long term…. think yellow jersey.

Viva le TOUR!

Cheesewerks!! They provided the tasty goat brie and 2 year old cheddar…. YUM

Riders, or shall I say Competitors!

Riders, or shall I say Winos!

Jen, or shall I say Drunk!



12 Jul 2011

TdF Challenge Week 1

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