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You asked for it and we delivered! Yet another 3 hour ride, this Sunday March 27th at 9:30am! Reserve your spot now, space is limited!


22 Mar 2011

Sweaty Spring 3 Hour Ride

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Here’s an update on where Andrea Guspie is at with her training for the Ultraman!

CYKL: You have 128 days until your Ultraman, what’s going through your head right now?

Andrea: In my head right now, is I only have 128 days to go, time to get moving, and move hard. Train hard, work hard. Focus, visualize success in every aspect of this journey.

CYKL: What’s an average training day look like?

Andrea: My average training day is anywhere from 1-4 hours a day. Just depends on the day. It can be a combination of Swim, Run, or Bike Run, or just run. My coach is slowly building up my distances. Read the rest of this entry »

22 Mar 2011

128 Days ’til Ultraman!

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Update about our Winter Base Training Program from the lovely Lana!  Our Vitess Rider and CYKL enthusiast!

CYKL: It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve last chatted, how has the Winter Base Training Program going for you?

LD: I’m still really enjoying the program. I really think you should be commended for putting together such a great program! It is tough to spend so much time on an indoor bike and to see us all coming back week after week really says something. Although with all of this lovely weather, I’m itching to be back out on the road! Read the rest of this entry »

21 Mar 2011

Lana & WBPT

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To our fabulous online followers, the Heart & Stroke Foundation wants you to CYKL!

On March 21st, 24th & 27th CYKL is hosting a VIP Heart & Stroke Rides, and due to the great generosity of the HSFO, you can ride this class for FREE.

This is the Heart & Stroke’s way of saying thank to you CYKL!!!

To get your FREE class, sign into your account, just click on the membership page, click on the HSFO VIP event and then enter in the Promocode: HSFO11, then place yourself into one the HSFO classes.

DO IT NOW! Spots are filling up fast!

A BIG thank you goes out to the Heart & Stroke for offering our riders this great opportunity!


18 Mar 2011

HSFO wants you to CYKL!

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Once again Nadia Rushdi continues to rock out some great blogposts ( about our Winter Base Training Program!

“Only three weeks remain in my winter training program, it’s hard to believe how fast timed passed!

This week was more up my alley as per style of training in that it required more short term power combined with endurance. Flat tempo rides tend to lose me easily but if I have something to aim for I find that it results in more productivity. (Therefore you will likely never see me running a marathon as a result of that).”

Click here to read more!


16 Mar 2011 & WBTP

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So we’ve been following our Vitess Rider – Lana Driscoll through the WBTP, this was just the beginning of our lovely relationship with Vitess!

We’re excited to showcase Vitess and their custom carbon road bike at our studio! It’s a work of art and fits into the CYKL space perfectly.

If you’re interested in test driving or purchasing a custom carbon road bike please contact Vitess directly!


16 Mar 2011

CYKL & Vitess!

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Congratulations to Brooke! Her story was the winner of our CYKL Success Story in February. Enjoy your 1 month unlimited pass, you’ve earned it.

Read Brooke’s CYKL Success Story here:

I got an opportunity to put my almost 8 months of CYKL training to real life use in October on a trip to Italy. Having developed a love for cycling after taking so many classes at CYKL, I decided to book a one day, 24 km bike tour through Chianti, with the last kilometer and a half being what was described as a “large hill” in the brochure. After a moderately difficult day of biking through the Tuscan countryside (something that for me was an accomplishment in itself), a very hearty lunch and a few large glasses of chianti wine, we arrived at the “hill.” Well it was more like a winding 90 degree cliff.

Out of our tour group of 20, only 5 of us opted to ride the hill with the rest deciding to take the bus to the top. I was the only girl in the “brave” group of 5 and our tour guide wasted no time singling me out and warning me that “slow and steady wins the race” and that there was “no shame in getting off the bike and walking the rest of the way up” once I’d had enough. I reassured him that I had been taking frequent spinning classes and he practically laughed at me. I was even more determined than ever after that.

That hill very nearly killed me but 25 minutes later I had reached the top, the first of our group by 8 minutes and the ONLY one who didn’t get off the bike. Needless to say, there were a few crushed male egos at the end of the tour!

Brooke aka CYKL Hill Master!

8 Mar 2011

CYKL Success Story Winner!

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Are you interested in trying a triathlon or a duathlon? Have you wondered what kind of training program it takes to complete one, successfully? Or maybe you’ve raced already and need help training for this season’s upcoming events?

CYKL is pleased to offer our riders CYKL Transition, an eight week triathlon specific program meant to give you a taste of what it takes to train for a multisport event.

CYKL Transition Includes:

- 8 x Specialized Spin/Run classes on Saturdays at 1:30pm, starting April 9th

- Group coaching experience with Andrea Guspie – tri coach, 2x Ironman Finisher, soon to be Ultraman finisher

- Guest speakers to chat about nutrition, recovery, strength training, stretching, and how to transition properly from one leg of the race to the next

- Opportunity for outdoor transition sessions (weather pending) with open water swimming (north of the city)

- 15% off CYKL Flex Series and 10% off of Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Price- $199+ tax

Saturday April 9th to May 28th

To sign up click here! Space is limited – reserve your spot now!

Questions? Email info[at]CYKL[dot]ca


8 Mar 2011

CYKL Transition Program

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This weekend (March 4th, 5th, and 6th) CYKL will be at the Toronto International Bike Show with the Becel Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart !

Stop by and say “hello” while you shop around for last season deals, and drool over the latest bike gear!


2 Mar 2011

CYKL at the Bike Show!

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The studio was packed on Sunday with CYKL riders for our 3 Hour Sweat the Winter Ride. Thanks to everyone who came out, you put in a seriously sweaty effort! Expect another 3 Hour at the end of March!

Phill, sweatin’ at the front.

Beautiful pack of riders!

Andrea rocked the first hour!

Working hard!


1 Mar 2011

3 Hour Ride!

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