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Just some pictures from Week 3 of CYKL’s Winter Base Training Program!

Week 3! Back row!

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31 Jan 2011

WBTP – Week 3!

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Lana sweatin’ it up in week 2 of the WBTP!

We continue to follow Vitess rider and CYKL fan, Lana Driscoll and her experience with CYKL’s Winter Base Training Program!

Week 2 of 12

CYKL: Week 2 of the Winter Base Training Program included Kyle Byron – Nutritionist and a 90min specialized endurance ride, first how did you like the short lecture about weight loss by Kyle?

LD: I thought Kyle was great.  He was informative and gave simple tools to follow.  I liked his suggestion of trying to change just one thing a week – for example trying to add adequate protein to each mini meal.

CYKL: Kyle talked about sharing favourite healthy recipes amongst each other as a tool for success when it comes to weight loss, what’s your favourite healthy recipe? Do you have a favourite healthy cook book?

LD: I love to cook but don’t often follow recipes.  I usually just check out some different sites online and then try to create something new.  But, I have been looking for a vegan/vegetarian chili recipe so thought I could share this one I found at Vegetarian Times: Ulitmate Vegan Chili!

CYKL: Weight loss isn’t just about what you eat, it’s about the workout too. How did you like the first 90min specialized endurance ride with Kim?

LD: The ride with Kim was great.  It is interesting to try to keep my heart rate in zone 2.  If I don’t keep an eye on it, I could easily look down and be well into zone 3 without knowing.

CYKL: Kim asked if anyone had music requests to let her know, what top 3 songs would you request for next Saturday’s class?

LD: This is a tough one…..3 songs on my running playlist are:   Adele’s new song “Rolling in the Deep” Florence + The Machine – “Drumming Song” and “Drum Song” by The Temper Trap.  And — I really enjoyed the little bit of AC/DC last week!

CYKL: Any other comments questions feedback?

LD: Time flies in class – I only look at my HRM, not my watch

Thanks for the update Lana!


25 Jan 2011

WBTP – Week 2 with Lana!

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CYKL is looking to hear from you!  After being open for almost a year, we’d love to know how CYKL has changed your life (hopefully for the better).

In 250 words or less, tell us how CYKL, with our body rocking classes, fabulous instructors, and our fun-loving community events, has impacted your life and your fitness goals in the past 12 months.

If we feature your CYKL Success Story on our Blog and in our studio, you’ll receive a 1 month unlimited CYKL membership!

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, February 15th, 2011!

Email your CYKL Success Story with pictures to info[at]cykl[dot]ca

Get crackin’!

25 Jan 2011

CYKL Success Story!

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At CYKL, our Winter Base Training Program started last Saturday! Officially, we have over 20 riders participating in this awesome program. We’re stoked to teach such a large group in our first year!

To keep you, the reader,  up-to-date on how our program is progressing, we decided to profile a WBTP rider and her “journey” over the next 12 weeks! We thought it would be fun to see her progress, hear her thoughts and comments, and ultimately have her be the judge of our Winter Base Training Program when she hits the roads on her new Vitess road bike in the spring!

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17 Jan 2011

Vitess rides CYKL Winter Base Training Program!

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Here are some pictures from our 3 Hour Sweat the Holiday Ride!

Back row beauties!

All smiles and sweat!

Snoop and Jen!

Krista aka Foxy!

to the left!

Thanks to all for coming out and sweating the Holidays away! It was an awesome 3 hour ride and the perfect way to kick off the new year.

The CYKL Team

4 Jan 2011

and sweat we did!

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